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  1. Kello have took advantage of Cumnock juniors 3g being available this weekend and have switched kello v EK to Cumnock, kello pitch would never have been playable and is currently under snow, in saying that another storm forecast for Saturday so not even sure the 3g will make it, also just heard EK have parted ways with manager after 3 weeks?? The high winds forecast for the weekend will make any games played a lottery, even more so on 3g.
  2. Can't see a lot wrong with it either, sure the whistle went before the ball crossed the line. Wasn't the only thing the ref got wrong or missed today, didn't think he had a great game tbh.
  3. Don't think Tattie plays for them, think he retired after leaving Kello Rovers, but thanks for your input anyway.😊
  4. The goal you mention was about 2 yards offside, and fair play to the scorer he admitted he was offside. Kello beat them convincing 3-0 at home, maybe they weren't at there best on both occasions. I'd say the best team performance this season against Kello was the 7-0 hammering Lanark gave them at Kirkconnel. I'd also say that most teams in this league are capable of winning against whoever they play, there are few if any easy games.
  5. Over 200 at Larkhall v Kello, I'd guess 230-240, a good head of away fans in the crowd.
  6. I tried a head count 10 mins from time and got about 100, that was counting everyone behind the barrier including the kids.
  7. Obviously failed your eyesight test as well if today is anything to go by.
  8. Them tears in your eyes must've been worse than I thought. The Kello fan had the no4 well and truly hooked, he had no reason to move on to the field of play as he knew the no4's head had gone so the fan just stood leaning against the barrier and waited for the no4 to make a complete cock of himself, which he managed with aplomb. As I said before, look in before looking out and you might see where the problem lies.
  9. Might be best to dry your eyes as the tears seem to be impairing your vision. Funny how after the teams met in the league game earlier in the season you made no mention of your no9 sticking the nut on a Kello player? That's what kick started the trouble in that game. As for the so called "trouble" at todays game, the no4 can certainly give it out as he did when Shettleston took the lead in the 44th minute, but when Kello went 2-1 up in the 85th minute he lost the plot big time when the home fans gave him a bit back, as for the alleged spit, I've no idea how anyone can be spat on from over 15 yards away. Make no mistake about this at no time did any of the Kello supporters encroach onto the field of play, they remained behind the barrier at all times. Obviously by this time your tears were playing havoc with your eyesight and you didn't see your no4 walk from near the penalty spot towards the fans behind the goal to engage with them, so to say he was red carded for protecting himself from being abused and attacked is fooking embarrassing. After some of the antics from your players and support today you'd be better off having a look in before looking out.
  10. Shettleston 0-0 Kello Rovers, FT.
  11. Kello 1-3 Greenock. Not a lot between the teams today, Kello scored first only for the ref to rule it off for offside, think he must've been the only person there who thought that, the lads standing in line with it all said the striker was onside. Greenock took the lead mid way through the first half when their striker did well on the edge of the box to beat his man and fire low into the far corner. Not long after it should've been two but their player had a Van Vossen moment and hit the bar from 5 yards out. They did go two up before half time, but the winger was offside when it was headed on to him but ref ignored the appeals. In about the 65th min Kello got cut open leaving the Greenock player one on one with the keeper and he finished nicely, again there was appeals for offside which where ignored. Kello did manage a consolation goal late on. Very hard for refs to make offside decisions without linesmen but the decision to disallow the first goal was a shocker.
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