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  1. We have 3 players who can play at RB (Ram, Duffy and Carson). I suspect Dodds will go with that TBH.
  2. Hello there! We've got another podcast out featuring interviews with Billy Dodds and Sean Welsh! There's also the usual chat from ourselves about how the team is shaping up, we look at how our opposition are coming along (with thanks to numerous posters on P & B but from me a special shout out to @Patrick Bateman, @an86 and @lichtie23) and there's a chance to win a signed Robbie Deas shirt if you follow us on Twitter and like and retweet the pod Tweet below. Cor!
  3. Oakley? Meh. A handful for defenders but just as likely to give a foul away than he was to do anything with the ball. Some nice goals over his career but not very prolific. We do need another option up front than Mckay (and I guess Austin) but I don't think we have enough goals in us at this moment in time.
  4. Ekin-Su is carrying this series. A Love Island Queen right up there with Maura and Meghan in not giving a f'ck and just going for what she wants. YLTSI.
  5. Tommy Wright has fairly put on the beef.
  6. Same with the lie detector tests they used to (maybe still do) use later on in the series. Regardless though, it's still my favourite "challenge"...
  7. Some interesting testimony coming out from the hearings yesterday including Trump, shockingly, acting like a giant man child and demanding to be taken to the capitol, attempting to grab the wheel of The Beast and getting into physical altercations with the Secret Service. Trump, as he always does, has claimed he doesn't know this woman but has heard negative things about her...
  8. Good luck to the kid but that statement... *inhales through teeth* I'm all for releasing something that bigs up the youth setup but that fawning over Rangers was nauseating pish. teamamericasick.gif
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