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  1. HAMMIL: Hey, you! Look at me! I'm driving my sports car. Going at 50, 60, 70! The wind's in my hair, 80! Oh look, there's a bend - who cares! 90! Get out of my way, you squares! I'm doing 100 because it's cool! Of course it's cool to drive fast! Just one question. Is this cool? Is this cool? Is this cool? Is this cool? Is this cool? Is this cool? Is that cool? All these people - are they cool? Is this cool? This guy - cool, is he? This guy - is he cool? This woman - is she cool? So what about me? Do I look cool? Well do I? Do I look cool, do I really look cool? Do I? Do I? Do I? MORRIS: Yes or no? Find out tonight on BBC2!
  2. His old radio stuff is fantastic - it's well worth getting a hold of the Radio 1 Music Shows from 1994 if you can. This is one of my favourites, Johnnie Walker has died and Chris wants him taxidermised for display in Radio 1's reception :
  3. Livingston have had 14 years (15 if they make it through this season) to punch through the Edinburgh/OF shell, with millions in other people's money and haven't managed it. Bill Blobby tried it with a free stadium from LDC/WLC, Dominic Keane tried it with other folk's lottery wins and some jiggery pokery, the after-effects of which are currently being dealt with in the criminal courts. Flynn tried it and failed like Fail McFail of Failtown, 7-time loser of the Failiest Failer of Failland contest. Massone is en route for Leverndale. What makes you think the arrival of the one-time owner of a roller disco and the ex-Cowdenbeath chairman is going to change that unblemished record of vast public subsidy, administration, finanicial mis-management, lunacy and administration (again)?
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