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  1. The state of him BTW. Refusing to go to games last season because Dundee signed Simon Murray. The Dees have by far and away the biggest number of weirdos on this forum.
  2. Scotland's Coolest City

    There's going to be about 3,000 homes built there. Inverness is just one big housing estate really.
  3. Trainers

    I think there was a glitch on the Far Fetch website the other week as I was able to get a pair of Neighbourhood Gazelles in the sale for £48. Here's a photo of me wearing them whilst I walk slowly down some stairs.
  4. League Cup Group C

    Goals from COwdenbeath v ICT on Instagram.
  5. Scotland's Coolest City

    Inverness city centre is utterly brutal. Down by the river is nice but apart from that it's shite. A town masquerading as a city. The surrounding area is fantastic though. Basically, the further away you get from the town the better.
  6. Chvrches

    Yeah probably was. He goes a bit mental and throws all sorts of shapes.
  7. ICTFC 18/19

    What a fanny.
  8. League Cup attendances....

    I think there was something like 390 at our game with Cowdenbeath last night. About 100 less than when we played them two years ago in the same competition.
  9. League Cup Group C

    Lazy copy and paste from CTO. A strangely unconvincing 5 - 2 win. We were slow out the blocks and took a long time to settle. The surface was poor which could be an excuse for some of the misplaced passes but some of the players still look like they need to blow the cobwebs away as there was some sloppy passages of play and a few defensive errors that fortunately weren't punished. All too often the final ball or cross was played behind a team mate or didn't get past the opposition player so it was perhaps not surprise when Cowdenbeath took the lead when Sheerin crashed a fine effort in from the edge of the area. Missed our equaliser as I had to help @alternative maryhill with directions to the pie shop but Walsh got his first competitive goal for the club and then bagged his second when he collected the ball inside the home half and head goalwards before sending a low drive in off the post. A fortunate but welcome lead. We were even more fortunate with our third when a suspiciously offside looking White won a high ball knocking down for Doran and he was able to steer the ball past McGurn. Into the second half and Doran was in the thick of the action again. Heading towards the left hand post he tangled with a home player and went down but the referee waved play on. We added a fourth after McGurn did well to keep out a White effort from only a few yards out but before he could recover Oakley lashed in a fine strike. Not so fine was the 5th goal which again looked like it might have been offside. Trafford hit a low drive from outside the box and it hit Doran who was trudging back out from the previous attack. With McGurn committed to his right the ball then went to his left with the deflection and ICT somehow found themselves 5 - 1 up. Cowdenbeath netted a consolation when Sheerin nabbed his second from close range after Mckay (I think) got into a bit of a mess trying to defend a loose ball. It was almost 5 - 3 when the home side saw their final shot of the game cleared by Tremarco. As I say above the scoreline looks good but it wasn't a great performance by any means. That said, Walsh looked impressive particularly when he appeared through the middle but too often he was stuck wide right. Austin had a very quiet game, very little came off for him so it wasn't much of a shock when he was subbed. Donaldson and Tremarco looked solid enough at the back but Mckay struggled under pressure and Rooney regressed as the game went on. A few days rest now for the players which is probably coming at a good time ahead of the next competitive match against Raith.
  10. No fee mentioned in the article. Doesn't mean there won't be one but it does sound more like he's being allowed to cancel his contract and depart. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/1523434/dons-striker-adam-rooney-on-his-way-out-as-reds-close-is-on-ball/
  11. P & J reporting that Rooney is getting released from the club today.
  12. League Cup attendances....

    932 at ICT v Cove.
  13. Utterly incredible when the PotUS sides with Russia rather than his own intelligence agency. Putin must be pissing himself that Trump can be played so easily.
  14. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    We've had that a lot in the past with Doran, Foran and Meekings. From that perspective it sounds promising. Other than that, based on what I've read, ugh. Cheers mate. That's the most positive anyone has been about him so far