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  1. You do it all the time though. If you nominated yourself occasionally it would be excusable.
  2. It's bad form to nominate someone you're having an argument with on another thread. Just so you know.
  3. Not something they talk about but everyone's curious about. Maybe just me.
  4. I dont think how I might choose to go about it, or the struggles I might face were I not well versed with internet and QR codes etc should be used to blithely wave through nonsensical policy decisions by my favourite team tbqh. Hence my initial question Just for information, getting a covid passport is much easier than getting a Scotland ticket. If he managed to get a ticket, the printed QR sheet would be a doddle.
  5. Some people have said u are trolling, I wasnt sure. So just checking if this is a serious post? Yes it is. How would you go about getting a ticket for a Scotland game?
  6. Happy to, you keep raising it again in replies to me.
  7. One of his mates will be able to sort it out for him, just like his bus pass, ticket for the game and just about everything else you're expected to do online these days. Otherwise he can do it by phone.
  8. Expecting Portugal to announce an end to most restrictions (2am closing at the moment) any day. Still making it difficult for even double vaxxed Brits though, won't accept our proof, hopefully that will be dropped as well soon.
  9. A helpline that everyone else but you managed to negotiate, it would seem. They haven't updated it yet for something that won't take effect till next month.
  10. Doubt you'll have a problem, Scotgov spokesman:
  11. John Whittingdale got sacked yesterday for being too soft, it will be wall to wall It Ain't Half Hot Mum, Dad's Army and Love thy Neighbour.
  12. Do you get to stay in the same hotel if you have to go into quarantine? Read about special quarantine hotels in Mallorca a bit like over here, Andalucía could be different though.
  13. You might as well download the new version just in case, if you're already on the system it literally takes seconds.
  14. It's a few years ago and while Blair was running things, but there was a table of best performing EU countries in terms of waiting lists, and France came top and the UK well down the list. Turned out France had twice the number of doctors but paid them half as much. (very roughly) Maybe we could afford more doctors if we didn't make them work ridiculous hours and have to pay more to attract and keep them.
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