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  1. Haaland's pass for the 4th (?) goal was absolutely sumptuous. Genuinely the highlight of the game for me.
  2. RiG

    Week 4

    Some bonkers endings here yet again. Got to love the NFL!
  3. Thanks to roadworks on the M8 I missed all the buses to Ayr in time for the game so I'm slinking back to Edinburgh. We've done well when I've missed games this season so maybe it's a good thing my plans have gone awry...
  4. The game won't be in any danger with all this rain will it?
  5. Bit soon for a Liz Truss: Greatest Hits compilation but here we are...
  6. I see Truss has repeated a number of times that the price cap will limit energy bills to £2,500 which is a complete lie as the price cap only applies to unit / standing charge prices. People could easily rack up massive bills well over £2,500 yet this cretin is spouting misinformation at best and lies at worst that their bills will be capped.
  7. I'm not sure what signs those are TBH. The Dundee result was good but we've had some honking performances so far this season and some of the new faces do not look that great based on their early season showings. I'd be going with Ayr in this one.
  8. Colin Steven is an utter diddy and a woeful referee but you are completely overlooking some of the absolutely heads gone moments from Raith players in recent fixtures.
  9. Sterling Shephard another victim of the MetLife turf. Out for the season with a non contact ACL injury.
  10. My recommendations: The Terrace (get these guys to run Sportsound on a Saturday FFS) Guardian Football Weekly The Totally Football Show with James Richardson The Wyness Shuffle (an ICT fan podcast )
  11. Why is the Saints v Vikings game earlier on the Sunday? Edit: Just realised it's one of the London games.
  12. Admittedly I wasn't at this one but barely scrapping by against a Highland League (albeit a good one on a solid run of form) isn't good enough for a team that apparently has lofty ambitions of promotion from the Championship. It shows that a lot of our players both first XI and back ups aren't getting it done at the minute and Dodds needs to get them really fired up for this weekends game which is probably the toughest of the season (save for Partick Thistle).
  13. What we need is @Caley Shaun to start a Dodds out thread before Saturday which will then guarantee us a win.
  14. Aye RMT strikes on the Saturday. It'll be a Megabus to/from Edinburgh for me as well as the X77. Last train from QS to Edinburgh is 1730.
  15. RiG

    Week 3

    Thought this one was pretty good
  16. I see there are no trains running between Glasgow and Ayr. A massive hinderance to our large travelling support that will be heading down the road for this one.
  17. RiG

    Week 3

    I've only seen the highlights so probably not best placed to comment but the 49ers D looked like it played a solid game. But the offence? Oooft. Trash.
  18. RiG

    Week 3

    Another standard Jimmy G performance I see.
  19. An image search for this brings up the following image which seems pretty apt.
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