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  1. Just leave it open? What are the chances of an opportunist house breaker just trying your door, in the middle of the day?
  2. Could get lost? I never take a key if my gf is in when I plan to go out, what’s the point?
  3. They don’t appear to normally get a full week in October, only a long weekend to coincide with Hallowe’en(?). So shutting them for two weeks goes further than any rumour of an additional week off in Scotland.
  4. Nah I used bacon, cut the fat off however as I wasn’t too sure it would make the pastry too greasy.
  5. It was beautiful, difficult to describe how happy I was when I was eating it. Edit: For those interested, I made my duxelle out of chopped up black pudding and mushrooms.
  6. I made a breakfast Wellington at the start of the year. It was unreal.
  7. Just makes absolutely zero sense. Gyms shut again in this case? FS.
  8. Would probably prefer a lager out of the sub tbh, but it is pretty decent. Nice to have made it myself, but not really in touching distance of Pelforth.
  9. First try of Fresh Republic lager. Pretty gassy, would happily buy in a pub.
  10. A completely shite storyline. Get that family fired into the sea.
  11. I subscribe to WSC, but must have missed this. Any idea what month the story was in? Would love to send on to my Dad.
  12. To me that wasn’t even the most unrealistic thing happening last night. Only last week we had Grace walking into the factory, sticking up for Michael and flirting, and then a few days later find out she’s met someone else and moving to Spain with their daughter. Absolute dross.
  13. My uncle was a bit of a handy goalkeeper in the 1960’s, starting off at Arsenal and going on to play over 300 games for Hull City. One day after training, a young fan saw him eating an orange whilst walking through town. The following week a few oranges were thrown into his goal from the terraces, word got round that he was a big fan of oranges. This continued week after week, with club officials having to come on before the game and clear the goal of dozens of oranges. One away game, think it was Sheffield, my uncle was hit (accidentally) by an orange thrown by an enthusiastic young fan, who was promptly arrested. The case went to court I believe, and he went to give evidence in support of the young boy.
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