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  1. Still not too much to talk about so we've got another Best XI podcast with Greg Tansey which is worth a listen! Should be appearing in Spotify, Google, Apple etc shortly. https://thewynessshuffle.podbean.com/e/best-xi-greg-tansey/
  2. Worth remembering that the Trump rally Cain attended required attendees to sign a waiver that absolved the President of any blame should anyone contract COVID-19. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jun/12/trump-rally-supporters-sign-coronavirus-waiver
  3. He (or someone from his group / organisation) had tweeted saying masks aren't required and people were fed up. Apparently that tweet has been deleted...
  4. Players like Liam Polworth and Ryan Christie came through without us being part of Project Brave so as far as I am concerned if the additional costs aren't worth it then chuck it and go back to whatever youth set up we had a few years back albeit trimmed to suit our budget and hopefully in the future we will be in a better position financially to improve our offerings to youngsters.
  5. The weird thing is Hearts used to be great as an away day as they offered decent priced tickets. IIRC as a student I only had to pay £10 to get in back in the mid naughties. The last few years though they have been a shambles. Last time we went to Tynecastle it was something like £26. I know you don't have to pay it but it doesn't change the fact that their pricing has been ridiculous for a good while now.
  6. "Washington Football Team" it is then. For a short term period anyway.
  7. RiG

    Golfers Thread

    Had my lesson this morning and wow - what a difference just one hour made to my swing. Despite getting good contact with the ball it was pointed out there were a number of things "wrong" with my swing that could be changed and would improve my ball striking. Having the video show exactly what I was doing made it a lot easier to understand what I had to change in order to improve things and it brought around a hell of a confidence boost. Plenty to work on before the next lesson.
  8. Tremarco is still fit enough to get up and down the left side for a fair chunk of a game but he doesn't have the burst of pace to create any separation between himself and an opponent to get a cross in. There's a reason why he only has something like 2 assists for us in the last year despite playing most of the games. He'll be decent enough defensively for you guys. Wankers.
  9. More coverage of Scottish football is good but having Thompson front one of the shows is laughable as is retaining Crichton. Two of the worst presenters / pundits going.
  10. Probably just signed up to distribute Herbalife.
  11. RiG

    Golfers Thread

    Swing video analysis on Thursday so I popped along to the range this morning to knock a few about. With a feeling of dread I finished off, as I usually do, with about 20 to 30 balls with the driver. Bizarrely, the first ten I hit were almost completely straight and a couple made their way to the back of the range (which at Braids is around 270 I think) which for me is completely unheard of (this is total carry distance not in the air BTW). After messaging some pals because I was so impressed with how I was hitting it my slice returned with a vengeance for half of the next 20 shots I hit including on horrendous hit that nearly found it's way out of the range and onto the course. Imagine having to seriously think about shouting "Fore!"when on the driving range
  12. Talk of a reduction to the salary cap of between $50 million to $70 million. Ooft!
  13. Can't find the tweet but I'm always reminded of the guy who posted "What age is it birds became a maw who asks stuff on Facebook you could find out from Google? What time does ASDA close?" and that sort of pish.
  14. All right lads? The excellent Footy Archives Twitter account has uploaded another old ICT video and this one features you lot in the 2 - 2 Scottish Cup Quarter Final. Some crowd inside Firhill that day!
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