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  1. I don’t buy the “we can’t afford to sack him” line. Are we flush with cash, absolutely not but I don’t think we are in as dire a situation as some make out. The pressure is on SF to perform this year, no excuses. Right or wrong the club have backed him, new/improved pitch, increased backroom team and players on 2 year deals. I hope he turns it round but there is just something in my mind that says no chance. He will need to have learned a massive amount from last season. I am no footballing expert but last season it was obvious he got his tactics wrong in a lot of games and his player management seemed no existent. After Buchanan’s performances at the end of last season he should be nowhere near the captains armband and unless there are injuries I would start with McGeever and Mcniff at the back. Make no mistake we should be aiming for automatic promotion, anything below is a disappointment for me.
  2. Loving the new kit designs. Especially the home one. Can we just keep that moving forward like Celtic/Madrid etc and just make minor changes each year? Also seeing big McGeever in the shots is building my confidence a bit more. There is no double the manager is need to improve on last season - the players were guff but his tactics and seeming inability to coach the players cost us games. But now starting to look forward to the season.
  3. One event might not but it’s the long game here, building the reputation of the club in the local community means people are more likely to come to a game if they know we are there. I would hazard a guess that a large part of the local population couldn’t tell you were we play. youngsters have nothing to do with the jubilee but to you point in that who would turn up a cold winters night to watch a game. Well we have managed to attract this group while playing terrible football so there is hope.
  4. They may not but they may go along in august and September to a game when they weather is nicer. We have just had a terrible season on the field yet we have attracted 20+ kids that now come to the home games and many to the away games. They might get into it and stay or the might drift in and out. End of the day it’s extra money to the club. There is no magic solution that will suddenly attract and keep people but every little helps.
  5. The jubilee may not have been everyone’s cup of tea but fair play to them bringing in extra money. Even though it’s not football related it get the name out there. People may mention to friends or relatives oh I went to Dumbarton’s ground for that. They may then come along for a game or might look to hire the space. Either way it’s a gateway to potentially more money and as long as it’s not costing the club then it’s a win all round.
  6. I get people don’t rate Farrell but most of your post seem to be about him. Your nearly up there with that guy that used to post about Aly Roy.
  7. I am not massively surprised although I would expect lower end championship. Yes he made one or two mistakes that lead to a goal but he’s young and was badly let down by the people playing beside him, most notable, Buchanan. Maybe I am pinning too much on Mcgeever but if we had him and Stranger at CB together, I think we would be solid.
  8. Words fail me right now. I don’t know who wrote that statement but that’s just terrible…
  9. Yep, clapping like we had done well. Pathetic really.
  10. I just can’t see anything but a EC win. The players have given up.
  11. Fair play to City they did exactly what was needed against a push poor side. Stranger made an error for the first goal (error 36 I believe) but I felt sorry for him for the rest of the game, basically playing as a solo CB as Buchanan wandered around marking shadows and putting his hand up to say sorry I put the ball out (muppet) Manager again showed he has no, well management skills by making two random subs at HT. Pure guess work for those subs. Oh and special mention to Orsi’s Mrs for having a go at me for slagging her man only to up and leave after the 4 goal went in - lol
  12. Absolutely pathetic. At one point while a city player was down our team were arguing amongst themselves how many strikers city were playing with. Brutal
  13. Do we need to purchase tickets ahead of time or can you Patg? Also stand Vs ground ticket. Is the stand any good?
  14. I was told it was now at 35 individual errors this season. Yes the pitch has been shit and that has maybe not helped the situation but that’s not the reason we been shit. Past it players, players with no confidence and a manager than managed like it’s it’s first time playing football manager is the reason we are where we are. Yesterday was the perfect example. 1 up and we didn’t know what to do. Defender injured and we bring on a midfielder, while defenders on the bench.(Baffling)
  15. I mentioned this on the other thread. I was there yesterday as a hanger on. We were in a box not the stand…. So unless the guy is meaning 20odd mins after the game when he was leaving the stadium then fair enough but it seems strange.
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