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  1. Quite the read for sensible people who avoid Graham Lineham's twitter feed, a couple of months old. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/graham-linehan-twitter-trans-rights-b2253532.html
  2. I think all the mainstream parties in the UK had GRA reform as policy until recently, Scottish Labour certainly did in their last manifesto. It's only become controversial because of a manufactured scare campaign on social media and some numpties overreacting on the other side. I don't know anyone in real life who thinks it will affect them or is bothered about it either way.
  3. Maybe this why school run and shopping maws usually seem to drive 4x4 tanks.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2023/feb/03/some-popular-accounts-likely-to-disappear-from-twitter-as-elon-musk-ends-free-access-to-api
  5. Makes my morning the Alba one percenters claiming they represent the will of the nation.
  6. Do you live in Bath by any chance?
  7. P.S. I didn't see this before posting the above..
  8. In America Ilhan Omar has just been kicked off a committee for a supposedly antisemitic comment in the past, claiming that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac) was buying influence for pro-Israel policies, which is undoubtedly true and is their whole raison d'etre . Meanwhile Marjorie Taylor Greene has been appointed to a committee despite claiming in the past that the Californian wild fires were ignited by Jewish space lasers.
  9. Didn't watch it but I assume the question was "Is she/he a woman or not?", in which case unless Gilruth personally knew the person and was acquainted with all the background information, "I don't have enough information." is the only honest answer. She might well presume like most of us that the rapist is probably trying to game the system and the trans thing is a pretence, but that judgement shouldn't come as a whim from a politician on a TV show.
  10. He's old enough to be held accountable for what he did, the same way as a joyrider who crashes into somebody should, but I wouldn't give an 18 year old control over a credit card far less a loaded rifle, especially in a complex situation where it was mainly civilians he was dealing with, alongside the small chance of being attacked by armed rebels.
  11. Just watched the Bernie Madoff series on Netflix and I've been googling the names of people who likely knew exactly was going on while making a shit load of money out of his blatant Ponzi scheme. Getting a tad paranoid now!
  12. Anyone seen this before? I get it every time I try to do a google search but I haven't clicked the Captcha box because it looks a bit scammy. Obviously I can't ask google...
  13. Did a lovely job of the lettering tbf, I'd hire them for my yacht.
  14. She also made plain that she doesn't know enough about them to make a definitive judgement, so probably also the same as you with that.
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