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  1. The closer we get to Saturday the more I feel like this is going to end up being a trap game for us. Five goals in the first half would settle my nerves a little.
  2. Would probably go for Jimmy Eat World and then leave immediately for being too old to be see at something so #scene.
  3. RiG

    Week 1

    I'm thinking why can't the Niners stay healthy? Verrett out for the season and Mostert out for 8 weeks. FFS.
  4. RiG

    Week 1

    He is yes but he managed 13 games last season. I don't see much depth in the Niners defence and, beyond the DL, not that much strength really.
  5. RiG

    Week 1

    Verrett looks done for the season. ACL injury.
  6. RiG

    Week 1

    49ers nickel blitzing because...erm...reasons?
  7. RiG

    Week 1

    JFC 79 yard pass to Deebo for another SF TD!
  8. RiG

    Week 1

    Lance in on a 3rd and 20 for SF.
  9. RiG

    Week 1

    Niners are averaging 9.3 yards per play.
  10. RiG

    Week 1

    Some catch by Goddert there for Philly.
  11. RiG

    Week 1

    Greenlaw picks Goff and returns it for a TD! Woof!
  12. RiG

    Week 1

    Hasty might be in for another SF touchdown. Waiting for confirmation... ETA: Confirmed. SF 21 - 10 Detroit.
  13. A pal of mine went viral (ish) for making a similar point yesterday. Hard not to see why the likes of The Terrace and other fan made podcasts have become increasingly successful given Sportsounds pitiful coverage of anyone outside of Rangers and Celtic. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've listened to it in the last 5 years.
  14. We've barely gotten out of 2nd gear this season apart from about a 20 minute spell yesterday. That said I do have this feeling that everyone is expecting the Pars to get rammed that something bad might happen for ICT Hopefully I am wrong. As usual.
  15. RiG

    Week 1

    Anyone else's RedZone coverage playing up? Quick change of the channel and back and it's fixed itself.
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