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  1. No idea but I think we will take close to 1,000 which isn't too bad given the complete lack of travel options back up the road (for most) on a school night. Already lots of our fans are looking for lifts back after trains have been cancelled.
  2. A lot of the "sold" seats are probably season ticket holders who may / may not even show up I guess.
  3. That's good news if it is the case. Been a long time since we had a good crowd at TCS.
  4. I cannot believe that Saint Johnstone scored a mere 24 goals this season. Even when we were relegated under Foran we managed to bag 44 goals.
  5. So Sarwar ruled out coalitions with the SNP but his Labour councillors are happy to jump into bed with the Conservatives? That's definitely a good look...
  6. Chalmers has been something of a non entity if he plays as a 10. Far better to keep him wide. Doran has been much better when playing there (e.g. Ayr away) so I would prefer to see him start in that position if that's who we are choosing between.
  7. I think it's because of the pitch invaders from Killie and the club want to try and keep fans a little bit further back from the front of the stand so the stewards can control anyone trying to rush onto the pitch. So you can blame your Meh Derby rivals for that.
  8. The odd thing is that nationalising the rail network can work. LNER (or East Coast in a previous life) turned a profit for the taxpayer when it was run by the Government yet plenty of private operators ran at a loss and defaulted on the franchise.
  9. Really hope that Caley Thistle win this one because I support them and I do not support Saint Johnstone.
  10. As @virginton said earlier, if your business model is based on drivers having to regularly work beyond their normal contracted hours so your company can deliver a (barely) functioning service then you might want to look at how you are doing things because that approach is not going to last. ETA: That fucking name change still a thing then
  11. Devine definitely has his arms round Hamilton but I don't think he impedes him or hauls him to the ground. You can see in the replays his harms slide down off Hamilton's body. The assistant doesn't appear to give anything but can he communicate with Collum? I'd still have expected to see his flag waving even if the two were talking through whatever devices they have to talk to each other. A wee bit of discussion between the two would have been good to see. I think Collum has been far too quick to hand out the red card. I cannot see how he can be absolutely certain that it was a straight red card. Anyway, it's done now. We've lost the appeal and we just need to get on with it and fight the injustices that have been flung up against us #GSTQ
  12. The Edinburgh to Glasgow timetable is a joke. Last couple of trains from Glasgow heading east are at 2015 and 2215
  13. Yeah it's an odd one but it's definitely there!
  14. I was looking at the "temporary" timetable and noticed that there seems to be a train that leaves Nairn at 2257 which then calls at Forres and Elgin before running non stop to Aberdeen getting in around 0107. That seems a bit of a bizarre service to keep running when you consider what other train journeys have been curtailed.
  15. There are no suspensions listed on the SFA website for May so it looks like he is free to play.
  16. Disappointing that they've gone ahead with the timetable change that they consulted on several months ago. As suspected it was clearly just a tick box exercise. Having spent hundreds of millions of pounds to shave about 3 minutes off Edinburgh to Glasgow services via Falkirk High some of the journeys from the Central Belt to the Highlands have increased in duration by about 40 minutes with one train from Edinburgh to Inverness now taking almost 4 hours. It's now slower than taking the car which is now probably more environmentally friendly given the carbon belching HSTs that are sometimes used on the route.
  17. I genuinely wouldn't have been surprised to have seen some Great Britain flag emojis at the bottom of it.
  18. Devine appeal rejected so we've released a bit of a minter of a statement to commemorate the news.
  19. I'm sure we got pumped 4 - 0 back in 2013 ish? Steven MacLean scored a hat trick IIRC. ETA: Apologies just realised you meant ICT winning. The most we seem to have scored is 3. Mostly around 1 or 2 but it's not a particularly happy hunting ground for us sadly.
  20. We've recorded a wee preview podcast ahead of the playoff games against you guys. Good wee bit of Saint Johnstone content in there as well from the Dogger Saints podcast. Have a wee listen!
  21. Nope. During that winless run I was starting to look down the table rather than up it. Been some effort from the players and Dodds and they all deserve massive credit. It would be pretty incredible if we can do it but I'm not counting my chickens just yet although I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed that we do obviously.
  22. As has been said previously if you are able to rock up at your work and ask for the following day off then you are quite lucky. Not everyone has that flexibility from their workplaces. Throw in travel costs and an overnight stay (unless driving) and more time off work I am at a loss to understand how you think that the Arbroath support can be criticised for the number that turned out.
  23. They used to be in the North Stand but wanted to move to create their own area. The club were behind the move and talked up getting that part of the ground covered to help keep the noise in but I'd guess they'd need to apply for planning permission to build a roof. Months on from the initial move and nothing has happened yet on that front. Apparently the stewarding last night was quite heavy handed and that killed off a lot of the support in that section. Good to see them turning up in decent numbers again though. I think there had been a bit of tension between them and the club for a while and a lot of them stayed away for one reason or another.
  24. Far from me to want to get involved in a crowdwank but there is absolutely no comparison between ICT fans knowing they'd have another home game to go to and Arbroath supporters who didn't know where they would be going until Friday night and had a couple of days notice to arrange travel up north and get time off sorted.
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