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  1. Today's Scores 9th Feb

    Hurlford 1-0 Rossvale Fauldhouse 0-1 Bathgate
  2. Games Off

    Currently 12 junior games off .... 23 on our national listing at Scottish Pyramid News .. full livescores later ..
  3. How's the grounds looking?

    64 games off currently ... many more to follow .. Friday 1630. at SPN25
  4. Games Off - Saturday 15th December

    40 games off at 1000 ... listed at https://scottishpyramidnews.yolasite.com/
  5. from www.scottishpyramidnews.yolasite.com Perhaps for the first time ever ... regardless of what the `Old Firm` may be doing ... Scotland is in for an amazing Football Fest starting with five home Scotland Euro 2020 qualifying ties from June 8 - Nov 19 ... there will also be a couple of friendlies for SWNT before they head to FIFA Womens World Cup France from June 7 - July 7 ... then we get to host the UEFA Women.u-19 Finals, July 16-28. There will be Scotland u-21 matches towards UEFA Hungary and Slovenia in 2020 (draw Dec 11) ... then a huge bonus of hosting the Women.u-17 qualifying group towards Sweden 2020 (Oct 14-20) and the Elite group towards UEFA Bulgaria.2019 (Mar 20-26) ... plus the Scotland u-19 qualifying towards N.Ireland 2020 (Oct 9-15) ... and both Scotland u-17 groups, qualifying towards Estonia.2020 (Oct 22-28), Elite towards R.Ireland 2019 .. (Mar 20-26). All together it means around 56 International matches in Scotland, 2019... unprecedented .. and not counting any youth friendlies ..
  6. Hurlford v Bankies 1st Dec

    If the weather stays mild ... it will be a very busy football day in Hurlford, with two big Am.Cup ties just down the road at Richardson park (1400) ... we all remember the Shortlees - Thistle game last summer which drew an absolute monster crowd.
  7. Todays scores 17/11

    anyone got Hurlford scorers please ..
  8. Juniors In At Tier 6

    No-one in their right mind should accept this nonsense, when we all know there are plenty of clubs in non-league better than many in League 2 .. even League 1. Scotland needs a real pyramid ... not this fake one set up to continue to prevent real competition. Few Non-league clubs have a vote ... they should vote with their feet and call on the government to step in .. re-organising the game should start at the top ...
  9. William hill Scottish Cup

    Scottish.Cup - prelim.1 - Aug 11 7 ties of n-lge clubs not in Highland/Lowland Auchinleck - Banks.o`Dee Coldstream - St.Cuthberts Golspie - Burntisland.SY Hawick.RA - Bonnyrigg.Rose Preston.Ath - Glasgow.Univ Threave.Rov - Beith Tynecastle - Shortlees prelim - 2 - Sep 1 6 ties of n-lge clubs not in Highland/Lowland Auchinleck/BoDee - Wigtown, Girvan - Golspie/Burntisland.SY Hawick/Bonnyrigg - Tynecastle/Shortlees N.Stewart - Coldstrean/St.Cuthberts Preston/Glasgow.Univ - Linlithgow Threave/Beith - Lothian.THV
  10. Fixtures 2018/19

    Can`t agree about the fixtures .. which have absolutely appalling `distribution` .. seven Premiership games in Ayrshire .. one at Pollok. Ok .. you got fixtures up to December .. many of which will not go ahead due to weather and dreadful Junior Cup policies ... but have to ask, what planet is Kennie on ?
  11. https://scottishpyramidnews.yolasite.com/draws.php have been tracking UEFA ko draws for several years and are now highlighting the incompetence and unfairness of the `third bowl` system, which in recent draws for 112 ties in CL/EL 1 and 2 produced 74 seeded `teams` at home 2nd leg ( which most clubs consider an advantage and might also include extra time and penalties on home soil), compared with 38 unseeded. An alternative draw method is being suggested, which would have produced 56 unseeded and 56 seeded teams at home 2nd leg ... or first leg.
  12. Western Super League 2018-19

    Someone posted on the non-league twitter that `league cup` would start on the 28th July .... that must surely be nonsense. Auchinleck and several others played last week of season on 46-47 games (22 league) ... it would be impossible to play a sectional cup with 30 league games. Many will know that the amateur EoS idiots have issued a possible 56 games plus ... practically impossible, except that they can play midweek in winter ... but 11/12 weeks, I don`t think so. Changes are badly needed throughout the game, yes ... so maybe start with decent officials ... who can count.
  13. Now that West region has moved to the system it should have had 20 years ago ... give or take the regionalisation of the lowest levels ... the big question this summer is surely whether the next league secretary should issue 30 weeks of league fixtures, plus early cup draws. The figure to aim for is around 47 games max ... which would include reaching Junior Cup, West and Central Cup finals ... no sectional cups, but Scottish Cup entrants might have 3/4 game higher. The minimum will be 33 for three divisions or 31 for `league 2` ... they could have a divisional league-cup too. Other leagues can do this quite easily ... EoS have issued a whopping (unplayable ?) 56 games ... so can West region moved forward on this level ? If so, Pyramid News is offering a league template which keeps local clubs separate for the whole season no matter what division they are in ... Meadow never at home (except cups) same time as Vics, Winton and Ardeer opposite Saltcoats, Clydebank opposite Yoker, etc, etc. If you are going to build a stronger system .. junior or pyramid .. start as you mean to go on.
  14. Pyramid News is highlighting the amazing fixture overload created by EoS `management` .. which has previously only operated a virtual `amateur` league, setting out an almost certainly unplayable 56-game season, not counting Scottish Cup replays or play-offs, for their 39 member clubs. Hopefully, the cups will be well shared out to reduce that ... by comparison Lowland are 46 games max plus cup replays or p-offs. It`s just like the west juniors ... a big bad joke. Another likely burden is the 65 games EoS lost to the vagaries of our climate last season (multiply that by three this time) ... equivalent to 9 weeks fixtures. The former publication`s website are all for the `pyramid` of course .... properly organised ... but don`t think there will be many smiles around in this league by the new year ... only upside is that they have an overwhelming vote to change this nonsense next time around ... maybe even with lots more new clubs !
  15. Pyramid News has raised the spectre of a Junior cup wash-out in September, which must be very close as only 29 ties went on last season and two north clubs are not starting this year. It raises the question of whether it is sensible to have a `blank` or tiny round then ... or maybe delaying that until November, which usually produces lots of postponements and replays all the way through winter ... It is easily done ... simply draw enough byes to leave an `even` round in October ... then pull a couple of numbers for the few who would need to play in November .. Can SJFA move on .... or will they dish out the same old .. same old .. crap ? Maybe we know the answer already ... On the site, I believe the photos from Monday`s massive attendance at Shortlees show what the public really want ... and when they want it.