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  1. Would be pretty fitting if he was the Bryan Gunn of England. Too much competition and he seems error prone. Would still have been the best for us for the foreseeable future and could have ended up with 40+ caps for us before he even had some proper competition. I'd kill for a Neil Sullivan right about now.
  2. Could be there to see McTominay and Snodgrass (if he gets on). Hope he is having a wee chat after the game with Fredricks.
  3. Watching Angus Gunn make a complete tit of himself at the end made watching that match completely worth it.
  4. Watched Robertson playing for Liverpool just now. I think the problem is the Scotland players don't trust each other. I remember years back my favourite ice hockey team had an amazing attack, a good defence and a shockingly bad goaltender. They would win a lot of games in the early part of the season, but when it came to the crunch they would stop attacking because they were worried what would happen if they lost the puck. I think there's a lot of that issue with Scotland even during one match. Against Russia and Belgium they started great, but as soon as the opponent started attacking they fell to bits.
  5. That's the exact lineup I was picturing. Now I'm worried.
  6. Surely that's the product of a tactical decision based on who we're playing up front, though. No point in crossing it for Brophy or Griffiths. Maybe Fletcher, but he doesn't seem to have a knack for actually scoring and is better at playing others in.
  7. His biggest strength is getting on the end of crosses. With Fraser and Robertson supplying him, he should do just fine.
  8. Bates is an odd one. I didn't catch the games other than occasional highlights, but Hamburg were better with him in the lineup last year. In the highlights I saw the opposition goals were scored away from him, if that makes sense. They were cruising to automatic promotion, then it seemed like he was dropped after one of their veterans returned from injury. Then they went on a skid and ended up missing out on promotion in the end. Its puzzling that he's not getting a game for Sheffield Wednesday, and even more puzzling that he's been called up despite that.
  9. I meant I would be saying it jokingly, but it would be deadpan. I would definitely be saying the part where he said he didn't want to go without Fleck. Although I would probably add something about 'Who am I gonna spoon with now?' Maybe he actually hates Scotland, and only wanted to play for us so he could embarrass himself along the way to ruining our qualification chances. Seems unlikely to me.
  10. Admittedly I only saw the Sky extended highlights, but he looked okay to me. For the actual goal he had blocked the passing lane to his man. If the wing back doesn't block the cross and the centre back's clearance goes in the top corner, I'm not sure he should be getting blamed, even by association with Lampard's decision to put him on.
  11. Do most of you not play down things you're excited about? Particularly when you're talking about it with another eager person who is going to be missing out? I would have said something very similar.
  12. He came on in the second half after the score was 1-0. Harried the defence well and won the ball back high up the pitch a few times. He also was able to make the long ball stick a bit better than he was doing last year for Swansea. Used his strength and footwork to good effect to shield the ball and passed it off to runners well. Sheffield Utd last season would shut up shop when they were in the lead and the centerback overlap didn’t seem to happen after they scored but he still made and got some chances. There was one point where he lost his man and was completely open on the penalty spot and the fullback just did some step overs for a while before winning a corner. He also had a couple of headed half chances where he was moving away from goal. Anyways, I thought he had an okay game and pretty much in line with how I thought he would fit in.
  13. I watched him a fair bit last year. Some games he was almost invisible, and that was usually games where Swansea were getting overwhelmed and were just punting the ball up the pitch for him to chase. If they got the ball to him under control he was really good at holding it up. He could turn his man or lay it off and was generally a handful for defenders. He was also obviously a good target for crosses but also had a large range from which his shots would be dangerous. He was also much better at running at players than I would have thought with deceptive speed and dribbling ability He also did a good job of hunting down the ball when the opponent was in possession, though he would occasionally get a bit too exuberant and give away needless free kicks and then scream at the ref. In general, if we have a midfield that can support him, and I think that is developing well, I think he could do a great job for Scotland. I suspect his early Scotland caps were similar to Duncan Ferguson’s. I am a bit worried about joining a promoted team but Sheffield United played such an odd possession style last year (centerbacks overlapping the fullbacks). If they play like that again I could see him fitting into it well. It’s just a matter of whether that style of Total Football would work in the EPL given the much higher quality of defence.
  14. If you’re worried someone has a weapon, the instinctual act would be to grab at the weapon, or at least the wrist of the hand holding the ‘weapon’. He went for her chest and then neck. Her left and right hand were free for pretty much the entire confrontation. When he was marching her out she was swinging her hands about and, if she had a gun or knife, could have attacked the people beside her. Not to mention being able to set off her suicide vest or thrown a bomb or whatever else she might have had. Just about the only thing she couldn’t have done was do the ‘Braveheart - hide a flail in my hair’ move.
  15. So...they’d be fine with the economy being destroyed, but only if they’re the ones doing it? Checks out, I suppose.
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