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  1. Michael Gove's already admitted to having been a coke fiend, and Dominic Raab looks like he needs the odd line to keep going.
  2. Had to google that, it's fabulous. Carved in granite by Giovanni Strazza (1818-75) it ended up in Newfoundland of all places.
  3. He restricts himself to a teaspoon of laudanum in his Earl Grey.
  4. Did you not start off in the Northern Leagues in the West Division below the Super League? The Highland League wouldn't make that much of a difference apart from a annual trip to Wick.
  5. Only if you look from the outside, inside the pubs is fine. P.S. You can't have been to Huntly yet.
  6. I don't give a f**k about Fort tbh, they've been taking the pish for twenty years, just want a final Clach away day down there.
  7. Aye, but from speculators rather than art lovers in the main, I presume.
  8. In that case they're worth no more than blank sheets of paper without a link to an object of actual value. Art is pushing it imo.
  9. Hate to mention Ken Ferguson's shenanigans, so I won't. Don't get why you'd be annoyed by Fort hosting a few home games though, whining about hospitality sounds a bit greedy tbh.
  10. If you hadn't noticed your not in the SPFL now m8 I refer you to Buckie Thistle's League winning finish in 2016/17. P.S. I did say it was theoretically possible, not that it's likely to happen.. If it was proposed by Fort I'd imagine Strathspey Thistle and Turriff at a minimum would object to it anyway.
  11. Not quite sure how it works with Fort playing their home games away, but they definitely get some of the gate money, no idea about hospitality. In return they're expected to share the home ground duties like manning the gates etc, which they've been accused of neglecting in the past, no idea about this season.
  12. Shame if so, it's quite the awayday and likely the last opportunity. I don't think a visit to Claggan Park holds any fear for any of their competitors, and that's unlikely to change with their new manager.
  13. I'm not saying it's likely to happen, but theoretically they could switch around home and aways so everyone has one Fort fixture at home and one at Claggan.
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