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  1. Hope this is not unlucky 13th man. 1 Ross Ct 2. Rangers 3. Elgin 4. Hearts 5. Clyde 6. Peterhead 7 - Edinburgh City 8. Aberdeen 9. Arbroath
  2. Championship TV Deal

    I am at a bit of a loss here. Does anyone have the full attendances loses over the past few years for Friday night games. I remember attending Partick v Ton one off the first Friday games and they had a bumper crowd. Friday night should work if away travel is not overdemanding as majority of supporters are men. Family balance night-out at the game, out with the kids to Burger King Saturday let wife loose at Silverburn winner all round.
  3. Selection subject to confirmation I have not been eliminated. 1 Ross Ct 2. Rangers 3. Elgin 4. Hearts 5. Clyde 6. Peterhead 7 - Edinburgh City 8. Aberdeen
  4. I think I made it through with Edinburgh City on 23 September? As such I will put in my selection this week.
  5. The new Auld's pies! Can Dunfermline be seriously so bad? I thought they would have done well this year but put the down the league positions to irritate the P&B fans..
  6. 1.Ross Co, 2.Rangers 3.Elgin 4.Hearts 5.Clyde 6.Peterhead Must be more than one faller this week, Cant' all be on Rangers again.
  7. A lot off players on Rangers and Clyde. Used my Rangers voucher on St Mirren home win so heres hoping Dundee find a lifeline. A few Celic backers fell tonight a big rush to back OF before EL kicks in.
  8. Celtic in Europe 2018-19, the long and winding road

    cheers Got 3 sets for visiting Celtic bhoys Site does not let you select seats but all unrestricted and side by side
  9. Celtic in Europe 2018-19, the long and winding road

    tickets now on general sale. Does that mean the season ticket holders sell by date is passed?
  10. Time to dip into the lower league 2 1 Ross Ct 2. Rangers 3. Elgin 4. Hearts My selection for week 5 5. Clyde
  11. Robert? You lonely in London or is the pollution effecting your rational. First game of the season for me as my summer job is coming to an end. Hope the season ticket works! From a far, I would be happy with a draw but maybe expectation will heap the pressure on County. I see a few of their fans are giving this a miss and having a holiday hope their players join them mentally.
  12. Don't know Roy but from what I have read is a real supporter and puts his money where his mouth is. Sad to see RC fans balancing two life expectancies. Best wishes to Roy and hope you see the season out.
  13. Week 1 - Ross C Week 2 - Rangers Week 3 - Elgin City hope the Cowden bus is stuck in tourist traffic.
  14. At the Motherwell game last night. Harkins caught in possession a few times. Maybe he will do better in championship, but looked in good shape. Not on freekick duty Doobie feels he is God, not sure Harkins would have stuck QOS's sole opportunity so far over the bar, hope he keeps the mantle
  15. Well it's Saturday and pre-season starts in earnest today, Lets get the squad finalised. Dump Tiff had liked him but a long way to go. Helped when we were short of bodies last year but we need to move on. Best of luck. Jai lots of potential, but dad was a bit of a mercenary, so don't expect to see him back. Need to recover costs of rehab over last two years, Someone said he does a fair bit of dancing on Saturday nights think any club signing him should look to rap him in cotton wool.
  16. Early Season predictions

    1. Falkirk 2. Partick 3. Inverness 4.Ross county 5.Morton 6. Dunfermline 7. Dundee Unt 8 . QOS 9. Ayr Unt 10. Alloa Inverness and Falkirk may swop places. Who knows how Dundee Unt will go but for sure the Arabs pages will keep us going through winter.
  17. Oh no they cannie beat United, oh feck they have, even without getting two stonewallers. Partick will be different, aye we all said that last year. Get VT on this the man for fact based analysis. How many games have Partick won this season, how good are they at scoring goals, what have they to lose? Well worth a watch tonight, its a no loss situation. Premier playoff handicap system favours Partick but I am hoping for four new teams in the Championship next season. Always enjoy a trip to Glasgow's west end for a bit of lunch before heading to Maryhill for the game.
  18. Yeh, that's their only hope and a good referee who knows the premiership needs them. At least some good coverage may help diminish that factor. Come on the lions get right into them.
  19. Jamie_M Paisley Ton I am trying to renew. My season ticket was issued early last year and does not state a season on it. Last season trying to buy cup games didn't work and I had to pickup tickets at main gate.