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  1. Really looking forward to it. That will be Sunday or Monday’s beer of choice.
  2. Got a Moretti in the machine as well, but will let it chill until tomorrow I reckon. Not tried any of these before, buzzing to try Tin Man and Che Guava.
  3. Contact tasting, crontract trasting
  4. This is the biggest lot of shite I’ve seen you spout, and that takes some doing.
  5. We only really eat together once every week or so. A Sunday dinner every other week when they’re with me, and maybe one night during the week. Would prefer it to be more often than it is, but they moan from about 3pm that they’re starving, and even with crisps or a bit of fruit, will never last past 5pm without moaning their heads off. Whereas we prefer to have dinner around 7/8pm, when work is done and have a glass of wine or whatever.
  6. I actually think Throbber’s stag do sounds class tbh.
  7. But that would stop him moaning his head off on here tbf.
  8. Seriously though, what were you expecting?
  9. Heineken, put a fresh torp in last night before bed. Pouring like a dream.
  10. Can’t ever see me getting another cat tbh. I loved the other cat we had, cried when he passed away, but it was always established that Tiger was my cat, I was his favourite, he would always sit with me. I really don’t see me ever getting another cat. Mental man, had numerous deaths in the family (grandparents etc..) when I was a teenager, but I don’t ever remember feeling as gutted as I feel now. He is just an amazing cat. Planning on bankruptcy just to give him fillet steaks and tuna for food, not a box of felix in sight now.
  11. No, I completely get that. My ex wife done it with the other cat we adopted a few years ago when his time came, and I know it was hard on her. I just want to make sure he has a great week or two, getting all the attention, and give the kids a bit of notice that he won’t be coming back when I take him next time. Really does get to you, how much they do become part of the family.
  12. What made it worse this time round was that I was unable to go in with him. Usually you are able to go in and sit with them whilst they’re being examined on the table, however the only time I was allowed in the surgery was to pay. I hope that if he does go next week, that I’ll be allowed into the room to sit with him whilst he goes to sleep. I think it would be very hard to think of him going to sleep without a cuddle from a loved one. Just a shite state of affairs really.
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