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  1. He wasn’t paid anything like that-and as I said Pollok work within a very carefully prepared budget.
  2. We are offering no more than a number of other clubs and have no sugar daddy behind us as some do.We pay fairly well but within the operating budget and don’t get drawn into mega money deals.
  3. https://www.pollokfc.com/2023/05/27/club-statement-on-proposed-conference-league/
  4. It would require substantial re-terracing too so we are looking at an astronomical amount to deal with this.
  5. How did you rate the boy Taylor-heard Lok were looking at him but he has gone on up the leagues which is understandable -seemed a very good prospect
  6. Weir was always a better faster more direct forward for us than Calum but I think the big man has improved with Irvine and has an eye for goal so will be interesting to see.
  7. Was there ever a resolution to the Campbeltown Pupils v Thorn unplayed game and the award of points/result?
  8. He is a talented player-we had him three times at Newlandsfield-but I think WOSFL is his level.
  9. Yes very good season for Largs.Lots of energy and. Strength in the team and youth too and that has delivered a lot of good results.
  10. Can’t judge him yet and will need to see what he can deliver over a full season with his own squad but a lot of work to do.To be fair he certainly seems a pretty reserved guy the times I have spoken to or heard him so all this talk about ego etc sounds a bit of nonsense.It was a season that promised quite a lot and ended up fizzling out badly.As for budgets no idea how big it is at Lok compared to others but he will have to use it wisely in the close season.At the moment the players just need to get a break and come back re-energised fingers crossed.
  11. Monti has had various gos at it in the past and never got there.
  12. Completely agree.Sitting around for three weeks without any games waiting to play a completely meaningless game with a team where many will be leaving ended up with a shambolic non performance.Maxi needs a full fresh season then we will judge
  13. In Clydebanks case that’s what appears to be the locally favoured side of the two according to the poster where they have a local team they could support.In the case of other teams distant from Glasgow it will be the other way around.
  14. Real shame and shows exactly what is wrong with Scottish football.The challenge is to get the “Sellick “minded to follow their own local team.
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