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  1. £10 bet to charity of choice ....says you post? See you in March!
  2. There seems to be a common thread amongst the unwoke ba'thist lemmings of the party, massive bitterness at those who have successfully climbed the ranks to positions of influence, instead of spending their time ranting on social media about a minority most people haven't encountered much, if at all.
  3. I see he has another video reading out an antivaxxer rant and urging us all to take hydroxychloroquine instead.
  4. It's 2 dimensional so we have no idea how many cookies there are underneath, likewise the number of bananas and the times of whatever number of clocks, so each image represents a category, namely cookies, bananas and clocks. The answer is 70, or unknowable, depending on the question.
  5. Are you in the woke pervert wing then or in with the traditionally minded hideous molesters? Impartial Murray has one leg in each camp presumably. Intro to video:
  6. Stonewall Jackson's headquarters, just down the road from the amazing Pizzoco Pizza Parlour?
  7. If I was having a go at anyone in the post you dotted, it certainly wasn't you. Just to be clear.
  8. Tripadvisor for this shit. How was the decor? A bit worn?
  9. Must be a bit shit for you living in a country where the ever increasing majority of people are thick.
  10. Old hoor? P.S. Just got it, other half. I'm not a Mumsnet regular.
  11. If I had designed and built something like that I'd die happy, even if it didn't work very well.
  12. Ignorance mostly I think, and panicked into doing something dramatic to make up for making a total bollocks of procurement. They didn't even bother consulting Dublin which is inexcusable.
  13. Richard Spencer's a big fan over the pond.
  14. So you are not going to post at all in Feb? £10 bet to charity of choice ....says you post? bump. tick tock.
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