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  1. Tell the missus you're in the Shetlands, book into a Travelodge and get pished every night.
  2. Big queues at London polling stations, looking bad for my low turnout bet. P.S. Covered now for 70-75% at 18/5, dropped from 4/1 while putting bet on with Ladbrokes. And old bet for 60-65%. So you can guarantee 60-65% at 6/4.
  3. General election 2019: When might Scottish constituencies call results?
  4. The Repair Shop is quality tv, first daytime show I've watched since Lovejoy and Jerry Springer. Run out of episodes to watch on catch up.
  5. Your father-in-law's cock drooping by his left ball soon after you gave him a vigorous waxing.
  6. And the time it takes for the barman to go back to the till to collect the card machine and coming back, when he could have been sorting out the change.
  7. I like the anonymity of cash. Card and app use uploads your every purchase and location to banks, retailers, global internet and phone companies, Facebook spying on you even when it's switched off. And most likely Governments. It allows them to establish what they think is an accurate psychological profile of you, and decide whether you should be trusted, be employed, offered a mortgage, or put on the watch list. Getting rid of cash altogether is their dream.
  8. I assume the currency boys have already counted in a Tory win, so I'd be nipping in to the Post Office for a wedge tomorrow just in case it goes the other way.
  9. About 2 am I think, someone posted a brilliant spreadsheet on it and everything else about the election but I can't remember who. He should start his own thread if he's reading this imo.
  10. The educating and reforming method here is to commence every reply, question and comment with "So", so she quickly realises how annoying it is, without you having to be a pompous twat.
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