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  1. Stranraer Clyde Raith Rovers Airdrie Forfar Falkirk East Fife Dumbarton Can't scratch out any more than 8.
  2. Game is on. Get up here and enjoy your day out.
  3. But that'll be just the usual snagging issues that every big project has so not really news. Ruth I'm sure will understand that!!!
  4. I suppose if the folk are willing to pay for it every year then they must be happy with the price otherwise it would just be opened up as a bar for everyone.
  5. Don't think they are comparing like with like as that's the Willie J season ticket which gets you into the ground, tea and pie at half time and programme as well as use of the Willie J lounge before and after the game. Normal season ticket is £215.
  6. Annan 3-1 Peterhead Berwick 0-2 Clyde Edinburgh 1-2 Montrose Elgin 1-1 Cowden Stenny 2-0 Stirling
  7. All the counts start on the Friday morning so no overnight program.
  8. You do know that there is a General Politics thread that all of this shit can go into rather than cluttering up the board with shit threads??
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