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  1. Twitter rumour mill in full swing suggesting we are after Craigen.
  2. ICTFC 18/19

    Yeah I was a bit surprised at that TBH. As I say in the County thread he's okay but that's really as far as it goes for me. Welsh made him a much better player TBH. Seems an odd signing for County to make unless it was solely to rile our fans which, based on the cranium detachments on Twitter, seems to have worked wonders. For me though I like Chalmers but I'm a bit meh about him going. If County had picked up Welsh or do end up getting Donaldson (fee still to be agreed is what I keep hearing) then I will likely engage in some cranium detachment myself.
  3. ICTFC 18/19

    I'd genuinely be more disappointed if that is true than seeing Chalmers confirmed as a County player.
  4. They aren't really. Corners are pretty decent and he recycles possession quite well. Don't expect him to put a tackle in though. nice to have someone stroke the ball around in midfield I guess. I like Chalmers but he has his limitations. Seemed to have a wee purple patch a few weeks back including that rocket against United. Still seems like an odd signing for County to make. Probably just to rub our noses in it I guess. I trust Robbo to get in someone who will be more than capable of replacing the guy.
  5. Not read the thread and TBH I don't think I can bring myself to. I'm still absolutely gutted about the result. I felt before the game that if we took the lead we'd have a great chance to overturn the deficit but if we lost the first goal we'd struggle to turn it around and it proved. We really should have bagged a goal or two before that incredibly harsh penalty decision. Excellent spot kick from Clark but as soon as that went in you could see the players heads drop a bit and I don't really blame them. Poor defending for the United second goal really killed off any lingering hope and the third was just cruel but probably deserved for United. By this point you could see which team had benefited from several days of rest prior to the first leg. Most of the ICT players were absolutely burst by this point - Walsh, Trafford and White were all dead on their feet yet kept plugging away (White especially) and put the lamentable effort from folk like Austin to shame. Plenty of effort but not enough clinical finishing / quality over the piece. It's hard to have another contentious decision go against us in a game against United but over the two games we failed to find the net once which speaks volumes. As has been said numerous times this season we can't continue to pass up chances like the ones we missed on Friday.
  6. ICTFC 18/19

    Wasn't that the Stirling Albion game? Chalmers was done weeks ago. County and ICT agreed that the deal wouldn't be made public until after our involvement in the play offs were over.
  7. I was in DW over the Christmas period a few years back when Meekings was in. He was bench pressing the entire gym. Sum boi.
  8. Cancelled my membership for the Aquadome! Going to DW Fitness instead!
  9. I was indeed being a bit mischievous although it wouldn't surprise me nonetheless.
  10. County have approached ICT for Mark Ridgers.
  11. That Inverness Leisure stuff is a minter moment that is just typical of Inverness.
  12. ICTFC 18/19

    Our last lot of random diddies from the English non league got us to the top half of the Premiership having cigared the Championship on the way with version 1.0 of the ICT Non Scottish diddy contingent. And as you know a lot of them also won us the Scottish Cup. If you've got a good scouting set up and a decent manager it can work wonders. We were paying peanuts for folk like Vincent, Watkins and Williams. As Scarf says it just happened you had an absolute mess of a manager in charge. That's probably more to do with it.
  13. As I say I think it's a red myself but I feel that our fans feel quite aggrieved at some of the decisions that have gone your way in recent games (McMullan dive in the cup game, McMullan handball in the league game) which perhaps has meant the seethe kicks in a bit quicker of less controversial decisions like the Polworth one the other night.
  14. ICTFC 18/19

    We've signed someone else (almost certain replacement for Chalmers):
  15. Must admit I think it probably is a red card. I can certainly see how it would come under serious foul play. Maybe if I am really peering through my red and blue sunglasses you could argue Connolly puts himself in harms way by stooping to that height and Polworth is entitled to challenge with his foot with the ball at that height but that's really scraping the barrel. We're really up against it now with some key players out. As I said earlier in the thread (I think anyway) we have a really good starting XI but as soon as one or two drop out with injuries or suspension then we are pretty threadbare and it looks like that will be the case on Friday and that's before you factor in fatigue from the recent plethora of games played. Still, I'll head along to Tannadice and see what happens. It'll be tough but you've got to support your team