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  1. I appreciate the edit, from calling me a rape apologist. I am still at a complete loss how the post quoted shows how I am worried about how a rapist is treated? I merely wanted to understand who is allowed into Broadwood, or other NLC owned premises. Given that we aren’t the only club in Scotland that is playing in a publicly owned stadium,it’s a reasonable question to ask.
  2. Bless you, ashamed at dropping two points to a “pub team”?
  3. I have never become a rape apologist. Happy for you to go on though about my post about the council banning undesirables though, which absolutely does not constitute a post which sides with a rapist. Thought you were cleverer than that.
  4. Hahaha aw mate, what a riddy. Not sure how that constitutes being a rape apologist but we are where we are.
  5. Lolkirk. See you next season.
  6. I asked yesterday, show me where I have ever harassed any woman online.
  7. Show me a post where I come across as a rape apologist, otherwise get this post binned.
  8. Sensational input mate, thanks for that.
  9. I’m basically saying that NLC need to keep the playing field even. Do we have a tier logic behind this? Rape - life ban from Broadwood and other NLC facilities, assault - perhaps a 6 month ban? It needs to be clear, for all clubs that are in council owned stadia, so they know who they can and can’t sign.
  10. I’m not really talking about the alleged messages between Griffiths and a child, I’m looking at the undesirable viewpoint NLC are looking at. Whether he sent these messages or not, Griffiths is a convicted, racist scumbag who, if we’re now looking to bar people from Broadwood, should be top of the list.
  11. Mate, I totally agree, but surely if we’re looking at saying Ally Love is undesirable, without a criminal conviction, then we will be saying Griffiths is a step beyond that?
  12. Haha, I’ll ride the bus, please show me what you mean.
  13. Neither was Goodwillie. NLC are setting a precedent, that is potentially difficult to return from. Leigh Griffiths was convicted, in a criminal court, of racial abuse. He has been accused, although not convicted of, soliciting a child under 16. If that isn’t an undesirable individual I don’t know what is. I hope NLC think seriously about allowing Griffiths access to Broadwood tomorrow given the precedent now set by them.
  14. When was the last time Airdrie played Falkirk? Probably then mate.
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