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  1. Bollocks! I forgot to listen tonight, hope Essdee has recorded it?
  2. Can't believe you never read out my 'ferrets at the fitba' text!!
  3. Did anyone record the show last night & has a copy of it?????????
  4. That was great! I was sitting on the same stool as Cotter used last week, because he had drawn lots of commas on it with a pen!
  5. I'm Kenny Paul!! I've not got a dug. White dug shit will not be spoken about.
  6. Was at Muirkirk v Glenafton on Wed. Had a look at their old ground in the afternoon & made a short 360 degree video taken from the penalty spot at one end of the ground (you can see what's left of a goalpost at the start and end) One of the strangest & quietest settings for a football ground I have ever seen. Set in fields high above the town of Muirkirk, Ayrshire. ...
  7. Top marks for the intro music. Congrats on your win & hopefully see you soon.
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