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  1. A lot of the football under Hughes was really very poor. Pass across the back, aimless lump forward. Repeat. At times we played some nice stuff but we also did so under Butcher. The whole Yogi plays great football is completely over stated. Definitely better than Brewster though...
  2. Right, so you can't provide anything to back up your argument. Gotcha.
  3. What are these wider benefits that you speak of and where is the evidence for said benefits?
  4. It's almost like the whole "John Hughes plays football the right way" is a myth...
  5. Eagerly awaiting the first HILARIOUS application from a LAD who sends in his Football Manager CV.
  6. Right, so again you've linked to another interview calling for B teams so a particular side, in this case Man City, can hoard lots of talent.
  7. You've basically just linked to a couple of interviews that confirm what most of us are already saying - this isn't about developing players to improve the national side it's to allow Rangers and Celtic to hoard young talent. They get stronger and the rest of Scottish football continues to fall even further behind them. Get fucked.
  8. Nothing against Accies but probably best for the rest of the Championship that they come down over Ross County who will just splash the cash again to get promoted.
  9. Robbo has (allegedly) been back for a couple of weeks now.
  10. Some of the maddest comments seem to be coming from people with "Tha Rangurz" in their bios. A coincidence I'm sure.
  11. I know this was linked earlier but I had to laugh at this quote from Gerrard:
  12. If Transfermarkt is correct then we have the following players out of contract this summer (confirmed movements in bold, rumours italicised): Aaron Doran - Unconfirmed staying (contract offer has allegedly been made) Brad Mckay - Unconfirmed leaving (not being offered a new deal) Cammy Mackay - Unknown James Keatings - Leaving (signed PCA with Raith Rovers) James Vincent - Unconfirmed leaving (not being offered a new deal) Kevin McHattie - Unknown Miles Storey - Unknown Nikolay Todorov - Unconfirmed staying / leaving (Contract offered and linked with Dundee) Sean Welsh - Staying (triggered one year extension until 2022) Shane Sutherland - Staying (signed 1 year extension until 2022)
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