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  1. I think they are one and the same aren't they?
  2. You can park in the mud bath that is the stadium car parks which will be busy but close to the ground. Cost is about £4 if I mind right. If you are willing to walk about 10 minutes to the ground you can head a bit further along Stadium Road and park in the Longman. Somewhere in this area should be fine.
  3. RiG

    Week 12

    Apparently the 49ers defence ranks as the best in pretty every single metric going apart from 3rd and short where they give up close to 80% of the time which is staggering. Probably not helped by Armsted being out for a lot of this season (and maybe Kinlaw as well).
  4. RiG

    Week 12

    OYF what a hit on McVay
  5. Wow! What a throw the Bills might still win this! EDIT: They have!
  6. Ooooft how much did that kick move at the end there!?
  7. Horrible memories of the League Cup game against Stirling Albion in 17/18 which included the worst penalty shoot out in the world.
  8. I had it in my head that he had come on in the second half. Didn't realise they were the same sub
  9. RiG

    Week 11

    Some end in the Jets v Pats game!
  10. Odd game looking back at it. I thought Ayr were on top before we took the lead. They had some nice chances to open the scoring the best of which fell to Akinyemi (I think) which drew a fine stop at close range from MacKay. Despite it being against the run of play Shaw took his goal well. Not sure who played the ball through to him but he rounded the keeper well to score. After that I think we were the better side and looked a lot more comfortable than we did at the start of the game. We were probably helped when O'Connor went off injured. He looked very lively and was keeping Duffy and Ram occupied with some clever runs in behind them before his injury. Second half I think we started quite well with some half chances created before Ayr got their equaliser a little against the run of play. Chalmers had been forcing Harper back since he came on and he broke down the ICT left and crossed for MacKenzie to find the net at the second attempt. After this we seemed to completely collapse and Ayr were on top and looking certain to get the three points. It was no real surprise when Akinyemi got his goal. After what must have been the millionth long ball towards Mckay one of Ayr's 10 ft tall defenders easily won the aerial dual and his header sent Akinyemi off towards goal and he finished well past MacKay. Fortunately, despite seemingly throwing away at least 1 point, we got an equaliser when some scrappy play at the edge of the Ayr box saw the ball fall to Shaw and he got a shot away early sending a low drive across goal past the Ayr keeper. Another well taken strike. The game seemed to change when Ayr had to make changes. They looked weaker when O'Conner went off and much stronger when Chalmers came on. For ICT we played some decent stuff at times but too often there were some bizarre passages of play where we continued to smash the ball towards Mckay who won almost no headers all day against the giant Ayr CBs. No idea why we persisted with this approach. Shaw had a good game, Devine was a reassuring presence when he was on the pitch and I think Harper did well until he had to go up against Chalmers who took him to the cleaners a couple of times. Decent away support up the road from Ayr as well.
  11. Signing players from jobber teams down south worked well for us for a sustained period TBF.
  12. Ayr should really win tomorrow by at least 8 goals (if the game is on).
  13. We have so many first teamers out we need to bring back some of the guys we sent out on loan a few weeks/months ago. When we did loan some players out we didn't include a recall option (allegedly) so we're trying to get dispensation from the SPFL to bring (some) players back to fill the gaps.
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