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  1. Just the 68 tweets and retweets from Trump this morning. Must be a busy day watching TV.
  2. Let that be a lesson for clubs who were happy to follow meekly as sheep unlike the lions of ICT. #ForTheManyNotTheFew
  3. Yeah not sure why folk are getting upset about the selection. NFC East leaders v a team fighting for a wildcard spot. Only other possible option AFAICS is maybe Vikings @ the Chargers.
  4. You were happy to be part of a closed shop whereas we challenged the rules, took on the SPL and won. After this the rules were relaxed before being scraped altogether. ICT - fighting for fairness for all of Scottish football.
  5. RiG

    Week 14

    5th round pick as well. Not too shabby.
  6. Been away from glorious EH7 for a while and came back to find a few more flyers through the door already in the recycling bin. SNP - 1 (though 2 letters from Tommy Shepherd) Ruth Davidson for a Strong Opposition - 1 Green - 0 Lib Dem - 1 Labour - 1
  7. Another win for the mighty Caley when Tarmo hasn't started the thread. Let's keep it up. We go again next week etc.
  8. A selfish pal has decided to have a wedding during the football season so I will be missing the battle to be Best of the Rest. We know about our excellent record against Ayr but recent games between the sides have been anything but one sided save for the playoff win earlier this year. Certainly not expecting a straightforward victory especially with some of our key players still sidelined (Walsh, Welsh) but we're good enough to get the win if we start the game well. More often than not Ayr have had us on the back foot from the kick off so if we do find ourselves under pressure withstanding any early barrage will be key to getting something out of the game give how poor we are at coming from behind to get wins.
  9. Loads of folk slating them on social media about the Baltics and some Yeezys that were released the other day as well. Absolute dicks.
  10. Size? really are a bunch of cowboys. Won the Baltic Cups in a raffle last week, email confirmation, delivery updates received in the following days then nothing. Today I get an email saying they can no longer fulfil my order. Jokers.
  11. Edinburgh East: SNP - 0 (though 2 letters from Tommy Shepherd) Ruth Davidson for a Strong Opposition - 0 Green - 0 Lib Dem - 0 Labour - 0 Clearly not much of an effort going on in EH7 at the minute.
  12. Aye usually one a month but there's been a bit of a delay recently unfortunately. Hopefully back to normal now and depending on popularity it could be a more regular thing. Once a month seems to work okay for now. The guys forgot the instant impact Gnapka made when he came on. He blasted a shot from about 30 yards against the crossbar against Hearts and had everyone thinking he was worth the wait but in the end he was a big let down after all the hype.
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