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  1. Agree totally with the above. Terrible team selection and negative tactics yet again, it's pretty much unwatchable. Other than the goal we never looked like scoring in the 90 minutes and any other season it would be a replay and we'd be second favourites.
  2. Aye that's fair, not sure there are many of those players kicking about these days though.
  3. He's got a creative player and has no idea what to do with him.
  4. Allan showing again what he can do when he gets chances, ridiculous he's not been starting.
  5. Played out of position either has to be on the left or through the middle IMO. Him and Allan are the only two who have looked remotely dangerous all season and both should be starting every week.
  6. Barely had a look in which is very strange when you consider the dross getting in ahead of him.
  7. Those last two games though!? van Gerwen and Price have now dodged massive bullets.
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