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  1. Feeling good about this one. Kirk Broadfoot hat-trick incoming. Kilmarnock 2 - 0 ICT.
  2. As others have said he was decent enough for us as a CM after looking poor as a LB when he first arrived. He's not dynamic, he's not great winning the ball back but he's solid enough keeping play ticking over but that's about it really. I'm not sure he's what the Pars need right now. Anyway, talking about Chalmers gives an excuse to post this strike against Dundee United.
  3. Fair enough. His loan spell has (apparently) ended and he has returned, for the time being, to Saint Mirren.
  4. The ICT rumour mill seems to be suggesting that Jamieson is heading south again. Dodds, for some reason, just hasn't wanted to play him which is frustrating as he's looked more impressive than Duku and, at times, Sutherland as well. At full time on Saturday he was straight up the tunnel whilst the rest of the players applauded the away fans. Seems to be a very frustrated figure on the sidelines.
  5. 19:12 *What's App message* "What time should I come round tonight?" 19:14 *What's App call* "Did you get my message?"
  6. Apparently a workaround is to buy tickets using Paypal so you don't need to enter address information.
  7. Our PPG during the first round of fixtures was 2.33 which then dropped to 1.44 during the second round of games. The number of draws we are getting is killing any title chance we may have had. All too often we are shooting ourselves in the foot. Dodds may well be a good coach and certain players sung his praises last season but as a manager I am becoming less and less convinced with each passing week.
  8. I thought it was a decent shout at the time but it wasn't given so that's that really. Probably the only way we were going to get a shot on goal in the second half given how desperately poor we were. Killie next week is going to be grim.
  9. You, a loser, "A great weekend of Barclays". Me, a baller, "Be quiet, the NFL playoffs are on."
  10. Told you lads [emoji41]
  11. What the hell is happening!?
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