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  1. Armour has 7 goals in 89 career appearences. You don't think Aitken has scored tap ins?
  2. Other than a tap in against Elgin, I've yet to see Armour do anything. Aitken has three goals, two were from open play weren't they? He's also a better all round player in my view.
  3. He was subbed before half time injured. He's been one of our best players this season, though again that isn't saying much.
  4. So, we ended the game with Hutton and Irvine at centre half? Harkins and Moore in centre mid and McCluskey - last seasons top scorer - at left wing back? Did that actually happen?
  5. Eight points from a possible 45 really is some going, deary me.
  6. I think it can and probably will go on which is mental. Bottom of the worst League 2 for a long time and in fact been terrible since about December, we also rival Malcolm's side for being the most boring team I've ever seen.
  7. Just finished a complete rewatch after struggling with it first time around. Watching it weekly and not fully focusing I think was my problem. It's now surpassed Mad Men and The Sopranos for me. As was said by Arch Stanton it's just constantly riveting. Everything about it is top drawer -- cinematography, characters (major and minor) storylines, it moves like a Swiss watch and appears so contained. There's definitely strong Coen brothers influences with some Michael Mann style action thrown in but it's still doing it's own thing. Just masterful TV.
  8. Can't believe he hooked Hanratty - who along with Flanagan were our only threats - and went one upfront but that's Irvine for you. Still say he's got Slater playing too deep and Moore is hopeless. Results are garbage and the style of play is on Stuart Malcolm levels of boredom.
  9. Has he gone yet? That was absolutely terrible.
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