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  1. You are right Jackdaw. I would dispute ‘majority’, but far too many gave Larry a hard time and was embarrassing . Majority wished him well.
  2. Looks like it Meadowman, Troon play Fraserburgh United in the second round.
  3. That’s like Boris telling us that we’re all better off since he took charge!
  4. Thanks to Luncarty for their hospitality today and good luck for their season ahead.
  5. Cannae kick a baw , tailor made for the committee.
  6. Every little helps as they say Sammo, simple things like putting bins out/in , selling raffle tickets can assist most teams especially those with small committees .
  7. fail to prepare, prepare to fail, ok, Silvo might be out of date but we live in hope
  8. Your insults are embarrassing Dave, and not remotely funny.
  9. I spoke to a Kilmarnock official yesterday and he reckoned just over 3k
  10. Yoker and Talbot both had a number of paper tickets as well as online sales. It’s also pay at the gate.
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