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  1. Yes that nightmare never leaves. Mine is a final year exam with my current zero knowledge of the subject.
  2. Morton v Ayr

    Directors box. As you will have also have noted your player admitted it was a push on BBC
  3. Morton v Ayr

    Standard colour glasses. As I was in line with event looked a push to me. Not as bad a CL where if you breath on a player they collapse. I wondered what Shugie Murney would make of it all. To be fair you probably were suffering from a lack of oxygen cramped in that away crowd.
  4. Morton v Ayr

    Funny one game and Ayr have giving in. Disallowed goal one of many pushes by Ayr forward line. S Just as well ref was 5 yards away in line with it. I am not as despondent as most Ton fans on here. Dug a point out by keeping Ayr at bay in first have and decent performances from McCrorie, McAlister (much better than the his midfield showings) and Dykes, yes Dykes. Kerr was poor in first half, seemed in panicking most of the times but recovered with a good second half. In general I thought everyone put a decent show in. I fear even with JJ at the helm if these boys keep showing up for every match will will survive. Hoped for more from Kiltie but may need more game time. Dunfermline win a surprise as with Partick which I thought was a stonewalled for a draw. Need to get another draw at Inverness.
  5. Relegation Royal Rumble

    I would say yet again our points on the doors is what will save us. What ever hope you and Partick have of going on a winning run is supported by little evidence that many teams can achieve that is this league. Fact, 31 % of games in this league end in draws, so winning runs tend to be a maximum of 2/3. This is the best thread on the go and look forward counting down the safe teams and condemning others to the seaside days out.
  6. Morton v Ayr

    Only Hamilton fans are allowed that insult. Point of interest for all you traveling fans going on Saturday. Major road works on M8 between Paisley and Erskine Bridge (J20-J19) add 15 mins mins alternatively go through Bishopton.
  7. Morton v Ayr

    Fu#k unmasked. Gold star my man.
  8. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Been at the bottom all year and realy poor when we have played you so gutless must mean something different to what's in the PED! What good fun this thread is sadly not many realist have bothered to contribute. Let's look at the facts. Points on the doors are what counts. I feel that the Ton are having a poor season but expect us to get 13 points out of the 39 that are up for grabs. Earlier on someone (Partick man) noted that stats show 42 points give you a 99.4% chance of survival. I am happy with those odds. This season is also pretty even so no stragglers so it will bunch up I think bottom could be as high as 38. So Fawkirk need 40 points min or 16 from 36. Best of luck. It's a pity but I fear for Partick T and hope Alloa pip the mighty Fawkirk. Maybe Ayr next season.
  9. Morton v Ayr

    Having taken in that relegation battle thread we need to pick up something. Hope some of the players had a look in as a fair number of Ayr fans want us down. Upstarts first visit to the championship in years and after this season likely to return to there correct station. Saying that Shanks is back so need to be on our toes. I think if Ayr come with an over inflated ego we will sword them 2-0 and sorry I also think Ross C are nailed on with New Dundee Unt a close seconed. 750-1000 Ayr fans no chance.
  10. Morton v Ayr

    If Morton park the bus it will be the relegation playoff for us. We need to go up the park as a means of defence. Why was this started so early I was enjoying the holiday.
  11. Well one shot on goal over two games confirms I made correct decision on giving this a miss. We'll need to get our act together and find an attacking formation, at least go down all arms blazing. As for Dundee Unt fans get real - best shot will be taking good form into playoffs and having a shot at Dundee just what BT Sport relishes. Well a wee rest and then the seasiders.
  12. Dundee are never looking at Tidser. His next move will be Falkirk or Partick but after St Mirren are relegated they will be favourites as he stays in Paisley. For me I think it's all agent pish and money. Is he not one of our highest earners and if so JJ probably thinks he can get two younger cheaper players to fit our three year plan of playing in the seaside leagues
  13. Ton v Pars - 26/01

    Yes I feel this just about sums it up for both teams. Maybe it will be a cracker! The last two weeks have sent me into dispare. I put it down to artificial surfaces so let's have a real game. 1-1 and who thought the play-offs were a realistic option?
  14. East Fife v The Famous - Scottish Cup 4th Round

    Was looking forward to game before Saturdays tacticle masterpiece. I dare say the mad 240 will make the trip. In the balance for me might wait for the replay, then again missed the Peterhead games so must get the 2018/19 cup game off my bucket list so better go then. Sadly not much of a fan of one sided stadia. 2-2 will do me.
  15. Alloa v Morton

    Just watched the goal it's worse that I thought. Sadly at the game I thought Kerr could have and should have calmly blocked it and kicked it away. I blame the Alloa player who missed the open goal.
  16. Alloa v Morton

    Looked beaten by bounce. I felt we had a decent first half and passed the ball well. Sadly JJ didn't see the second half coming. Major error sitting back and letting the train get up to full speed. Thought boy went down to easy for penalty but may have been delayed reaction to earlier Scully missed clearance and punch. Don't see Alloa have any problems with relegation. Cup maybe will be a holiday for Saints but we are all with you so best wishes next week. Worry for us next week especially if we persist with one up and don't use Iredales energy.
  17. Alloa v Morton

    Not many views I take it parking will be adjacent to the ground then.
  18. Alloa v Morton

    Funny we seem to have improved our defensive and battling qualities. Guess we learned from you guys. Not going to be easy, not going to be prity but I feel this could be our one chance for 3 in a row get into them. 2-1 Morton. See you Saturday.
  19. Wouldn't get too excited it's John Beaton in charge. Doesn't know what a card is. Well look on the positive side grabbing their balls and kicking them up the arse are ok so as long as Moore keeps it within those limits he will be ok. On the negative side why does the championship have to suffer these PL diddies every winter break. It's a mans game down in the championship
  20. Ton v County - Friday night

    The football is shite. The effort is top class. The defence is now solid The points are accepted. Ross county lack penetration and need a goal scorer
  21. Well Santa is due to call Tuesday will he gift us the solution to how we win this one? Got a couple of friends coming up from London for this one maybe the drones will cause a call off. Not sure what team we can put out does anyone have a spare centre back? Probably pull off a shocker and win 3-0
  22. Ton v County - Friday night

    Was thinking not many County fans as its affair trip back lucky to get home before 2.30 so fair play to those who come down. Don't like the sound that the runaway leaders are playing poorly but winning. That would do me as no great expectations this season. I thought RC where decent the last time and while a draw would be a good result I again hope JJ surprises me and finds a way to win two on the trot. Another couple of decent finishes like last Saturday will do the trick.
  23. The only stonewall your running into was our defence. Great goal to start with then we just kept getting deeper. Started second brighter then fell deeper again JJ must have thought the Partick diddies couldn't have scored in a brothel. Great Finnish and build up play to grab the points. Can we play Partick every week?
  24. Ton v ICT - 22/12

    Funny game this. Morton surprised me at the start with good attacking and three decent on target efforts. Defence and goalie sold the jerseys with the first and young Kerr was maybe rash with the challenge but Oakley showed his experience. Ref failed to deal with Oakley's over physical approach until he finally booked him. Congrats to Robbo who applied a masterly play by taking Oakley off. Ton's only way back in was to pressure Oakley and have him sent off to balance numbers. CT seemed to fall back after second goal and we nearly stole a point how Mc Hugh missed from 3 yards is a shocker. good effort from Lyon's hitting the inside of the post. We need points and reinforcements or Partick and Falkirk may close in on us.
  25. Ton v ICT - 22/12

    Great getting into the festive spirit Surely this blank forward line must activate soon. Can't be any colder than last week come on the ton