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  1. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    Feeling quite confident. Playing at Lochburn will be different for players and fans , thanks to Maryhill for allowing us to play there. New signings look good, cant see anything less than being in the top 1 , kidding !
  2. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    Old thread was started 2 seasons ago, time for a new one.
  3. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 2018/19

    Good news.
  4. Fixtures conundrum

    Probably won't be ready till the following season
  5. Fixtures conundrum

    Not on West Region site, but SJFA have tweeted ref appointment - Jordan Paterson, Wednesday 6 June.
  6. Tonight's scores

    Saw that, Rob Roy 4-21 Cumnock, thought it must be wrong, canny see the Roy scoring 4 !
  7. Scottish Junior Cup [ Trophy ]

    Won't quite be the same R, with a fair reduction in the number of teams in it. No more trips to Dunbar ? to see the Arthurlie lino sent off !
  8. Scottish Junior Cup [ Trophy ]

    Since Sunday's cup final was the last one including all teams, and given Talbot's incredible success in the tournament, I reckon they should be awarded the trophy. A new one could be presented to future winners if the competition continues in any form.
  9. John brogan

    Good luck John.
  10. Offence, Goodwin's Law and forum admin

    Giza break Isa!
  11. Fixture man strikes again

    It's a wee bit early to be asking that, hospitality has barely finished !
  12. Dunipace FC

    Good luck, whole new world out there for Dunipace.
  13. Tonight's CLC game will now be played at Holm Park, 6:45 kick off
  14. Fixture man strikes again

    KRR v Bankies on 30 April now disappeared and Cumbernauld are now away to Cambuslang on 5 May.
  15. Fixture man strikes again

    Maybe only 6. Rob Roy home to Bankies 30 April and 5 May.