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  1. Nothing can happen until the peak of infection is well past ... maybe August if China is anything to go by .. and these clubs probably will not be in the juniors then ... now we see why the draw was made ot this time by the loonies self-incarcerated in the toilets at Hampden ... getting out of SJFA is the best choice any club can ever make in its history.
  2. Actually ... re-structure isn`t out of the question ( given that the season cannot be finished and legal action is threatened) so the best option is to have promotions only ... Premier goes up to 14 ... other divisions go up to 14, or more if they let clubs up from Lowland ( which they should be demanding right now ... where are their balls ?) . Instead of everyone dancing to the sad old tune of SFA-SPFL ( now including Highland, Lowland, EoS and South) .. maybe they should be asking the government to intervene and give us a REAL system for a change. But where are their balls and their brains ?
  3. I am really interested in a pyramid ... but not the `worst in europe` one under SPFL ...
  4. SJFA is a ridiculous, extremely backward, nonsensical body, especially when there are much better options in view. But there is a strong possibility they could survive using `reserves` as has happened with several clubs in the east. The next big move will probably be the formation of a `north-east` senior league to cater for Aberdeenshire and Tayside. SJFA are not the only ones under threat from `modernisation` ... as the east u-21 and u-19 has effectively disappeared because Lowland and EoS run an u-20 system ... likely to happen also for the New West senior league .. affecting SYFA and Amateurs quite badly .. The answer to all this pathetic nonsense of course is to have one national league and a properly organised pyramid where Highland and four other regions (S.West, W-Central, S.East and N-East) would all be tier 4, after League 1 and 2 are regionalised .. we need a strong competitive system in Scotland to produce players .. and the current system is light years from that ..
  5. Pyramid News livescore not on .. as the YOLA site is down ..
  6. since we are on a junior forum ... Cyclizine ... I must say that SFF is not a `great` resource ... for instance here is the Pyramid News page ... which as you can see contains a lot more than SFF .. and that must be why we are getting over 2000 new visitors every month .. https://scottishpyramidnews.yolasite.com/j-cup.php 25 years at No,1 ... waiting for them to copy it now ...
  7. Fixtures are out but it seems to be a secret up there Can anyone post the details ?
  8. another question for Kennie ... it will be daylight until almost 5pm on Feb 1 .... so why still have 1345 kick-offs ?
  9. Full amateur coverage at www.scottishpyramidnews.yolasite.com includes more Dec 1 results than SAFA ...
  10. Following Chester Report (1968), a few of us predicted (very accurately) how Scottish football would decline in the absence of a `real pyramid` and `real competition` ... even blind people can now see this to be the case. So ... making bigger leagues at the top is complete nonsense. SFL re-acted to forecast decline in 1974 with 10-14-14 ... but now we don`t have 10 clubs who can compete in either of the top two divisions .. which is why they have to be reduced to eight... playing 4 times and once against each other for 36 games .. Lower 26 clubs must go into `real` competition with Auchinleck, Formartine, Kelty, E.Kilbride, etc, etc ... and the overall number of clubs in Scotland has to be reduced to around 400 ... much bigger units ... who can earn more, have large memberships .... and COMPETE more ... but guess which clubs don`t want to face the real world ?
  11. Live scores at https://scottishpyramidnews.yolasite.com/
  12. Darvel scorers Mackenzie, Ferguson 2
  13. West of Scotland Cup - rd 1. Arthurlie - Irvine.Vics A.Winton.R - Lesmahagow Auchinleck - Forth.W Bellshill .A - K.Rob.Roy Benburb - Whitletts.Vic Blantyre.V - Petershill Cambuslang - Ardeer Carluke.R - R.Albert Clydebank - Annbank Craigmark.B - Dalry.Th Cumbernauld - Kilbirnie Darvel - beith EK.Thistle - Renfrew Girvan - Cumnock G.Perthshire - Lanark Glenafton - Larkhall.Th Greenock - Gartcairn Kilsyth.R - Shotts.BA Kilwinning.R - Shettleston Largs.Th - Lugar Muirkirk - VoLeven Neilston - R.Glencairn Pollok - Ashfield St.Anthony`s - Hurlford.Un St.Rochs - Port.Glasgow Saltcoats - Maybole Thorniewood - Meadow.X1 Troon - Maryhill VoClyde - Kello.R Wishaw - Johnston.B Yoker.A - Rossvale bye - Newmains.Un
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