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  1. I think it's lower because you don't get annoying busybodies chapping on your door to check if you've filled it in anymore.
  2. It was supposed to be about him defending Nelson Piquet. Interesting piece here about the Portuguese word he used, in some contexts it's not necessarily racist but the way he used it almost certainly was, especially given that he referred to all the other drivers by name. https://www.reddit.com/r/Portuguese/comments/vmxi28/piquet_said_the_term_neguinho_i_would_like_to/
  3. It wasn't so much mixing up the codes that got me, it was the dribbling random nonsense she was coming out with. She still thinks she can blag her way through anything, pretending that she knows what she's talking about instead doing her homework or just admitting that she doesn't know much about the subject. She gets caught out every time she opens her mouth.
  4. Jul 3, 2022 7 | Avg. Guesses: 7.58 = 10 #globle
  5. Factle.app #2 5/5 Airlines with most total passengers carried (domestic & international) in 2020 Top 27.9%
  6. #Yeardle #103 https://histordle.com/yeardle/ #PopCultured #45 https://histordle.com/popcultured/
  7. #Worldle #163 5/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr
  8. In my case my prostate cancer when diagnosed was at stage four, an exceptionally high PSA score of 145, and it had spread to my bones and lymph nodes. The average life expectancy for stage four was 5 years, but given the PSA score and spread the indications I got were that it would be a lot shorter in my case, although they didn't spell it out. I think the they said that chemo could on average extend my life expectancy by 3 months, and given the horror stories I'd heard about the effects of chemo, constant vomiting etc, I thought what's the point. I wasn't bothered about going bald as I was getting there already. Anyway I changed my mind, went for it and the chemo turned out to be a breeze. Combined with hormone treatment my PSA score went down to below 1 within about 6 months and it's pretty well stayed below 0.3 ever since. I was first diagnosed on the eve of Covid, and the only serious discomfort I've felt was a sausage fingered nurse sticking some cutting tool up my arse to take a sample of of the tumour right at the start. All I'm saying is that sometimes chemo isn't a big ordeal, and can be more effective sometimes than the predictive average.
  9. Regarding Andy Goram and his decision not to take chemo because of what a bad time his Mother had on it, every case is different. I'm not trying to say he made the wrong decision, but people shouldn't decide on the basis of one case they know about. There are a multitude of cancers types and stages, and different chemo drugs to treat them. When I was told the average increase in life expectancy I might get from chemo I was tempted to say no, I didn't and it turned out the side effects were pretty mild and the effectiveness combined with other treatment was stonkingly good. The average contains ranges from near instant death to a full life term, so if anyone gets bad news, think about it properly before turning chemo down.
  10. Any minute now and "some of my best friends are trance, but.." posts are gong to go viral.
  11. I doubt you've ever met a trans person but now you want to fight them because of something you read on twitter. What a fucking numpty.
  12. What's the data from Ireland on this since they introduced it 7 years ago, or any other country that's introduced it? I can't find any evidence of an increase in unwanted toilet or safe space invasion anywhere. But it's such a rare event anyway, why would anyone think there's a big cohort of pretendy trans women just hanging on for a GRA so they can take a peek at women washing their hands in a public toilet?
  13. Maybe so, but it suited you. I bet you don't even sniff your sister-in-law's pants anymore.
  14. They seem like people who got lots of likes on Facebook for saying Trumpy things and thought, "Wow, I'm really popular, everyone agrees with me, I should run for Governor, they get a nice house.".
  15. I was thinking more Perthshire Belle. Had to take care of the family after they saw him kill the cyclist.
  16. He was demanding an answer in the form of a diagram from a Haynes workshop manual for the human body, after doing his research to make sure there wasn't one. Plenty people on here took him in good faith and tried to show him how the the way he shaped his question was mistaken, and any answer would need to be more complex and variable, so he pretended we were refusing to deal with his question. He's at it, incapable of sincere conversation, and very very boring, so he's back on my ignore list.
  17. Chap on the sofa looked fine after it, never took his eyes off the telly. Think I'll just leave it.
  18. Cheers. I've got a friendly local plumber who's well experienced but isn't gas qualified, will he do?
  19. So you agree that a person without a womb can describe herself as a woman then? We're getting somewhere, its a start. Gender isn't only defined by reproductive organs.
  20. Thanks. Presumably a normal plumber would do, one who isn't gas qualified, CORGI or whatever they call it now? What's the risk in leaving it as it is for now?
  21. I was hoping the genital inspectors had stepped back a bit after the trouncing their parties and candidates took in the local elections.
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