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  1. "I wish I had bothered to properly read up on how my vote would affect me but I didn't. Now I know it will badly affect me and I wish I had bothered to read up on it."
  2. Didn't realise Richard Brittain had taken over running of the RCFC twitter.
  3. Further reviews of the data for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire to be undertaken in the next couple of days before a final decision is made on them.
  4. No changes to any of the tiers today apparently. Bit of a pisstake consider cases in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire have almost doubled in the last couple of weeks.
  5. Brian Baldinger, who sometimes appeared on Sky Sports, stumbled onto my Twitter feed after someone retweeted this video of a monster hit / block on Aaron Donald on Sunday:
  6. "Thanks for your question which I will answer in a minute but first I need to pivot to this completely unrelated soundbite that you never asked me about." What an utter clown that man is.
  7. Confirmed that the 49ers will play their games against the Bills and WFT in Arizona.
  8. Was D & G due to move down to Tier 1 already? If not then they've tended to move LAs down a tier the following week so even if you did get some good news on that front you wouldn't change until next week. That said, I do wonder if SG might avoid any "promotions" until the Christmas break.
  9. I reckon you're thinking of another game as Dykes is still on the pitch for all of that 3 - 3 game. It's his chest back into the box that Welsh seizes on to win the penalty for our third.
  10. Couldn't say for certain but quite possibly. I think I fell / was pushed onto the wee tarpaulin banner thing that was next to us across the seats. Another proud moment sponsored by Strongbow...
  11. Is Wales going back into (some kind of) lockdown?
  12. Yeah that's one of my favourite ICT games of the last few years. We probably could have won that one 5 - 3 as White and Austin passed up great chances to complete an incredible turnaround. I did feel a bit bad at the end "getting it up" the Queens fans next to us as most weren't that annoyed and seemed to like the incredible game of football that had played out before them. In the highlights you can hear me shouting something about "Get the ball on top of this keeper he's shite!" which Walsh then does and we score our second. Walsh and Austin clearly appreciate the advice
  13. A new Wyness Shuffle podcast is out featuring: Review of recent fixtures with analysis from Charlie Christie Lookahead to forthcoming games including Dundee preview with Dee fan Gary Cocker Chatting to 2 of the "300" who got into the ground for the first game this season with fans Interview with Roddy MacGregor Initiation Songs Another Nightmare XI entrant Get it on Apple, Podbean, Spotify and various other podcasty places.
  14. The usual bunch of weirdos were hanging around the Scottish Parliament over the weekend. This time they were having a ceilidh. https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/gallery/edinburgh-police-break-up-crowds-19367401
  15. It's pretty telling of Celtic under Lennon that pretty much time they've faced a strong Rangers side they've collapsed. His previous spell of success came when Rangers were castrated and sent off to the basement leagues. No they're back and Gerrard has been given time to assemble a pretty solid team Lennon's side falls apart.
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