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  1. Judging by the current standard of that league, Slater and Moxon are Championship level.
  2. This is really straight forward, having Harkins on the park was akin to playing with 10 men. I'm not blaming any players, I'm blaming the manager. I wasn't around in 1984 to blame Raymond Lorimer for anything.
  3. It's been in place a lot longer than that and I've moaned and whinged about it every year! Anyways, good luck in the final.
  4. Strange argument that one. Teams from lower leagues "batter" teams from higher leagues regularly in cup competitions. A team finishing 4th out of 10 gaining promotion is farcical.
  5. Agreed. A team finishing 4th out of 10 teams has had an average season and should not be rewarded. It makes a mockery of the season.
  6. Annan should've buried the game first leg. You're trying very hard - as usual - to be different and see things other's aren't when infact playing Harkins has held us back and been an utter embarrassment.
  7. We were dire over the two legs and lets face it for months now, lets not blame "Meechs" for that.
  8. I wish I could be so positive, fair play for that. I'm not sure folk are overreacting though. The posters complaining have been consistent for a while now and could see the iceberg coming.
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