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  1. "Anyone would think you'd want the SNP to lose the next Scottish election!"
  2. Jones and Watt on the same DL? Eep. ETA: In other news...
  3. Locke seems to have been readily dismissed earlier this thread given his current commitments at Hearts (whatever they may be) but his name was bounded around a lot presumably because of the Hearts / Gardiner links. As mentioned above there's a new episode of TWS podcast out which features an in depth discussions about Robbo and McCann and we also hear from Josh Meekings on what it was like to play under McCann and Dundee fan Gary Cocker of The Terrace who gives us his thoughts on our interim manager. Usual game reviews, mailbag etc as well. Enjoy! Spotify - https://tinyurl.com/c29z4awt Apple - https://tinyurl.com/andcnrpc
  4. When he was at Alloa he (Deas) had a pretty solid and reliable CB partner alongside him in Andy Graham. Now he's got Brad Mckay and Danny Devine as a team mate at the back. Given his age he really needs a reliable CB partner and he hasn't got that right now and I think that is hampering him.
  5. Grim second half but happy with a point. Started well. Would be interesting to see if we can take that approach into other games.
  6. Offside or not it's clever play from Boyce to anticipate the ball being knocked down to him and moving into position to collect it. Poor defending cost us there rather than any offside.
  7. Gyms are closed at the minute but it doesn't stop Storey getting in some bench presses. He just uses Hearts defenders.
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