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  1. Seems to be a fair few top Europeans who have fallen off the radar for one reason or another -- Stenson, Donald, Kaymer, Molinari. Rose also a big miss this week.
  2. Feel sorry for Archie Thomas, the last game he played he was just about our best player I thought. Now he's nowhere. What is Craig Slater doing at this level?
  3. Cant believe he didn't have Fleetwood out this moring and sticking with Westwood and Fitzpatrick combo was mental.
  4. So predictable. Wasn't there but the stats dont look good again. What is it Irvine is afraid of? So negative it's like having Malcolm back.
  5. Yeah the whole album is fantastic though hard to get hold of these days. It's Neel and Donato Dozzy who releases class dub techno(ish) stuff himself.
  6. If I was on the Mercedes pit wall I'd have to be pulling the plug on Hamiltons radio -- what a whingeing wee fud he is.
  7. I've zero time for this cup either and would've been resting all our key players, that's why I've no issue whatsover with Harkins starting.
  8. From the highlights Harkins was playing, which is fine in that cup. Also the sky blue shirt, navy blue shorts and white socks looked really smart.
  9. It's not like he's featured in the league, he's only getting used in this rubbish.
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