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  1. A lawyer on Newsnight said that Giuffre's already asked for a jury trial, which she'll get, so there was no point in fighting it.
  2. Not so much if you're a Hampstead estate agent.
  3. It's all coming together, all the possiblys, and most likelys. https://nitter.pussthecat.org/i/status/1434939460634955780
  4. I'd imagine the Infrastructure Bill is about strengthening, rebuilding and maintaining the bridges rather than just removing the weight restriction signs.
  5. As @19QOS19 says the biggest bother you get from alcohol on trains is people tanked up before they get on, not a lot anyone can do about that.
  6. A quick glance doesn't reveal anything controversial but there's a hell of a lot to go through. Any extraordinary and draconian powers hidden away in there should be excised, stuck in a locked drawer and only enacted with parliamentary approval in case of an emergency.
  7. Gone for Berrettini and Tsitsipas to win their semis with Nadal and Medvedev winning at least one set each at 13.4/1.
  8. Google your oven model and there will be a youtube tutorial. It's a piece of pish and costs around a tenner iirc, certainly less than 20. Had to change mine about a month ago, 4 screws, pull out the old one and in with the new. It's insane what people throw away these days. P.S. 10 years is not old for an oven. I read you talking about selling the best car you'd ever had because it was 3 1/2 years old on another thread, didn't understand that either.
  9. Why didn't they just buy a new door, and have you tried changing the element on yours?
  10. I bet there are quite a few hacks terrified at party snaps being released showing they've been covering for Johnson for a year or more..
  11. I was meaning the ticket collector can warn them with a specific offence and the transport police rather than expecting him to throw them off the train on his own.
  12. I suspect they might keep it so they can deal more easily with annoying drunken arseholes. I've never had a problem with a can on the table even when they're checking tickets.
  13. https://www.newsweek.com/unvaccinated-man-taken-off-transplant-list-reignites-patient-debate-1672783
  14. Had to cheat by looking up an online sweary dictionary, never heard of it and couldn't come up with any word they'd accept even if wrong for line 2. Is it a Yankee term? They don't seem to have included Scottish or British sexual slang.* Lewdle 08 2/6 *
  15. 31 year old in Boston with a fucked heart is kicked off the top of the queue for a transplant because he refuses a Covid vaccine, reason being that they have to severely supress your immune system to get your body to accept a new heart so they'd rather give it to someone with a better chance of survival. https://www.itv.com/news/2022-01-26/boston-hospital-refuses-to-perform-heart-transplant-on-unvaccinated-patient
  16. Messed up third row.. Wordle 221 5/6
  17. That's explains relevant increased risk to the individual well, but if you're talking about millions of people the difference becomes much more significant. A 20% increase to the 5% of the population needing treatment for bowel cancer has real consequences.
  18. Poots actually said this.
  19. Doug Beatie getting sued by Edwin Poots for this tweet along with Simon Hoare, Tory chair of the NI select committee, for retweeting it.
  20. Shite, 88th minute equalizer for Clyde, If I'd been paying attention I could probably have cashed out for close to £500..
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