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  1. "That was funny when I said that guy was two faced" Jeezo
  2. Just because it's a six pointer doesn't mean we need two threads!
  3. Enjoyable watch this. Impressed with Elgin, very fluid going forward.
  4. Is a bit of a gamble but one worth taking. I'm sure it will be an enjoyable dressing room for the players to be in anyway. Magic having Foxy back at the club also.
  5. He's never had any real competition in three years and been brilliant. Be a waste of a good wage.
  6. Good luck finding a better keeper at this level than McCallum. Totally laughable to be talking of binning him after a couple of mistakes.
  7. Docherty brings nothing to our midfield. He cant run or pass beyond six yards. It's overkill having him there alongside Robertson, not to mention two wingers who are very limited going forward. Forbes and Kirkpatrick have to be persevered with to give us any chance.
  8. Why bother with the interviews? Just give it to Sheerin.
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