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  1. Glad he’s OK, was getting a bit worried too.
  2. Then frankly something must change. His father made excuses as to why he wouldn’t be attending school last June when they reopened, the school opened their doors to him during lockdown as they had suspicions that he wasn’t receiving the care he should have been, and his father and step-mum kb’d it as it suited them if he were away from prying eyes. Why on earth would either of them have taken him to a doctor? He lay dying for over ten minutes, Tustin, rather than phoning an ambulance, stood over him and took photos of his lifeless body to send to Hughes. Are those the sort of people you would expect to take a child to a GP, who could then report their concerns? I don’t know what I would have done in that situation, but I would like to think had I been his teacher or head teacher, and was as concerned as they probably were given Arthur had mentioned on numerous occasions that he feared his father killing him, that I’d be chasing daily updates from authorities, especially during a national lockdown when they weren’t able to see him every day.
  3. I haven’t. His maternal grandmother raised concerns, his uncle raised his concerns with the police, Tustin’s stepfather anonymously called social services, Hughes’ father was at loggerheads with him last Christmas over the treatment the pair were inflicting on him, the school also made their thoughts known too. I’d fully expect heads to roll following this, and it will be an injustice to hear the authorities at Solihull say that it was a blip and changes will be made, when it will in fact be nothing but a sound bite to detract from the criticism that they are rightly facing following this tragic case. That said, none of this would have happened had the people who were meant to nurture and love the child not behaved like absolute animals.
  4. I was in tears reading the story on the BBC, absolutely horrendous, starving, but couldn’t eat the food as it was so laced with salt. No one loves me. How could you hear that and not do something, anything? How could you be so cruel, to do that to a defenceless child? Genuinely felt physically sick reading about the case. I hope the pair of them never see daylight ever again.
  5. Fortmartine and Spartans were low points, but that was absolutely unacceptable today, probably the worst I can really remember. Think Danny has to go, done a great job for us but we need a change. Just not acceptable at all.
  6. Area 5s. I for one am buzzing for this today, like a wean at Christmas, hoping we can put in a decent performance and get through safely.
  7. Lock, stock token gifts in this house. Although the thing I have bought is absolutely sensational and will reduce her to a blubbering mess on Christmas morning.
  8. Jesus, people moaning about getting trapped by their other halves when they give you a list of things they want for their birthday/Christmas. I’d fucking love a list, or at least a bit of guidance as to what she may want. Totally left to my own devices and just hope I’ve made a mental note of things she has commented on over the year. Thankfully we have agreed to just token gifts this year as we have spent quite a considerable sum doing up the bedroom this week and last.
  9. Think they probably done exactly that tbh. Richard probably got the easiest task in a long time (I didn’t watch last years’ but heard it was tame). He should have been launching rotten fruit and fish guts everywhere to try and find the stars. Not sure I’m that into the Welsh Castle setting really.
  10. Yeah, I’ve read a few bits about that case recently that has been reported, it’s really horrific.
  11. My gf asked yesterday if we could put ours up once someone else in our street put theirs up. What’s the point in getting them up this early? I always get a real tree. First off I haven’t seen any real trees for sale yet, and secondly, if there were, and we got one today, I seriously doubt it would be looking good come Christmas Day. I’m with you, wait until December.
  12. Ouch, that’s wild to read. I’ve met him a couple of times, only briefly right enough, and I don’t have a vagina, but he always seemed brand new. That will probably sink the Bluetones, if it becomes mainstream knowledge. As much as I love the band and have done for 20 odd years, I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable paying money to sing along to a narcissistic p***k who thinks it is acceptable to throttle a woman. Edit: I was listening to Science & Nature in the car last week and was thinking how the song Last of the Great Navigators would be a good song for Liverpool fans to sing about Naby Keita.
  13. Thought we were going to get battered when I read the teamsheet pre-match. Queens Park looked really poor, not what I was expecting after the last encounter at Broadwood, should have had a couple of goals before half time, we were there for the taking. Don’t think Goodwillie was on form today, potentially carrying a knock? Couldn’t wait to get rid of the ball in the first half, was only really after half time that he looked to run with the ball, and still looked a bit jaded. F**k knows what he was doing with the penalty, carbon copy of the one he missed in the last game. Didn’t think it was a dirty game at all, not sure how we managed to pick up five bookings, wild. Think we probably will be the happier of the two sets of fans, I’d have taken a point all day long before a ball was kicked today.
  14. That is one of my favourite episodes ever. Onwards Christian soldier.
  15. My first job with my current employer was to analyse qualifications and determine if they were exempt from sitting certain exams in order to become an accountant. It was universally agreed that qualifications from UNISA were the worst in the world to determine if they were allowed exemptions or not. Six years on from that job and I had the fear as soon as I saw your certificate. I hope you are proud.
  16. We don’t have any set break times or whatever, just go whenever you like, whether that’s when we are working in the office or at home. I’ll maybe drop my line manager a quick message if I’m going to be away for longer than 15 minutes, but it’s never a bother. The work always gets done, and I think our managers realise this and just let us crack on ourselves. I do work in a pretty small team, not sure if that makes a difference or not. I have a friend who works in a larger team, and it’s as close to a call centre as you could possibly have really. Think it’s mental how different two teams are in the same organisation in terms of management.
  17. That was quite a horrible watch last night, not sure on sentencing guidelines in England and Wales for GBH, but I was really surprised he only got three years for causing irreparable damage to the child. Having had two children I can get how emotional it is at the beginning, when they won’t stop crying, but I just couldn’t ever picture a moment where I would lose it enough to start shaking a child, makes the mind boggle.
  18. ^^^^ Fuming he’s not from Scotland’s best city.
  19. https://chrismcqueer.medium.com/a-weekend-in-twitter-jail-189080ac26d2
  20. Albino pumpkin? Edit: that’ll teach me for not reading the post before commenting!
  21. Nah, she definitely didn’t make roast potatoes to annoy me. She loves them when I make them.
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