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  1. Agreed-far better standard of teams in this trophy and is much more reflective of a wider non league cup than the SJC now is.Good luck today-Bonnyrigg are a good side though.
  2. It’s a pretty shambolic state of affairs and makes the WOSFL look like a pub league.
  3. What’s the reason given by Cambuslang for this?
  4. Cheers.That’s not a great scenario to put it mildly.A game that had significance for relegation positions turned into a bit of a farce….Very disappointing.
  5. Been a very challenging and very long season games wise.Darvel deserved to take the title and Auchinleck have done superbly getting to two major finals and league runners up-expect them to win at least one if not both of the finals they are in.We gave it a real shot but just ran out of steam and squad depth when things were getting crucial. well done all.
  6. Really hope we are doing every thing we can to keep Matty.A fantastic player we unearthed this season and players of that quality are what you need to challenge.
  7. Fond of Glencairn and would like them to stay up but I suspect regardless of the result on Saturday it’s going to be hard for them
  8. I think every team Lok have visited on league duty this season have issued tickets so all should be able to publish crowd figures quite easily.
  9. Can’t see Darvel failing to go up
  10. Not saving-a number of players have injuries as far as I am aware so won’t play again this season
  11. Yes combination mainly of injuries/suspension for Forde and departure of Graham and Weir not available I think. Fraser was the only recognised sub. Very much end of season fare.
  12. Well done to Darvel-strongest side in the league
  13. Josh Weir is very strong and very fast -sad to see him go.Just needs sharpening up on the final ball/finish but a good player.
  14. It was a massive season this year for every club and I think the number of games has really taken its toll on most. Auchinleck have given it everything on all fronts and frankly can still have an outstanding season separately from the league!
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