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  1. If takeaways close I'll crack. Lucky Star btw.
  2. Eh, aren't all four UK governments in agreement over the approach and working together on this?
  3. Bet you rated Bryan Duell... I'll take that bet, though he'd probably stroll into this team.
  4. Quite a lot (more than anybody else) especially finding Bobby Barr who did literally nothing with it every single time.
  5. Yep Tapping was clearly our best player - though there was very little competition - some folk must just be in the habit now of slating him. So cagey yet again from Malcolm. He needs to find a way of getting Kirkpatrick in behind both Doris and McKenzie.
  6. So how do we get help up front for Doris? I like Kirkpatrick in the 10 role so do we change formation? One thing I'll confidently predict is Scott Agnew scoring against us.
  7. Easy to see now why they changed their name to the Rapids.
  8. Very cagey again from Malcolm. Robertson for Tapping - who was at least looking to get forward and was supplying Barr - screamed that he was happy with a point. Frustrating.
  9. Jeezo what a mess, Morgan and Curran trying to hit it out the country when ones and two's would've done.
  10. Morgan throws his wicket away when he just had to knock it around. Why is Denly playing and not Malan?
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