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  1. Stephen Craigan must've missed that, funnily enough he wanted the Lille player red carded in the first half for a similar tackle with less force.
  2. Would imagine so, but that might be too late for some of the contacts he's made. My point I was making in my first post is, it's not just about the players, is it.👍
  3. If a player gets it does it stop at them and no go any further?
  4. "Promotion and Relegation Paths start with zero points" That would be a no surely? You could win the section and be 10-15 points clear of the 6th placed club and all for nothing.
  5. Or, wee Nippy shites it and sticks to her guns and there are no fans allowed in this season. Then the clubs that where relying on fans returning mid season can't finish the season due to lack of funds or possibly worse, are no more. Is it worth the risk?
  6. If that's what you think I'd read it again if I was you, this time with your eyes open.👀
  7. "In terms of a start date, we have proposed to clubs that the league commence no earlier than Saturday 24th October." That's the wording, it isn't a start date, just saying it won't be before then. Totally agree that without fans I don't think the games should start.
  8. Tommy is 22, still not a youngster though and a big step up from SOS league to the Championship, best of luck to him.
  9. Kello have took advantage of Cumnock juniors 3g being available this weekend and have switched kello v EK to Cumnock, kello pitch would never have been playable and is currently under snow, in saying that another storm forecast for Saturday so not even sure the 3g will make it, also just heard EK have parted ways with manager after 3 weeks?? The high winds forecast for the weekend will make any games played a lottery, even more so on 3g.
  10. Can't see a lot wrong with it either, sure the whistle went before the ball crossed the line. Wasn't the only thing the ref got wrong or missed today, didn't think he had a great game tbh.
  11. Don't think Tattie plays for them, think he retired after leaving Kello Rovers, but thanks for your input anyway.😊
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