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  1. Telegram's where it's at, but there's nowhere reliable during a war.
  2. Not really a reply to your post, but people can get too concerned about happiness, eg. if they're not, there's something wrong. I jumped up and down like a yoyo when I was younger from suicidal to ecstatic, most of the time being mildly miserable. After a while I was able to remind myself that being mildly miserable wasn't too bad, even when I was going through ecstatic or suicidal episodes. I've happily remained mildly miserable for about the last 20 years. Your medical stuff is obviously on a different level, I assume they've found a low cell count in your blood, both white and red? It's just that my mother got that diagnosis a few weeks ago and they put her on an iron drip that's supposed to last 6 weeks, but she goes white faced and weak every time she stands up, and I'm wondering if they gave you a way of testing how you are? The hospital decided she was too old (94) to risk invasive methods to find out what was causing it, (rectal tumours was a theory). She's also got heart trouble which at 94 is probably normal, but her sister is 107 and we're going for the record here! Sorry to link this to your situation at 38, it's a totally .different scenario
  3. They don't seem too bright anyway, her colleague accidentally set his arm on fire in another protest. https://news.sky.com/story/protester-sets-arm-on-fire-on-court-ahead-of-roger-federers-farewell-tennis-match-at-laver-cup-12704070
  4. It's a dead cert her Dad travels by private jet for his work.
  5. Nadine Dorris raging that her pet project of killing off C4 News and the BBC is getting put on the back burner.
  6. Gazprom think that one of the Nord 2 pipelines might be functional which could be awkward for Germany. In other news:
  7. I'm sure she thinks she's thought it all through and her logic is incontrovertible, but she's going to spend the rest of her life cringing over this.
  8. It means we're still borrowing an extra £43 billion per annum to fund tax cuts we can't afford. It isn't Conservatism, it's sabotaging the economy to profit short sellers of UK plc. Thatcher would be appalled.
  9. Kadyrov claiming he's sending his teenage sons off to war.
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