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  1. Ah yeah I remember that now that was Allardice as you say.
  2. Hard to imagine that TBH as that would require us to actually create some chances of note.
  3. This is pretty much how I left the game. Delighted we got a goal back to get a point but also pretty unhappy that we found ourselves in that situation anyway.
  4. We were lucky not to lose that today. I felt we had a lot of the ball in the first half but we created nothing of any note whatsoever. Raith didn't really do much but they at least managed a shot on goal when Connolly (I think) cracked an effort goalwards but it was deflected wide. That genuinely might have been the first shot of the game and that was around the 40 minute mark. I missed the red card so I can't really comment on it. Raith are pretty good at getting the highlights out quickly so I guess it will be cleared up pretty quickly. I couldn't seem to figure out what our line up was. Seemed that Sutherland was playing wide right with Gardyne left and Welsh, Allardice and MacGregror all moving around the middle of the pitch taking it in turns to push forward to support Mckay. Second half I feel we regressed a lot. Raith seemed the more capable team despite playing a man down. Again, I struggle to think of anything of note we created before Raith did take the lead bar an curled effort by Sutherland which was sent just wide of the post. The Raith goal was from a lovely run by Zannatta, nice cut back and a smashing finish by Connolly. Although we got back into it after good work down the left side by Gardyne and a well struck effort from Welsh Raith had the best chance to win it when Zannatta found space but, like Sutherland, he failed to wrap his foot around the shot enough to get it on target. Gardyne appeared to play more centrally and almost looked like he had been given a free role to go wherever he wanted. When Doran came on our structure seemed to totally collapse and we played so narrow it was very strange to see. I thought we would have tried to stretch the Raith backline and have Doran or Gardyne attempt to pull players out of position but it never seemed to happen. I'm a wee bit worried that we are consistently not playing very well. We've only had one really good 45 minutes of football this season and that was the second half against Partick. We had a lot of the ball today and created hee haw with it and Raith, despite only having ten men, should probably have won the game. If we want to seriously challenge for the title we need to improve. a lot. Not sure what this Devine hack is that is being referred to. He did win a header against Poplatnik that saw the Raith lad clatter into him and the game was rightly stopped because of the head knock. I think that Duffy did have a hack at Poplatnik , possibly in the lead up to the goal, which could have seen action taken but the referee was so pish he probably would have sent off Poplatnik. On another note Jamie MacDonald is absolutely brilliant. A good keeper and, as always, he took the gentle ribbing we always give him very well. A top guy.
  5. Yeah Richie Foran with some weird sit down overhead kick. I fell down many rows of seats celebrating that. Huge goal. Shame the highlights disappeared when the club moved website provider.
  6. Delighted that we are behind the goal. I mind being stuck in the corner for a game, pretty sure it was a Challenge Cup tie, which we won 4 - 0 thanks to a cock up from Ramiro Gonzales.
  7. Trump on Powell: "He made plenty of mistakes, but anyway, may he rest in peace!"
  8. Nice wee tribute for the Carson family from Mckay showing off his shirt after he had scored. Hopefully see him (Carson) back up north before too long.
  9. Indeed. On the plus side, Duku has lasted longer at ICT than Keatings has at Raith. Suspect they'll both end up at Queens Park or something next season.
  10. Duku probably / hopefully won't start. He started well and bagged some goals in the League Cup but he hasn't scored (or indeed looked like scoring) in a while. He does work extremely hard for the side but right now Mckay and Jamieson or Sutherland seem to be a better fit for us.
  11. RiG

    Week 6

    Seems like it's been fixed...
  12. RiG

    Week 6

    The audio from the games is barely audible and nothing from Scott "Handsome" Hanson in the studio. Shite end to the weekend
  13. RiG

    Week 6

    No sound on RedZone?
  14. We need Carson back soon. Allardice was fine yesterday but it's a square peg in a round hole. Arguably the same could be said about Carson of course but he seems to offer more than Allardice did. Doesn't looked good for Duffy if two CMs are preferred to him at RB though he did look decent at CB against Elgin.
  15. I will be attending this association football fixture. Where is a good pub to go to grab a bite to eat, maybe catch whatever game is being played in that circus league down south and a few lovely pints?
  16. I feel like we're a little similar to Ross County of the 18/19 season who weren't great at all but they kept bagging wins whilst other sides around them tended to draw / drop points a little more regularly. If it ends the same way then I'll be pretty happy
  17. Nice assist from Ridgers for the opener and a classic Mckay finish. YLTSI.
  18. I can confirm that we did win this one comfortably without getting out of first gear.
  19. Another comfortable win without getting out of first gear. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. We've only really sworded one team in the league and that was Partick Thistle when we wrecked them in the second half. Other than that we have been okay but sit proudly at the top of the league. Have we got more to give or are we not set up right to take advantage of the players at our disposal?
  20. Thought Accies were right back into the game when they got their goal back. You could see a lot of Partick Thistle players looking a little shaky when they did. In the end they were a little lucky to see it out.
  21. Every year we get this made up shite about some shop allegedly refusing to sell poppies. It goes viral with all the flag / war shaggers piling in to criticise the store and then it turns out that it's a load of pish. Looking forward to Peter issuing a grovelling apology for his made up guff in the coming days.
  22. Very late responding to this - apologies! Appreciate the kind words my friend. Always good to get positive feedback (obviously)
  23. He's scored the same number of goals as Duku despite playing about 25% less this season. Despite Duku working hard I think it's time for a change up front for us and I would love to see Mckay and Jamieson lead the line this weekend.
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