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  1. Quick update for anyone interested in the 92/93 campaign: we've now reached 500 signatures in support of reinstating the team of 25 years ago as Highland League champions. Thanks to everyone who has signed so far. Please keep spreading the word and sharing Champs93.com wherever possible.
  2. To any City fans, and indeed any fans, interested, I've started a post on the Highland League forum on the petition to reinstate Elgin as Highland League champions 1992-93. The petition itself is at https//tinyurl.com/Elgin93 and I'm keen to get some debate going.
  3. This is sure to stimulate some debate on here, particularly now the season is over. Twenty-five years ago with my Dad, I first embarked on the father-and-son ritual of going to watch our local football team, Elgin City, every Saturday. The night they won the league and captain Russell Mackay lifted the cup, in the first season we began supporting them, is a treasured childhood memory of mine. Being eight years old at the time, I don't remember much about the ensuing controversy, whereby the players had to give back their medals and the club were stripped of the title on the basis of an indiscretion (still not proven) relating to one match. I'm now a freelance journalist and, having researched the whole affair thoroughly in the last two years, spending hours trawling through newspaper cuttings at Central Library in Edinburgh and interviewing fans, players and officials of my team and rival clubs, the penalty they faced back then seems ludicrous to me - and everyone I've interviewed, regardless of allegiance, agrees. That's why I'm looking to the Scottish Football Association to review the decision and, hopefully, put things right for the players of that brilliant team. Anyone who agrees can sign and share the petition here: https://tinyurl.com/Elgin93 Please discuss.
  4. I see from today's P&J that our captain, Archie MacPhee, has now left. He's gone to Formartine United and gave as the reason for leaving ECFC the new central belt location for training. Personally, I think that, while moving training to central Scotland might make sense in terms of access to more players, the club loses some identity when the only time players are in Elgin - or even north of Perth - is on a matchday for a home game. At the same time, I wonder how Brian Cameron and Darryl McHardy feel about it? They are Elgin-based and, for me, the main reasons I continue to identify with the team that represents where I'm from. I like Jim and Gavin, but I really struggle to see what the long-term aim is for ECFC. Is League 2 just going to be (or is it already) a battle of central belt-based players pulling on the shirts of Elgin, Annan, Berwick etc.? If so, what the hell is the point in those clubs being in the league when their playing personnel isn't representative of the town or area where they're from?
  5. Gunny has, during the darker times of recent seasons, almost single-handedly maintained the credibility of our club. Easily our best player since we joined the league and a fans' favourite who will be sorely missed. Good luck, Gunny!
  6. *"all but"* As in "the sending off of X all but dashed their hopes of winning" or "the season is all but over". WHAT DOES IS IT EVEN MEAN? "Not quite but almost"? "Pretty much"? "Kinda"? Bugs the hell out of me, anyway. Dishonourable mentions for "Celtic-minded" and "Rangers man".
  7. In the North of Scotland Cup final at Clach a few years ago, he was winding up the Brora fans at every opportunity. He's a proud Wicker and surely wouldn't sign for Brora. Love Gunny, but he just hasn't been the same these last two seasons. My money is on Wick or Buckie to sign him.
  8. Yep, looked like a penalty for Berwick, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with the Elgin goal ruled out for a foul on the keeper. The boy Scullion was very impressive for Berwick. Proper leader and almost single-handedly produced the equaliser in the last few minutes. I was impressed with the No.9's pace, too - could give Gunny a run (pun intended) for his money.
  9. Pretty awful game on a difficult pitch. Both sides' fans seem to agree the ref was awful - his decision to disallow a perfectly good Darryl McHardy goal epitomised a poor performance. Well done Elgin for grinding out a win. BBC's "Scullion o.g." looked like a Chris McLeish header to me - am I wrong?
  10. Loved that goal - back to his best - and you could see from the way he celebrated that scoring after so long on the bench meant a lot to him. What chance of this game being off? Has the storm hit Berwick?
  11. Buckie, please, if only for a Moray Derby x 4. Better 'local' SPFL rivalry than (the odd season when we're in the same league as) Peterhead.
  12. There'll be no budget for that malarkey in the Lowland League. To Innerleithen, Hawick, or Dalbeattie and back in a day - not sure your pampered 'stars' will cope.
  13. Nice to see Gunny back among the goals. Club legend - be sad if he did decide to go at the end of this season.
  14. Lovely stuff. Well done, City! Turning into fortress Borough Briggs once more. Safe trip back, over-confident (deluded) Clyde fans.
  15. Surely Clyde fans should avoid debate over definitions of teams' hometowns. Cumbernauld - no description can do it justice.
  16. Aye, you've been on the slide for the last eight games, so referring to your overhyped, big-budget underachievers as "backwards c***s" is fair enough. Long may it continue. C'mon the City! Payback time, surely. Soapy and Shane to tear them apart.
  17. Feed the Shane and he will score! That was his third hat-trick of the season and he's now equalled Gunny's club record of 23 in a season. Stunning effort, but after his Peterhead experience it'll be interesting to see who, if anyone, from a higher level might gamble on him. Hopefully he's at BB to stay. For Gunny, on the other hand, who knows what the future holds?
  18. Shane's quality has never been in doubt, and he has been one of our best players this season. He still fades out of games, like at Edinburgh City last week (after doing brilliantly to create the second goal), but his attitude and application is night-and-day compared to his previous spell at BB. Shame there's no place for Gunny these days though...
  19. Looks about right to me. Mark Nicolson is very much a defender this season, though - Reilly and Cameron are our formidable midfield partnership ;-)
  20. Confirmation of Blackie's departure from the club: http://www.elgincity.net/?p=6161 Not good enough from ECFC in my opinion. He might have been out of his depth, but Stewart was a good, honest guy, has dedicated years to Elgin City, and doesn't even get a 'thanks for your efforts' when he leaves. Shameful.
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