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  1. The presence of proper assistants would have kept in check the Irvine bench who spent most of the game encroaching on the pitch at every decision and I am sure would have been some kind of deterrent when the players and Irvine bench started squaring up after the second red card tackle on McKenzie.
  2. Nope-in any game where players and staff get involved in a rammy like that you are going to get hammered.It doesn’t matter who did what and to whom first etc etc -both sides were culpable. The one factor which I think could however have made a material difference on the day was having proper assistant referees who would absolutely have stepped in throughout the game to keep benches and players in check.Unfortunately Irvine didn’t want to incur the cost of these so we were left with club committee line judges!Farcical for the National trophy I think and surely a rethink required on that by the SJFA? The decision has been made however and is correct.And both sides have been fined.
  3. Think this was an inevitable and correct outcome
  4. Thought Leishman looked a bit nervous today which is unlike him
  5. Yes I was to the side of it and was sure he touched it
  6. He has been superb since coming from Linlithgow and not even sure if he had a booking before today!A great replacement for Gal and if he had stayed on the park I am sure we would have won
  7. Great atmosphere in the ground today.A real clash of the Titans as they say!
  8. So hard to see-be interesting to look at the footage as it was an all action game!
  9. It’s one of these things-give any referee any excuse and they will clamp down.Got to learn to shut out the fans although I know it’s hard
  10. An outstanding contest and has got to be the game of the season by a long way this season!All sorts of twists and turns!Could you get better value for money anywhere?I doubt it!
  11. There were home supporters who came on to the park and got involved in the brawl
  12. Yep-I think that the easiest decision for the SJFA here is to put both clubs out as there is no way even with video evidence they will spend time working out who did what first and to whom with a view to establishing who behaved the worst!
  13. What is farcical is that this tournament allows club lines people rather than official assistants.A lot of what happened yesterday could have been controlled had there been assistants rather than committee blokes running the line
  14. Not at all.There was a flashpoint,the Irvine bench reaction was disgraceful and it then escalated to a rammy involving both sides.That’s what I saw.Did you see something other than that?
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