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  1. Think the negativity needs to get to f**k. Was in the north stand tonight and a guy literally in front of me booing our own. Then when we went up 1 nil sat in his chair. Then when Cyprus equalised let off some pish practically celebrating then spouting about Clarke been not suitable killie b*****ds etc. Then fucked off. So much changes have happened over the past 12-16 years I have seen it all majority of it in person. Stability and getting behind the squad will make massive strides for us. Steve Clarke is there to get results at the moment. He had 3 or 4 weeks to get a squad picked and together at the end of the day. The volume of killie players is his reliability on players he knows. A wins a win a would rather win ugly on short notice. We would have drew that game in the past. If your coming to hampden to spout your negativity get to f**k it is not needed stay at home. Clarke might not be every bodies cup of tea but he will get results once he gets time in the role.
  2. Fantastic reply Duffy, all the best for the rest of the season
  3. Sounds like you are a crosshouse fan now after your attempts to try get them thrown under a bus after the catrine game. What has changed your view of them as it has changed just as fast as your 100metre world record. BOLT
  4. New farms current squad is littered with premier standard players and above. I believe that they could compete in the premier no problems with the current squad. however im sure Ryan Farrell and Martin Baxter will know what is required to improve the squad further next season. They have came in and instilled a togetherness and a winning squad mentality and added to alot of players games even the ones in the 30s. The reason these premier standard players came to new farm was a fresh challenge as for the past x amount of years the premier has been hurlford wins and no.one else goes close. That is the reality of it. I am.of the belief there is a few teams that can compete In the premier from the lower divisions and new farm are definitely one of them. What makes you think new farm are not capable would you like to expound on your opinion. New farm haven't won every league game with aplomb just like shortlees and hurlford haven't won every game comfortably.
  5. Was 3-1 New farm today both teams missing players due to Ayrshire. However a competitive friendly with reasonably strong starting 11s
  6. Hearing Steven Kerr has retired from football "for good" this time. Across both the amateur and junior form of the club. I hope that the club plan a wee event for him as he was a stalwart and a real whitletts boy at heart. Apart from that 1 Judas season away.
  7. Congratulations to all at Craigie a cracking bunch of lads also. Well done.
  8. The issue was raised 20/30mins after the Symington game when the score was incorrectly reported. The league only just updated it yesterday. The goal would have been added regardless of the situation.Unsure of procedure for the league when updating the table. I am also sure whatever team you are associated with would want the correct score after a game. Zero issue here to be had.
  9. I don't think they will change from what they stated at the beginning. They have a problem for next season though. Structuring it again to suit the 12-14 that they always seem to want. That and the rumours flying about of teams due to fold as always with this time of year.
  10. They played out of kirkstyle. I believe a few of the pitches in kilmarnock were used by each other throughout they times. But I think they predominantly played out of kirkstyle. (Think the parks were where the current kirkstyle primary is in kilmarnock). I also believe there was a park in ricarton near where the current fire station in kilmarnock is that was also used. could probably find out more info.
  11. The boy who broke his leg was Scott Chisholm. As said was a committed 50/50 from both players. It's very unfortunate as he has been consistently in our starting 11 this season and will defo be a miss for the rest of it by the looks of it. It Was A lower leg break with both his bones breaking.
  12. We played winlinton pre season. Great people involved with there club so I reckon it won't be anything other than pitch availability.
  13. We now have a friendly in place and the ref we had has been given a league game. Any refs put there read this interested in taking our fixture it's a 2pm Kick off at almswell kilwinning. Please get in touch. Yours in sport
  14. Now that you say that i remember reading somewhere that quarry road was under some regeneration about plans to move Irvine Meadow juniors there as part of a new community facility and upgrade the parks.
  15. I was not aware of that is quarry road pitches in a bad way these days. Someone told me at work that they had been playing a lot of games out of Greenwood academy.. it is what it is i hope we can get something arranged nothing worse than a sat without football.
  16. Thanks for the info. I have passed it on. Cheers
  17. NEW FARM LOCH Afc are looking for friendly opposition for tomorrow. Since our fixture has been called off. We have an astroturf booked and looking to split costs. If anyone is interested can you contact the club through the directory or through this and I will pass on to the Secretary of the club. Yours in sport
  18. Naw Dean came up and renamed to onthank... Fenwick then renamed to Dean Fenwick. 2 different teams.
  19. Onthank took on the name dean thistle a few seasons ago and recently reverted to there old name. The Dean name then became part of Fenwick thistles name due to the dean park being Fenwicks new home ground. So there Dean Fenwick thistle. Hope that clears it up.
  20. Its quite alright. Hope use find a fixture and wish use well in the forthcoming season.
  21. Sadly we picked up a large amount of injuries this past week. Had to draft in a few trialists the last two games and a couple of lads made themselves available probably when they shouldnt have. So a decision has been made to have a training session on sat and give players that are fit another pre seasons session.again id liked to thank irvine meadow for making us aware of their situation.
  22. New Farm Loch AFC are looking for a friendly fixture on either of these dates, if anyone would like a fixture?
  23. I can upload a picture of the riccarton bluebell team from the early 60s. I only have factual information on one player who was the gk Samuel Maloy he rejected moves to spurs and celtic as he earned more from his day job. The picture is circa 1960s and will upload it the mora if it is any use to yourself.
  24. New Farm Loch AFC are looking for a friendly for this coming saturday preferably away but may manage to arrange a home park if available. Please get in touch Yours in sport.
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