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  1. 17 minutes ago, Blackie Gold said: Burger van is top nosh M8. The hot dogs are so long you can fit them into a Clydebank fans mouth sideways Burger van (it’s inside ground) is good, Lovat food good too, but you should get there sharpish as it’s been really busy of late
  2. I'm sure Annan are thinking it's a very winnable tie for them. I am sure they are. We rode our luck to a certain extent v Elgin, not so much with Clyde. Annan are above Elgin and two tiers above Clydebank. We will take absolutely nothing for granted and Annan will be shown every respect. I would have taken OF away for the money, now us and Annan have a chance potentially of a big payday in round 5. Glad to be in it.
  3. Which one would you prefer Jim, Clydebank or Darvel?
  4. We rode our luck v Elgin, I thought we would be right up against it with Clyde being one tier higher than them, all of the second half I expected the Bully Wee to up their game, thankfully they didn’t. Bottom line is WOSFL could compete at a good level in the SPFL never mind the Lowland League.
  5. scottishfootballfixtures is good Andy, it has all levels fixtures and results in the one place.
  6. I enjoyed that. A great showcase for the Buffs. All the best (starting tomorrow of course!)
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