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  1. The New MILF Thread

    I’m guessing he is a 40 year old VL tbqhwy.
  2. Taps Aff

    I’m in Majorca and it’s definitely taps on. Grim.
  3. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Many congrats KB. I’m just so glad it’s not me [emoji23]
  4. Taps Aff

    Fantastic weather today in Scotland’s greatest city. Sitting out in the garden with a beer when you would normally be at work is just the tits.
  5. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    I honestly can't think of a more boring, soul destroying past time. Except the own filth part. I'm a great advocate of the 'Sitting and Doing f**k all' mantra.
  6. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Homes Under the Hammer, Wanted Down Under, Don't get Done, get Dom, This Morning, Jeremy Kyle. How can you moan that daytime telly is pish? I love a wee midweek day off when I can sit in my own filth watching all of the above, and more.
  7. Work colleagues

    A group email came in this morning to mention that the head of department is having a milestone birthday next week and to celebrate, we're to have a game of Bingo, which is all about him. It reads, "...so I’m asking you lot if you can think of a word/words/short sentence that will fit on a bingo square, that you would use to describe or even reminds you of him. If you can send me these by the end of the week I can make the cards." Nearly vomited when I read it. Never have I been more happy to be on holiday next week.
  8. Lovely. Having a garden is terrific.
  9. Decided on a move to the suburbs after all?
  10. Julian Assange Arrested

    What are the charges? Enjoying a meal? A succulent Chinese meal?
  11. Work colleagues

    A girl in my office wears slippers at work. Takes her shoes off when she gets in and puts these pink slippers on every day.
  12. Work colleagues

    I’m turning into DAFC.
  13. Work colleagues

    If you worked with her, you would feel the same way tbqhwy.
  14. Work colleagues

    I recently returned to my old department after being seconded in a different role for the last 18 months or so. Had that Heartbeat, Sunday night feeling when you think the world is about to fall out of your arse at the first catch-up session yesterday when they were discussing the 9-5 cover rota (we need to have one member of the team on call during the core working hours). For context, there's a woman in my team who absolutely despises working until 5pm, Just cannot bear to be in the office past 4:15pm. Always offers to be in early in return for someone covering her late. The past couple of days I have said to whoever has been designated to stay until 5pm that I will cover it for them, as I was planning on being here anyway. Yesterday it was this woman's turn to be on the 5pm finish. I was planning on being here until after 5pm, but was fucked if I was covering her shift so she could go early. Could see the seethe emanate from her pores as the clock ticked closer to 5 and I was still here, working away. Was delicious picking my bag up at 4:57pm and saying "Night". All that said however, I have agreed to work condensed hours as I am no longer able to work from home as done previously in my seconded role due to the sensitive information I work with, which means two days each week I will finish at 2:30pm in order to do the school run, meaning I will be here until well after 5pm on the other three days each week. As expected, this morning she sent out the rota, showing me as being the 5pm finish the three days I am not finishing at 2:30.pm. Dunno why this has annoyed me as much as it has. Probably because it's making her happy, and I don't like that.
  15. Work colleagues

    Must be murder having to work specific shifts. Flexitime is the stuff of dreams. I regularly stroll in after 9am (was nearly 9:30 this morning). But I normally stay on quite late as it's preferable to work in peace when there's no one about to bother you with stupid, pointless questions. Clocked up nearly four hours of flex in the last three days alone. #Ballin