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  1. Tickets going on sale for the desert death camp games in January. https://apnews.com/article/middle-east-world-cup-business-coronavirus-pandemic-international-soccer-8da64317f0d3cdaabfdcbd6147dcdded
  2. Well comparing her to Orban is definitely absurd in the dictator stakes, of course. But it's more about not delving into the chat about the team you support first, before declaring yourself as a numpty in General Nonsense. Hungary has had the highest deaths per capita in Europe due to Covid as it happens, alongside some of the most restrictive covid rules, so it's not a great example on that level either.
  3. This was your first post on a Scottish football forum m8, what else could the T possibly stand for?
  4. Resented having to use the Scotgov's expensive nominated firm for day 2 and 8 after you get home, but they're really quick. Posted mine for a 4pm collection on Monday, negative result back at 10am Tuesday. Not sure if they do pre flight tests, it was a bit nerve wracking waiting to see if I'd get the result in 48 hrs as promised with the firm I went with. P.S. Give yourself plenty time to do the Passenger Locator Forms before you come back, and try to do them sober, especially if you've got a whole family's to do. The UK one is a pain in the arse, they want everything in duplicate. Portugal and Spain's were a 2 minute job.
  5. Likewise I quite often fly from Inverness to Birmingham or Manchester, mad flying there from Edinburgh or Glasgow though. Just booked a new Easyjet flight from Inverness to Newquay in Cornwall for around £50 return, train takes 20 hours and the cheapest I could see was £279.
  6. Yeah, hard to imagine what it would have been like here if our first wave had been with the delta variant in Feb/March 2020.
  7. I think in many ways it's worse for friends and relatives than the victim, especially if there's not much pain or suffering involved. Once the initial shock was over I found it quite easy to be philosophical, even the chemo in my case was a doddle. I realise other people's experiences could be far worse.
  8. Guaranteed there will be the maximum allowable loan players from Hearts, 4 I think. They changed the rules recently after ICT lent 9 players to Fort William, 11 in total over the season. They were still shite..
  9. Well yes, they didn't order any till it was too late, and in Australia's case thought they had cadged some off the Italians who later decided they needed them for themselves.
  10. Although New Zealand have taken advantage of their isolated location brilliantly and promptly, I hope they haven't let themselves open to getting badly hit later on by being very slow with vaccination for a first world country. My 65 year old sister lives there and doesn't get her first jag till next month.
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