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  1. There was also a kerfuffle when the BBC suggested that Craig Whyte might not have wealth beyond dreams as reported, and that their tax arrangements were dubious to say the least, not just the EBTs but not even paying NI contributions. And the embarrassing Ticketus saga. Basically Rangers can't handle the truth and never could.
  2. Seems sensible to me to keep 1,2 and 3 much the same as England, and to have looser or tighter restrictions where possible/necessary with 0 and 4. People talk about Leitch being patronising, he needs to be if people can't get their heads around this.
  3. Nice find but the c***s charge £15 to deliver a slab of cheese to the Highlands. The c***s.
  4. Bleu d'Auvergne used to be my favourite, haven't seen it for a while though.
  5. I'd just book a slot at the crem, leave out the middle man.
  6. Thinking of Catania in Sicily early Spring, loads of nice looking Airbnbs from £10 a night.
  7. Don't suppose anyone heard either of them mention "Brexit"?
  8. Would seem a bit unfair if you're closing all non essential shops selling clothes but allowing Tesco and Asda to keep selling them. They manage to shut off alcohol aisles easy enough when it's not permitted.
  9. Yes, they did. Maybe without the same level of legal force, but they did. You're going to have to find another country to promote the "let it go free!" strategy.
  10. If there's someone above you in the company that you trust, I'd have a word. Much more difficult working from home though. As Kincardine says you might have to grit your teeth and get through it till things get more normal.
  11. Or the reduction in non Covid respiratory infections are a collateral effect of the measures to reduce transmission of Covid.
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