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  1. He has issues. I failed to notice a solution he offered to resolve to my loss of access to the Morton forum many years ago. Gave a negative comment on it being down recently got stick from the bully gang. Note if it continues I will contact Div. Gave a sincere applology, something I don't do often, not accepted now red dots all comments I make. I assume if he is part of the initiative he will red dot my offer of professional help. I have given up on seeking to post on the Morton forum as P&B is a more cosmopolitan group of supporters
  2. It is clear Golden Casket intend on not allowing the debt to increase and will continue to manage the club with its spend matching its current income level. It is also clear that they do not see Morton as a long term project and have not invested time or money in improving our income streams nor considering capital investment in the ground. In this Covid 19 environment they will be mainly focused on GC's survival . So so time is right for MCT to move to community ownership while they may have undertaken dule diligence it will be a tight programme if completion is to be realised. A lot will depend on those not contributing coming on board to make it happen or we might end up with an even more threadbare squad for season 21/22. It is also imperative that we stay in the Championship. The terms of the lease will be of great interest not less the term of maintaining the ground at it's current standard. I feel the ground has been kept on a minimal investment level but look forward to reading the dilapidation condition report. I also expect no capital contribution from the GC but MCT must see the urgent need for investment if we hope to attract a wider fan base and away support. I will continue with my contribution as long as this project survives and hope to provide professional assistance to make it work. I would ask all who can, if not just now, to buy in to this project.
  3. Court conditions say "Must not during the course of the hearing, comment on the proceedings or use live text based .........." May have to stay off line until hearing is complete.
  4. Just as well long haul flights and holidays are for off me this year with the cost of the Hearts visit. £ 200 PIES Edinburgh parkinģ charges £ 25 in. Feck hope we only get one visit next year. Just in case you missed it.
  5. Ok but if we take out attendances for old firm visits what would that give us?
  6. If liability will be circa £66,000 I would hope that Celtic consider settlement without liability to close this issue and get the thread back on the real issue. It seems from the posters with a knowledge of legal matters that this case has a fair chance of being refused and sent back to the sports authorities to process under their rules of association. All will be known soon just like waiting for Christmas.
  7. Yes have a few red dots and VT I remember giving you an opportunity to discuss you position but I moved on and maybe mistakenly gave you a few greens since then. All the best boys hopefully you forum will be soon be back and up running.
  8. Eh! Dear Toby that was me in my reconciliation mode. Not intending to snipe but just observing a language mode I don't fully support. I also hadn't given the original response my full attention. I did miss the posting but I had previously tried the reset system a good few times giving my email address for recovery. I thought my response may have got me forward on this but I will leave it at that. You will notice I don't t had out red dots unless I really disagree with a point or position taken on this forum
  9. Thanks for your response. Didn't realise I swiped on a semi regular basis must be my age not been a while though. I still view the forum on a weekly basis to pick up on Morton issues I may have missed . Due to my lack of viewing frequency I missed and/or did not understanding the post as such opportunity passed. They have my email (?) and could simply have emailed me directly. I have noted that some of the inter user language is not that friendly, in particular one user who calls anyone not in his group a cu$t so while it would be helpful if I could get back on maybe I would need a hard nose. I do not wish an alternative members login as Paisley Ton ID's me to those who know me.
  10. I wonder if that might include letting me back on. Password chucked it years ago and no response from admin or Norton security to reset, maybe need to relocated to Greenock or Spain
  11. Can you no take a telling or are you unable to read the VT degrees.
  12. Any update on VST or are we awaiting confirmation of league game schedule. I see PL teams are offering money off 21/22 season tickets depending on no of games behind closed doors. CEO said we would be offered free Morton TV to compensate for 20/21 season ticket loss expect notification soon! Note Morton forum is off air or closed just now, not a great loss as it seems to be in close season with exception of overseas contingent.
  13. Well his dad told me he was up for it but needed compensation payment from St Mirren. If on I would think they settled the contract balance and maybe we through in a small signing on fee. It a reasonable signing just need a decent partner.
  14. Would be suprised if a majority of PL teams had supported the reconstruction and that meant sharing with only two others. Just to remind all was Partick's game in hand not at Inverness. Not what you call an away banker. Down down down it's over up and on .
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