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  1. I’m trying to recall the clubs he played for-Lok,Lie,Peasy,Camelon and maybe one other East Club?
  2. Just hearing the very sad news that legendary Pollok ex President and Match Secretary for many years Franny McNeill has died.RIP Frannie.
  3. So will Lok have any games after Saturday or is that it!?
  4. Do Broughty have quite a few Dundee United lads in their line up?
  5. Holm Park looking good.We are all being well starting to get the full strength line up back now after injuries etc and hopefully building up a head of steam for the big tests coming up.
  6. Is this guy from Kilbirnie speaking for Kilbirnie officially or leading some kind of formal group of sorts here.Must admit to being slightly confused as to who he is representing !
  7. Terrible news and thoughts with him and his family. Huge credit to the loads of fans from both sides who went to his aid.Forget football and rivalries as they aren’t important.Life is.
  8. Totally abysmal conditions in the second half but well done to all the players for surviving that.Wouldnt have blamed the ref if he had abandoned the game even when we were leading but I know they are under pressure to get games played. Professional and clinical by Lok but Neilston made us work for it as we expected.
  9. Confused as you are Jimbaxters by the comment by Village Elder
  10. Not sure what you are saying.Would you care to elaborate?
  11. Terrible conditions and the ref just saw it out
  12. Conditions now quite farcical at Neilston
  13. Very tricky one for Lok as we have come a cropper many a time in big games up at Neilston.And with the home side gunning for a first ever semi we are up against it.Take a draw now if we can get one-playing like we did against Cumnock will see us out though!
  14. It’s more upmarket than the legendary Jobby in the urinal at the league cup final at Cambuslang a couple of years ago lolololololol !
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