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  1. Dumbarton 0 - 0 Falkirk East fife 0 -1 Montrose Forfar 1 - 2 Airdrie Peterhead 2 - 3 raith Stranraer 2 - 2 clyde.
  2. Maybe a bit generous and could have said, have shown signs of a good footballing team. In the early games, clyde at hamilton, bohemians and clyde at home, most of the football was great. Even roy looked very promising.
  3. Delighted with the points but Slightly worried about the lack of clear cut chances we created. In the small snips of play when the ball was actually on the deck being passed it was good football and the combo from gal and mackay proved that. We are a good footballing team I just hope the players can gain faith in themselves for the run in. We are due to give someone a skelping
  4. If it went to play offs would andy ryan and Callum smith still be able to play our would they go back at end of the last league game.
  5. We are now entering the last quarter and I cant help but feel uneasy as it seems Murray is very much still 'experimenting' with the first team. Callum Gallagher must be gutted when ally roy comes on before him. A common theme is not enough is getting provided to the strikers yet Robert's and hawkshaw who are very much attacking midfielders are sitting on the bench. Yesterday could have been the turning point with raith and falkirk losing and would have gave us half a chance for the title. Frustrating to have such a good team on paper who have proved when the ball is on the deck we can play good football. But the soul is getting sucked of them, and the fans by constantly punting long balls. My 11 year old son could defend long balls when the striker is facing the opposite way. Amateur stuff. We have players in the bench who can make an impact but murray cannot for the life of him figure that out. Rant over and what looks like the title chace over also.
  6. Twins is correct. The attention span does not last long. Sweets and chocolate prolongs the inevitable.
  7. Might drive up for this one; kids first away game what is the prices ? Got 3 kids at age 4 and 11.
  8. Montrose playing midweek also. So hopefully using that as an advantage come Saturday between extended rest and fitness levels. Another 0-2 away victory please.
  9. Strangely enough if you asked me at the start of the season would I take being 3rd in February I would have said yes. However it's the manner in which we have been first and starting to spill back. Potentially peaked too early. I just hope the players believe in themselves and go on another run. We play raith and falkirk respectively in march so that should shape how the league might end up finishing
  10. Unfortunately I'm now at a point where the result will not bother me. Glass is very much half empty at moment. Unless we win 6-0 that will make me nearly smile.
  11. The 2 lads that were attacked by 30 raith fans ? Bit harsh.
  12. Plenty of games left in the season however I cant help think if raith win on Saturday that we have blew our chance as champions. We have been crap since the defeat to raith and clyde, so The momentum needs to start again and soon. This seasons previous encounters have been narrow wins for raith both 1-0 and that's the reason raith are top. Now we need to go top and the first step is by beating them.
  13. Obviously delighted with the andy ryan signing however are we close to getting anyone else. I know midfielder was spoke about.
  14. Airdrie should just be sing they pace in the ranks and attack attack attack in this game. Nothing to loose and Hearts will start to panic. The pressure is all on hearts and after the first 20 minutes they will run out of ideas. Cant wair for a great day out and hopefully one for the history books
  15. My sides are splitting ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚and not because am a fat b*****d.
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