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  1. It might even be that the pressure is off him. Everyone is looking at the shiny new toy.
  2. Eh, surely any geographical description would just be Ireland? Also, there are some counties in Eire that are further north than some counties in NI. More likely a term borne out of naivety, as I don't think you are bigot. I think we need to start calling them the "Irish Free State" again. I guess that would make the other bit "Union Dividend Ireland".
  3. McGillivray is Portsmouth's keeper (27). Liam Kelly played for Livingston last year and is now QPR's first choice keeper (24) Not sure about Rose.
  4. Well, glad to see he's resigning. I met him once when he came to give a talk at my university not that long after he came out as gay. I don't know if it's because I try to be an attentive listener during speeches, but speakers usually look directly at me when they're talking. I did find that he was unusually fixated on me and rarely looked elsewhere. When he was done I started to leave and he came over and he asked me a few questions about myself. I don't remember what they were about, but I do remember being weirded out and thinking "You're being an idiot. Don't be homophobic." I didn't really think more of it. In saying that, it annoys me that newspapers wait until they can do the most damage before releasing stuff like this. Once they'd verified it, they should release. For all they know he could have been actually abusing someone else while they sat on the story.
  5. I'd rather kids be practicing to play with their feet in any case.
  6. I'm amazed that Hamburg haven't cut short his loan. He played often for them last year in their promotion push and it faltered when he came out the team. Sheffield Wednesday are completely wasting this season for him. I can't imagine he's learning much. Apparently, according to 'Sheffield Wednesday News' he scored a double yesterday for their u23 team in a 3-2 loss.
  7. Look, Shankland did well when he played last time out for Scotland, but McBurnie is being tested at a much higher level and is getting better with every game. He's ungainly. He's daft. He's still got a projectable frame rather than a powerful build. And yet he's linking play and scoring goals in the EPL. Side note, I watched Bournemouth yesterday and it looks like Fraser is regaining some form, even if the rest of the team is terrible. He created three decent chances and another five or so opportunities. He was also driving the team up the pitch with clever flicks and passes to go with his speed. I would say that at one point he was the last defender back and put a bunch of Watford players onside. He didn't play that well, but it would be alarming that he was the last defender to begin with. For me, I think it out paid to any last vestiges of notions to play him as a right back.
  8. Kenny McLean is impressing me lately. Playing as a second striker for parts of the match against Arsenal today. Seemed to be everywhere and doing the little things to make a breakout effective. Either through his timed pressing or by linking up the play in the face of a desperately aggressive counter press.
  9. To be fair, he hasn't looked terribly confident in himself when I've watched him recently. Doing a lot of jogging. I don't think he's fully fit, and I'd be happy to let him stay home rather than push him. That said, I'd be much happier if the recent calloffs were given a short holiday in early march to meet up with the team as recompense for acquiescing to the recent club's wishes. Particularly since players playing in the Norwegian league are going to have the winter off.
  10. Of course not. They're still pretending that the document they released which said on the front page 'This is not a transcript' is a transcript.
  11. It's been really satisfying to watch him ship goal after goal since he definitively decided he was English.
  12. Caught the QPR v Reading game last night. Liam Kelly looked good for the most part making some great saves and had little chance on either goal Hopefully he's in the next squad at least. Having older guys playing in League One doesn't make much sense to me.
  13. I'm willing to overlook some of the warts in his game as he's still young. This is a different thing altogether. Hopefully this will wake him up. At least it sounds like it was a traffic stop rather than an accident. Could have been much more serious.
  14. Would be pretty fitting if he was the Bryan Gunn of England. Too much competition and he seems error prone. Would still have been the best for us for the foreseeable future and could have ended up with 40+ caps for us before he even had some proper competition. I'd kill for a Neil Sullivan right about now.
  15. Could be there to see McTominay and Snodgrass (if he gets on). Hope he is having a wee chat after the game with Fredricks.
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