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  1. RiG

    I miss the days when you were just called dennybairn - it was so easy to remember!

  2. RiG

    Hi Carlos, you still want to try and get a game organised before the first Derby of the season?

  3. RiG

    Far to many gays on BB.

    Snowboarding rocks!

  4. Ach I'm surviving. Been a pretty rubbish 2009 after 2008 being so good for me. Will email you. Still got the same address aye? x

  5. Hello! You are back! From the dead maybe. How are things?

  6. Where are you?

  7. I won't be there. Working in the evening as well. My pal will be texting me throughout to keep me updated and I'll have the radio on. If we win it will be the first time we've won back to back in ages!

  8. I liked your old username :(

  9. RiG

    Get me a well paid job and I will do so :)

  10. RiG

    Hello, just wondered if you found a good chipper in Stoney? I posted some recommendations but you might not have seen them.

  11. Weird dream last night. It involved Marlow and Across Winter. Was in some bar and Marlow were playing, Across Winter started up and everyone was bouncing and throwing pints across the place. A premonition of your next gig?

  12. Love that shite banter thread. All this pish about LM is boring!

  13. lollerskates!

  14. Nice! I hope the album/EP will be autographed!

  15. Super stuff! As always keep us posted and let us know how the recording and stuff goes! Look forward to expanding my Marlow collection!

  16. Hows the music business lad? Any news of a Granite City gig yet? You're missed up this neck of the woods!

  17. Did you get your Megabus moan sortedout?

  18. You love the tesco uniform!

  19. Indeed I did - how you doing?

  20. Nice one squire - not long till a full length album will be released hopefully. Getting enough songs together anyway!

  21. Good stuff sir! Played some of your tunes to the missus the other night. Liked what she heard so I'll drag her along to the next one :)

  22. Need to get another Aberdeen gig sorted Telfer. Looking forward to hearing you guys again.

  23. Action gotten into. Good thing I had a quick nosey at my profile and saw your message!

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