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  1. Yes it will be a hard game as they always are.
  2. He is a terrific player Bill and a lot of us are very surprised that Murdie has let him go
  3. Understand he agreed terms with Lok to stay which were better than those offered by Auchinleck at the time-but this time was the opportunity and am surprised that Auchinleck didn’t go for him.A very good player who many Lok fans didn’t want to lose.
  4. He is a very good player and will be a great signing -one which may well come back to haunt Lok!
  5. We'll be fine a couple of wins and we will be back up there. No-one is running away with the league. Yet!! It looks already like the league this year could be very tight
  6. I think Tommy Sloan is allowed a rebuilding season now and again considering the unbelievable amount of honours he has delivered for Auchinleck over the years?
  7. Presume this is a record defeat for Petershill -can’t imagine they have ever been on the end of a doing like this in their history.
  8. Ross is a very good defender and did us a turn in the past so as long as the legs are still there will deliver for Cambuslang
  9. An outstanding servant to Auchinleck.Great keeper and a really decent bloke whenever I have met him over a post match drink after a game
  10. It’s a great word lol.Otherwise bevvying etc
  11. The problem is that the ned element has taken over/been allowed to take over whatever the support is at Kilbirnie and now is seen as the club support.Boozing and fighting wherever they can as a badge of village idiot honour -and even if the club bans them(and in a small place like Kilbirnie every single culprit will be well known)they still loom around the club outside grounds or on the hill outside the ground in Glengarnock waiting to return. And the big problem of course is away games where they manage to organise transport and then turn up for another club to deal with.As a Lok volunteer I saw first hand the boozed up guys try to catch us out and rush through our gates last season in numbers to intimidate gate checkers and avoid paying-the only time I have ever seen that with any club.Some got in but we were ready after many years of experience with stewards as we knew what to expect. This isn’t a new thing at Kilbirnie as I remember seeing trouble as a boy in the late 70s when we played them in the junior cup and many times after at various games but it has persisted and the club has not dealt with it.A real shame for true fans but the club has to deal with this and be very strong and forceful.Ban this mob or go out of business-and enforce the measures properly to ensure the safety of all fans.No fan of any club should feel unsafe at any game.
  12. I have never ever seen a single bit of trouble in the many many times I have seen Lok play the Shire over many decades home or away. I have seen regular trouble involving Kilbirnie when playing against various clubs Lok included
  13. Kilbirnie have now got to deal with this properly once and for all as they have had problems at ground after ground over many years.They know who the troublemakers are.
  14. A consistently excellent keeper.As said above did he ever have a go senior?Strange if he didn’t as always good.
  15. From what I heard last night I don’t think either team do.Hope I’m wrong though
  16. Yes messing around both teams re the fixture date is poor but Huntly have had a real runaround which is disgraceful
  17. There are actually 4 exits from the ground as the large double gates at the turnstiles and at the side of Loks as well as two exits at the side of the pavilion at the corner so it’s even more confusing. the whole thing just seems to depend upon your luck when it comes to which local authority certifies this .
  18. Newlandsfield has quite comfortably held 3-4K plus in past years but the Council are not prepared to permit even 1k now on the basis of safety.Seems ludicrous considering there are no open slopes etc and that the whole ground is fully stepped and terraced!
  19. Yep Beith really went at us and exposed our defence first half especially.It was crucial for us having got a goal back to see the game out at 2-1 at half time but we couldn’t even manage that and I think the third goal really made it a huge task for us.Just a goal too far!
  20. Perhaps as you say it would be more correctly stated as compliance gone mad!
  21. 1000% correct-totally agree. PC bureaucracy gone mad.
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