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  1. Strumpets of yore

    Hope whoever it is has the central heating on up high.
  2. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I'm scraping off my smegma hoping it's a bit yeasty.
  3. General Politics Thread

    Of course he was defending it. "Why?" was asking the reason for scrubbing it off the wall in the East End of London. If you don't see it as hitting every anti semitic trope going apart from drinking the blood of Christian children, you should probably apply for a job on the Labour disciplinary team.
  4. Quick Question Thread

    Bit cruel mate, the doctors and nurses do their best.
  5. The Bethnal Green Schoolgirls

    Their use of white phosphorus in civilian areas is a bit naughty too. Sounds like chemical warfare to me, which is generally frowned upon.
  6. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Jobby McCall
  7. The Bethnal Green Schoolgirls

    The difference is that the 100 Palestinian rockets likely didn't hurt a goat whereas the 12 Israeli missiles probably all did a lot more than that. I'm not defending Hamas's futile and stupid attacks, but it's the disproportionate Israeli responses that have led them to be accused of war crimes. Here's the article that prompted McDonnell to write his letter. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/its-not-just-radicalised-islamists-what-about-foreign-fighters-who-flock-to-the-idf-9634260.html
  8. Alesha MacPhail case

    The need might be in preventing rumour and gossip form laying the blame at someone else door. Like Syrian refugees getting blamed for it, or her Dad's girlfriend.
  9. Alesha MacPhail case

    I wonder if he'll be transferred down here at some stage. I'm sure Jessifield has the largest proportion of kiddy fiddlers in the country so they'll be equiped to deal with him. Polish your pitchforks for 5 years time.
  10. Alesha MacPhail case

    It's important that thick people or people who can't afford a lawyer should have a chance to get their case stated as best as possible before the Court. And that everyone, even if they're on the front page of the Sun should have access to that.
  11. The Grand Tour

    The route they took didn't make any sense, neither did the weather though that's understandable. I think they just shipped the cars to random 5 mile sections and filmed it.
  12. Pregnancy And Parenting

    I think it took me about five years to find out what bugger meant after I used it when a James Bond film was cancelled at the local cinema. and was smacked.
  13. Alesha MacPhail case

    f**k knows how Polmont are going to cope with this. Do they have beast sections or will be he on solitary till he makes it to adult prisons?
  14. Alesha MacPhail case

    I'd say there is a huge difference between Shabana Begum and Aaron Campbell. Shabana was persuaded that going to a war as a 15 year old was heroic and she'd get a boyfriend. Aaron thought it would be fun to torture, rape and kill a 6 year old.
  15. Alesha MacPhail case

    I blame that woman in the Rift Valley who kicked us all off.