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  1. It did include HL but not LL which is same tier. Looks like we need some clarification. Don’t think fitba is the FM’s forté.
  2. Bankies have a lawyer on the board though I doubt that he would be prepared to fight Darvel’s lawyer. Maybe arm wrestling- best of three 💪
  3. Auchinleck [email protected] @atfc1909 are delighted to announce that Andy Leishman @andrewleishman1 has signed an extended contract with the club. Andy will go out on loan to BSC Glasgow till 31 January 2021. I widnae be calling big Leishman a banger to his face BG
  4. Easy to have a great pitch when there’s nae fitba played on it. Not that this is the first season...... Kiddin’ !
  5. Same as last week, Kyle Gilroy and Jackson Sivewright.
  6. If it hadn’t been for Bonnyton’s red card v Bankies they were on course for 3 points .
  7. Game live now on YouTube, Bankies one up after 5 minutes
  8. Bonnyton scorers Jackson Sivewright and Kyle Gilroy.
  9. Andy25 could’ve explained it, but he still thinks his patter is funny 😄
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