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  1. Can't fathom folk not liking Robert California?
  2. So, uhm yeah, I'm gonna have to go ahead and greenie this.
  3. Aye it's decent. Have you seen Extract made by the same director, set in a flavour extract bottling plant with Jason Bateman? That's enjoyable also.
  4. There's certainly some thought going into these signings - young and talented guys who have done well at League 2 mixed in with experienced pros.
  5. Was also shouting over the polite Rosie what's her name the Labour deputy speaker and refusing to sit down, which was entirely cretinous. Yet he's forever telling folk to lead by example!?
  6. He was some state in the Commons yesterday. Total embarrassment.
  7. Two goals in two seasons. The boy was a grafter but just wasn't good enough.
  8. Would disagree on Tapping who i'd persevere with but I'm amazed at the rest.
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