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  1. Snake lovers v The Snakeless Morton

    Glad to be home that must be as poor as it gets. Only glad we have the points in the bag. Seen Fawkirk twice easily the poorest outfit in the championship
  2. Snake lovers v The Snakeless Morton

    Two hats one for her head and another for your baws
  3. Snake lovers v The Snakeless Morton

    Heavy snow forecase for 3.00 keep us posted due to set off for 1.45
  4. Snake lovers v The Snakeless Morton

    Having read this Tommo will have a great night's sleep before picking up his Christmas gifts Thanks Fawkirk
  5. Snake lovers v The Snakeless Morton

    Attempt to raise interest down Greenock way will fail as most will be Christmas shopping. Hope JJ is on the lookout for a decent midfielder and left back. While Fawkirk have been the poorest team I have seen this season surely your tactics are not to sit back at home against our inconsistent crew. Well maybe an away win on the cards come on the Ton.
  6. Morton v Dundee United

    I'd say 4-5-1 in the second half. Great tactics in second 45 allowed us to get back in the game with JJ realising we needed a forward ( Bob a job)to support Thomson. Buchanan MOM with Miller putting in a decent shift. Time to dump Tiff and McLean (not interested)
  7. Ton v Jags

    Thanks Partick I didn't think anyone could outdo Fawkirk for bottom stop but then again I know nothing about football. I leave all the fact based analysis to our main man who seems to have a free evening tonight.
  8. Queens v Morton

    Typical Queen's v Morton match. While Queen's had a lot of the ball I never thought Ton would lose as they had little penetration. Well done the defence who were solid and Gats who cleaned up all balls into the 6 yard box. Sorry but he did poorly with the Dobbie goal, while hit early it was a good 25 yards out and he seemed to have it covered only for it to the skid off the Astroturf to do him. I thought we paced the game well took all Queen's had to offer and pushed hard at the end of both halves. What a strike from young Reece in what I think was his first Championship start. Well after Saturdays doing we must be glad we were away to Queen's more wins than losses in recent times. Also better to lose one and win one rather than two draws as seams Cal. Thistle's problem this year.
  9. Morton v Falkirk - 20/10/18

    Feck 44 pages of this pish. Lets get on to next Saturday. Just a small point , not over impressed by the Ton so far this season, seemed to have downgraded the squad, but Fawkirk were rank poor. Can see Dobbie grabing a few on Saturday.
  10. Hell surely some more must fall this week. If I keep in I have to pick the Ton soon but not this week. 1 Ross Ct 2. Rangers 3. Elgin 4. Hearts 5. Clyde 6. Peterhead 7 - Edinburgh City 8. Aberdeen 9. Arbroath 10. Kilmarnock
  11. Hope this is not unlucky 13th man. 1 Ross Ct 2. Rangers 3. Elgin 4. Hearts 5. Clyde 6. Peterhead 7 - Edinburgh City 8. Aberdeen 9. Arbroath
  12. Championship TV Deal

    I am at a bit of a loss here. Does anyone have the full attendances loses over the past few years for Friday night games. I remember attending Partick v Ton one off the first Friday games and they had a bumper crowd. Friday night should work if away travel is not overdemanding as majority of supporters are men. Family balance night-out at the game, out with the kids to Burger King Saturday let wife loose at Silverburn winner all round.
  13. Selection subject to confirmation I have not been eliminated. 1 Ross Ct 2. Rangers 3. Elgin 4. Hearts 5. Clyde 6. Peterhead 7 - Edinburgh City 8. Aberdeen
  14. I think I made it through with Edinburgh City on 23 September? As such I will put in my selection this week.