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  1. Largs, Kilbirnie and Troon. Returns £45:90 for a quid on these odds, £75 on Ladbrokes coupon.
  2. Probably, no definitely the reason he’s on the bench so often is the fact that he trains and plays during the week with Hamilton Accies development squad. As you say he’s only 18, gie the boy a bit of leeway.
  3. Weather would have put off neutrals as well as some Bankie/Ford supporters. 250 as ex German exile says is a fair guesstimate.
  4. If the weather is putting you off then stay at home, stop putting others off.
  5. It would explain the vitriol from Pollok towards him.
  6. Aye, Tony is, all the way to the bank 😂
  7. You’ll need your brolly Craig. Enclosure can’t be constructed at the moment. The pavilion is being renovated so there are portacabins sitting behind it. While they are there the contractor can’t get access. Hopefully won’t be too long.
  8. Non-contact ? That must be awkward for a referee ? What referee? 😂
  9. We are scheduled to play one game a week Bill, doesn’t seem like a mad rush. Things would have been different if we had been good enough to still be in the cup
  10. Could have played out a nil nil draw with no shots on target. I’ve been to a few of those over the years 😀
  11. If you can keep up the effort that you showed on Saturday then you won’t be far away. I thought Bankies were due a point but can’t argue with Monti’s goal, worthy of winning any game. Good luck.
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