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  1. £40 for me. Been a while since I won one of these. Well done. I've played it daft ever since they dropped it from £50 to a tenner, same bet every time, A HT, B FT / B HT, A FT. Got a bit like lottery numbers, if I change I know that'll be the week it happens. So a bore draw counts as a win for me.
  2. They do point out that Korea and Sweden might have just taken on the isolation advice without making it obligatory. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1111/eci.13484
  3. I certainly hope so. There is delusion amongst those denying they're just about to hit middle age or younger that everyone over 50 is a reactionary boomer. I'm glad the over 80s are getting first dibs on the vaccine because in my experience most of those who had even childhood experience of WW2 are much keener on European collaboration and still remember what Socialism was supposed to be about, compared to their useless offspring, the Boomers. I was happy to get all the free Uni and maintenance grants of course, and tax free holiday jobs, and freedom of movement etc later in life, and I'd much rather we'd passed all that on to the next generation. Maybe it's due to reading more of the Beazer than Commando comics when I was a kid.
  4. How was she? Taking my mum on Tuesday, she's never had a bad reaction to the flu jag. Was it an instant thing or did she get home before it hit?
  5. ^^^That and the main population centres are far closer to England than ours with much better transport links than they have from one part of Wales to another.
  6. These boys at the Somme had it easy.
  7. They must have lost a fair bit on the bore draw deal. Ha ha!
  8. It's pretty similar in today's money, but the technology hasn't changed very much. If SpaceX get Starship up and running it will instantly put it out of business, the whole thing will be reusable. It's a bit like building a brand new plane every time you want to fly people from London to New York, the ticket price would be a million plus instead of about 500. https://www.universetoday.com/129989/saturn-v-vs-falcon-heavy/
  9. I'm a bit surprised the didn't let him out to house arrest when Covid hit, I think they did for most elderly rich convicts.
  10. Do you think it would be wise to announce plan B to him now? If we don't initially follow the constitutional path to the letter, we won't get any support when we need to get more creative.
  11. From experience it's a nightmare trying to deliver parcels to a block of flats if they don't have a service button. Some of them have a code that they give to the post office but not to delivery companies. Usually the service button only works for a certain time in the morning which is useless if the parcels you collect for delivery don't arrive till lunchtime.
  12. Marvellous to see this new found faith in Covid modelling.
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