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  1. Black Americans used to use "woke" to describe the realisation of the hurdles they face in the economic and justice system they live in. Now that Scottish retirees are using it as a derogatory term to describe anyone who thinks we should just try to be nice to each other, maybe the word should be dropped from the lexicon.
  2. This presumably ex-wife of Musk has an interesting twitter feed and links. https://jezebel.com/missouri-woman-denied-emergency-abortion-called-a-state-1849672223
  3. We'll see, it looks like the most obviously criminal of the examples so far. I've no respect for the American justice system but I think she'd get banged up over there, just for making the grifting so obvious.
  4. I see our little anti-woke warrior has made a comment, bless! I only recently signed up for twitter and don't really know my way around it, but it is fun to be able to comment directly to a famous person talking shite, even if they most likely never read it.
  5. I think Michelle is going to have to learn how to do her own make up soon.
  6. Russia's attack on the Ukrainian electricity grid has been pretty effective.
  7. Not sure what this version's like but £19.99 for Glenlivet can't be bad.
  8. Watching Quartet on BBC4. where retired musicians live in a magical old folks home where nobody's sitting with a blank stare dribbling and they're all living again as flirty but quirky teenagers, and staff are always around for personal care. £10,000 a week probably, but where do they hide the proper elderly who couldn't cope outside?
  9. Good point, but have they? I presume they were asked if any of the contestants in a show were trans and they said yes, without identifying the individual. I'm not sure if they had a choice to say none of your business, which I'd much prefer.
  10. I wouldn't go that far, they were clarifying something that had obviously been raised by complaints and had a duty to be transparent about. The BBC has never been free of Government pressure, the time they utterly surrendered for the first time I can remember was under Blair over the sexed up case for war in Iraq intelligence report and the top management were sacked and replaced for allowing the truth to be told.
  11. Would have been awkward if the transwoman won it.
  12. I listened to the Newsagents when it started but the smugness of the trio is getting unbearable.
  13. It's a big ask to get 50% plus one, but if it happens, alongside no overall majority in Westminster, and SNP MPs just refuse to vote on anything without a guarantee of a binding referendum from whichever party can deliver it, it's a feasible strategy.
  14. You're all bonkers, this is a watch. Free watch with every new battery.
  15. Russell Brand wouldn't surprise me at all given that he phoned up Andrew Sachs, Manuel of Faulty Towers fame, on live radio to brag that he'd fucked his granddaughter, just to impress Jonathon Ross.
  16. Probably been mentioned but if we call the Westminster election as a referendum we'll lose the 16-17 year old voters this time around. Probably won't make much difference though, bring it on!
  17. Not sure who's responsible but ITN has just called a potential ESA astronaut a "para-astronaut" because he's disabled. If he makes it he'll be an astronaut, full stop. That stuff really gets on my tits, as does NASA keeping banging on about their Artemis project to put the first woman and black man on the moon, diversity's wonderful but don't undermine people like they wouldn't normally be up to it.
  18. Fuckme, not sure if the media and social media can get any worse, broadcasting an interview with the father of a recent multiple murderer when he's clearly very drunk and/or stoned.
  19. Imagine being in the crew room about an hour before launch (not sure), and your boss says "No biggy, but we've got a bit of a hydrogen leak going on below that thing, probably just a few nuts need tightening, are you up for it?".
  20. I very much doubt it if it's who I think you mean. He's hardly a prominent TV personality for one.
  21. Dara O'Brian, no definitely not, couldn't possibly be, you're on the wrong track there...
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