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  1. After next season only 16 WoS will be battling for an LL place, the rest will looking for promotion to tier 6,7 or 8.
  2. Fonzie (hope you don’t mind me saying this F) was never ok, he’s still not ok, but that’s ok if you know what I mean. I fully expect him to be a stalwart of the WoSL thread.
  3. Yoker are merely grandstanding. Last in the junior alphabet, last to declare. Serves no real purpose.
  4. I don’t want colt teams in the lower leagues. I wouldn’t mind the players being loaned out for a nominal amount (expenses) Train with their big team a few days a week and a couple of nights with their loan team. Gives them match time and gain experience with older players. I know some already do this but if it was widespread it could be mutually beneficial.
  5. Patience BG, cover ready to go up. All work in progress. Coronavirus gonna hold things back of course. Hopefully improvements for your next visit.
  6. Might be enough to save the squad from going into furlough.
  7. Irvine Vics. https://twitter.com/IrvineVictoria
  8. I think that would be the case B. Don’t think there will be enough teams left to form a single WRSJFA division though.
  9. Not gonna affect my team, league winners, promotion/relegation can only be decided on completion of ALL fixtures.
  10. TBH Bestie, most junior teams struggle at the best of times.
  11. SHE was not. Match Secretary was president of WRJFA.
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