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  1. If we could punt Boyle then I would bring Rico in. Sadly I don’t think Boyle is going anywhere.
  2. Had a bit of a clear out and came across this old program. I don’t think it is anything special but free to a good home if anyone wants it.
  3. Would love that kit back. That is a proper Dumbarton strip. Not a massive fan of the yellow.
  4. Compared to previous season it looked pretty bad to me. Was cutting up pretty badly.
  5. Positive of the first half is it’s still 0-0. maybe time to get @Dumbarton Rockback, the pitch is starting to look like a ploughed field Don’t think Airdrie have been that great but a mistake/goal will likely happen in the second half.
  6. I just don’t think they should have had a night out in the first place.
  7. Yep the Christmas night out to Newcastle should never have happened. It’s nothing to do with performance, nights out can sometimes help a team but considering the current covid situation going to Newcastle seems crazy. Simple question to the players is what happens if their is an outbreak due to their actions, who picks up the bill if we have to postpone games?
  8. I would assume and I might be wrong here that there is a clause in the contract that says the player is responsible for getting/maintaining fitness. I know we don’t have a lot of money but if a player is injured I would expect the club doc and physio to review his condition and say we expect he will be back in x time and if he is just being a lazy sod then the manager would know.
  9. Tbf to Syvertsen he hasn’t played as he can’t get fit. There might be a good player there.
  10. This could be a day we’re we loose a goal because we didn’t see the ball due to the fog
  11. Oft 1 man and his dug today. Hardly anyone here.
  12. Also just realised where’s Mark Lamont? it’s weird that we signed him last minute and I don’t think he has played on been on the bench at all.
  13. I would put Buchanan in the same bracket as McKee, there is a good player in there, we have seen it but he isn’t performing the greatest at the moment but he still has pace and strength just makes silly mistakes. Boyle unfortunately has lost his pace. So imo needs to go or be a substitute. As crazy as it sounds I don’t think we are massively far off being a decent team. Some of our play before the penalty on Saturday was really good. The problem we have is people making basic mistakes and when we go a goal down the heads are gone. FWIW the owner/board situation isn’t the greatest but this season I think the manager and players need to take responsibility on the poor form.
  14. Just shows you how 5 mins can change a game. Silly mistake by Boyle and there second was a well taken goal. We have played some good passes but it looks like the heads have gone down since there second. think there will be a slip or mistake second half for another goal, fingers crossed it’s for us rather than against.
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