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  1. The problem you have now is that somebody could come up with all the evil things that David Amess voted for in an attempt to justify his killing. It's a dangerous path to go down.
  2. Not at all, just responding to your statement that "no motive (especially political, ideological or religious) justifies the murder of anyone." Soleimani was a politician and military commander on a diplomatic mission. If you think he was justifiably murdered while peacefully going about his business because you disapprove of Iran politically, that's fair enough, but it contradicts what you said before. I can't conceive of any excuse for murdering Jo Cox or David Amess, and hope the people who encouraged their murderers to think it was the right thing to do are also tracked down and punished.
  3. I'm guessing you're thinking in particular of the murder of Qasem Soleimani whilst on a diplomatic mission?
  4. Not surprised by this, but for £15 quid it seemed worth it just in case they're jobsworths in Haarlem. Cheaper than an airport lounge anyway.
  5. Looks like he was right for a change!
  6. Was this on the 6 o'clock news on BBC1, or elsewhere?
  7. Find it hard to believe they phrased it that way, unless it was a direct quote from a bystander on camera/microphone.
  8. Spent £14.99 on a return flight to Paris from Manchester, that I won't be using, just to get a French Covid Pass that I can use to get into pubs and restaurants in Holland on a stop over. If my flight arrived earlier I could have got a free government authorised LFT that would get me the Dutch pass, but they all close about 4pm, so this seemed the only way. Weirdly they accept our covid passport for getting into the country, but not their bars and restaurants.
  9. I've defended the BBC on multiple times on this thread, but I don't think they have a leg to stand on re QT. I'd be delighted if they manage a balanced programme fairly reflecting the views of Glaswegians but I'd also be amazed.
  10. Most places flying out just ask for an LFT if anything, found this one that looks ok for £23, and you get the certificate in minutes. https://www.chronomics.com/fit-to-fly-antigen Randox worked fine for me, but I get a bit nervous when the sample has to be trucked down to the central belt from Inverness and presumably flown over to Belfast for processing, with the clock ticking down. They seem to have it all worked out though.
  11. It's not an unrealistic assumption to make based on past behaviour.
  12. Nice find, most of the "cheap" ones on the Government recommended list end up being £125 when you check the site or you need to get your sample taken in a Peterborough lock up or something. Officially the change doesn't happen till 4am on the 24th, so your PLF algorithm might not accept an LFT. For the sake of a few quid you might be safer sticking with a PCR at that price. P.S. All the other changes like traffic light ones have happened at 4am anyway, and they've been ultra strict on it.
  13. Given the way we battled against Rothes, Fraserburgh and Formartine in recent weeks, I don't think it'll be a rout, and for the first time in years I think we have a real chance. Can't wait.
  14. welshbairn

    The Sopranos

    Went to see The Many Saints of Newark tonight. Quite enjoyed it in a low key way, more suited to streaming on tv I think. I can get why it would be a let down for Sopranos fans, it was more just trying to capture the feel of 60s New Jersey than anything like a plot, and hardly any mafia business. Pretty obviously a set up for prequal 2, with it finishing so early in the the timeline.
  15. There was a couple of internet cafes nearby when I was coming back from Portugal but I didn't bother, just made sure my phone and battery bank were fully charged. There are limits to my precautionary outlook.
  16. Had a play on booking.com and a room at the Smiths Hotel in Sauchiehall Street that they charge £67 for in January costs £1896 on November 1st.
  17. This seems to be regularly updated and is the clearest summary of the rules I can find. Maybe worth bookmarking. Still not sure if I need to test before flying in double vaxxed, either from the UK on the way out or from Portugal on the way back. I'll probably do an LFT just in case. Found one for £23 here: https://www.chronomics.com/fit-to-fly-antigen Won't do you any good for going for a pish in an Amsterdam bar though.
  18. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/passports-where-do-you-keep-yours
  19. I remember working in a theatre when Princess Margaret came to see a show, and we had to fit a brand new bog for her with a screened walkway from her box in case she wanted a shite.
  20. I fair released the outrage last night by suggesting it might be wise to keep a paper copy of important stuff when you're travelling in case your phone fails or you lose it. You get similar reactions if you argue that cash can be useful or that it's pleasant to read a physical newspaper sometimes instead of on your phone. Digital fundamentalism gone mad imo.
  21. Human rights have never been a consideration for the SFA in the past, even for a friendly if there's money in it, so why now? https://www.scotsman.com/arts-and-culture/scotland-v-chile-friendly-labelled-match-shame-1433958
  22. Computer says no....no alternative.... no rational mitigation possible...self destruct programmed...
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