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  1. A fascinating personality within the team, who is adept at delegating tasks to co-workers.
  2. If Chris shites it here he can never be allowed to ever again moan about how rubbish this guy is at his job. We regularly ask/be asked to provide feedback from different departments we work with for appraisals. I think it's quite a fair thing to do, and does give you a boost if you get a good one.
  3. My workmate just brought me in a bottle from going out at lunch. Couldn't resist the temptation to try it before I got home tonight. Sweet mother of God. Absolutely phenomenal.
  4. Absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about DA. Stay strong, give the bevvy a miss for a bit, and keep fighting the good fight my man. It’s never too late.
  5. Yeah, just an odious human being. Even her tattoo is horrid. She 100% failed an entry exam for the Polis.
  6. She is an absolute helmet, was raging watching that.
  7. Is there any reason why she is doing this? It's the easiest thing in the world to say but try not to worry about this, the post you recently shared shows how much they have both come on since living with you and the wife.
  8. I would be amazed if any regular wine drinker could not tell the difference between a red and a white wine. Obviously they're not, but they're almost like different textures to taste!
  9. Pretty strange hill you've picked to die on, tbqhwy.
  10. Great news! The boycott was well worth it. I fully intend on bulk buying should it be as good as the original recipe was.
  11. Nothing actually. The guy took a few days off, then came back and said nothing else about it. I still speak to him, but he’s just glossed over the whole incident.
  12. The P&B 5’s thread highjacked by Ruggy’s mug, Philpy trying to impress others by doing the slug, DAFC the perennial bully victim, Clydenewcomer wishing someone’s maw would hit him, ICT Chris with his usual “Have you ever”, 8MileBU expecting Tony to visit, never!, That time Chigsy bidded us farewell, Grimbo never confirming who started the fund, oh hell! Rab B and Kilt’s love of smiley faces, And don’t forget mad Pompey who hated other races, São Paulo saying we’re aw getting sanctioned, I suggest we all get wankered!
  13. Yeah. That was class. Getting lawyers involved for a disagreement on a football forum. You love to see it.
  14. That post by Kilt, as described by Ruggy above, was absolutely phenomenal, easily one of the best things I’ve ever seen posted on here.
  15. I don’t know when you were last in Dennistoun, but it is a pretty decent place to live nowadays and get much more for your money than you would in the west end.
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