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  1. I didn’t make the game today but from what I have read and heard from others, considering the result last week and the ref seemed to want to ruin it for everyone. Shots fired from the manager, although I would have thought we had more than 20 in our dressing so it would suggest some also didn’t think we would get a result ( That’s a jokes stevie). We had a pop at him last week so he can have a pop this week. Probs not right but end of the day, results will do the talking. Not the rubbish spouted after a game.
  2. I mean I am no expert but watching I think our groundsman wander around with a fork and a bucket sand at half time really is depressing
  3. Yep, this could easily be 6-0 at the end
  4. For the uneducated, what’s vertidraining?
  5. Gotta love whoever writes our prematch ramble. The away fans are in the “west stand” We have one stand so you mean the away end.
  6. I fully expect the game to be off but knowing us we will somehow manage to get in on as no one would expect it
  7. First time I am actually hoping for game off. I need to travel for work and at this rate I am missing it. Cmon for a frozen pitch haha
  8. We have been trying to work out your statement in bold for about half the season.
  9. I had the fear going into last night but glad we got away with 3 points. top marks to Gray/Grant/Orsi/O’Byrne all played great. Maybe the had an off night but considering how much people had been talking them up, I thought stenny were average. Couple of scares at our goal but we sat back as we do. Most goal kicks went out the park along with a lot of cross balls etc.
  10. Totally agree. Cracking strike aside we have been hopeless.
  11. Like wise it was a really good night. Great to see a lot of ex players and have a chat. Also great to see Gordon Lennon’s family there and to get a standing ovation
  12. I mean I know nothing about pitches and their maintenance but I tent to agree that a local groundsman would make sense. When Dumbarton Rock looked after it it was in a lot better condition. Granted only 1 team played on it AFAIK. Surely at the start of the season someone in the know about pitches could say if two teams playing on it would work or to do that you need to do xyz.
  13. This post sums up our manager for me. He has no plan B, yes the tactic of getting a goal and sitting back has worked but we are starting to get found out and he doesn’t know what to do. Just going for it is bang average and as you point out something you do on football manager, maybe not something you should do in real life unless you have tried everything else. It was clear in Jan we needed another left sided player but nothing happened. We are top and still in a good position but I have the fear.
  14. They say Champions grind out results so today we need to show that. Annan have helped us so we need to take the opportunity to get the three points. The manager should be looking to make a change to take the game to EF.
  15. Now now. You aren’t allowed to be frustrated with the team/manager/players. We are top of the league and you must comply.
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