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  1. Time to get more SPFL clubs on board, a lot of fans probably don't even know what they're trying to pull. Even the Rangers manager admits tier 5 is a waste of time and money for B-teams, it's all about getting them into League 1 from an established base in the pyramid in a few years time.
  2. Wick Academy share concerns over Scottish Conference League proposals
  3. https://www.johnogroat-journal.co.uk/sport/wick-academy-share-concerns-over-scottish-conference-league-314953/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  4. This is the source I think, I very much doubt will Putin make it happen. https://iz.ru/1516103/2023-05-22/v-rossii-predlozhili-vvesti-shestidnevnuiu-rabochuiu-nedeliu
  5. Big change in quality from the early days of Falkirk TV over a dodgy VPN.. Managed to get it on my 50 inch telly and it looks fab.
  6. The warm up music sounds like wasps trapped in a bottle.
  7. Is Killie TV any good or is it just one of these ball following automatic cameras with no commentary? I see it's £9.99 for ppv. https://ppv.kilmarnockfc.co.uk/
  8. Always wondered what the GIF button was for, has Div got a big library of GIFs? I've always just used Google Image search, the annoying thing is a lot of them are starting to use .webp instead of .gif, which doesn't work on here so you have to fanny around converting it.
  9. They'd shit themselves, it would be the first time anything fired back.
  10. Champions Culter are happy staying in the Juniors. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/scottish/5764099/culter-fc-president-memorable-campaign/
  11. Scabies next on the list?
  12. There were posters at it on here last summer.
  13. Meeting with fans soon on conference vote. https://twitter.com/StenhousemuirFC/status/1662402117150167040?s=20
  14. The Highland League wangled a concession to bring it down from 4 to 2. I can't imagine any Highland League club volunteering to play a bunch of u20s and Lowland League clubs though, especially with no easy route up to League 2.
  15. Think I got it wrong about the leagues who get a vote, it's football associations rather than leagues. John Campbell, Highland League Secretary: All licensed clubs get a vote, whatever league they're in, except those who were licensed after 2018 (?).
  16. Apparently tier 6 and 7 leagues get a vote but tier 5 leagues don't, maybe someone could confirm this. Recently licensed clubs don't get a vote but all other licensed clubs do, whatever league they're in.
  17. Palace intrigue in Morocco. The mystery of Morocco’s missing king. In 2018 a German kickboxer befriended Mohammed VI. The monarch has rarely been seen since. You'll probably need this: https://www.removepaywall.com/
  18. Other forums using the same software are having the same issue. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/474047-twitter-suddenly-wont-embed/#comment-2943337
  19. Check here.. https://www.lowemissionzones.scot/vehicle-registration-checker
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