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  1. Centre midfield has been a big issue all season (along with many others). Mackintosh gets waved through week after week but he's nowhere near good enough and i've yet to see Moore do anything since he's come in.
  2. Hopefully that's the last we see of Coll, what a terrible footballer he is.
  3. I just dont get this argument. Jim Weir took us higher in League 1 than Dick ever managed while also playing better football. "rampant egotist" 😂
  4. Is Justin Thomas ever anything but crabbit?
  5. We seem to have a high proportion of supporters who just want a team of headless chickens rather than something entertaining to watch. How folk wouldn't enjoy somebody a bit different like Easton or Antoniazzi just doesn't compute with me.
  6. Ok thanks for the Thomas info. Antoniazzi started so few games because Malcolm was erm a bit clueless. Stewart Petrie - having had him on loan before - clearly likes him. In terms of impact he came on against Montrose and scored a peach of a goal it's also difficult to have an impact when you're not getting on the park. The bottom line is he's better than anybody else we've got.
  7. Are we able to recall Antoniazzi and what has happened to Archie Thomas?
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