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  1. Darvel seem to have a strong squad of players so we shall see how the season pans out.Still a few teams left who might give Darvel a challenge or two.Its unfortunate that it isn’t a full league and business as normal but that will return and then we can assess how teams are doing properly.
  2. That is very sad news.A long time poster and decent guy at Auchinleck too.
  3. If clubs want to keep playing with no income to meet their outgoings good luck to them.It is going to bite at some point.
  4. Do Rob Roy have a timescale to get playing on the new ground?
  5. Thanks-just wondered if any social clubs actually existed as in effect a local pub as such.I know ours did up until not long before it closed.Loks Bar have taken on the mantle and it’s a very high quality place for a drink and for post match/club functions albeit the prices are Shawlands prices now and not club prices!
  6. Are any of these clubs open all through the week?Presume Cumnock is but suspect the others only on match days/weekends?
  7. When you say "nothing has been achieved since the sale of Adamslie" do you mean in terms of the new ground or success on the park? I mean seeing physical progress with a new stadium.Where is it?I really hope Rob Roy can deliver but all of this is taking a very long time and that adds doubt at every turn.The whole thing has taken far too long and it is the football club and fans who will suffer.
  8. Thanks-just hope now things are back on the rails and that KRR can get back up and running in their own town -where they should be.Wish them nothing but good luck in getting there for the club and the loyal fans
  9. I hope Rob Roy are ok. But I fear a very long way back.The cash was taken with no thought to the future of the club and nothing has been achieved since the sale of Adamslie. Perhaps a permanent ground share at Cumbernauld is the way forward-when we are there I really do salute and talk to the 30/40 Rob Roy fans who come off the bus to support the side as to be homeless elsewhere and keep the faith must be very very difficult.
  10. That is excellent news.Heres hoping that there is something visible happening in September.Is that 8 years now since the club left Adamslie?
  11. Is there any timescale on when the stadium will be ready?
  12. Always been a 3pm ko fan.There is no doubt gates suffered with us kicking off at 2pm against live televised games so now is a chance to put it back.I acknowledge that the issue comes when light is a problem so then we adjust to one uniform earlier time where required
  13. 7 going down will make it even more important to get a good start to the league.Something which has let Lok down quite a few times recently
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