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  1. That will be disappointing. I was hopeful he would take us to Hampden at least twice next season.
  2. I think like a few of the Morton players I will head on holiday now and not to the East coast ie Arbroath. Would have taken 7th at the start of the season while consolidating under MCT but feel let down by our last two performances just shows how far we have come under Dougie. Yes a number of the players have made it easier for D I to say thanks but no thanks. ICT were all over us in the first half worried that not only were they going to do the double on us but possibly 2 x (1 v 6)
  3. How RR failed to score in this game will require the chasers to resolve. Great header by Benedictus which normally results in us giving up 2pts, luckily for us he fails to understand it's got to go between the posts. Not bad for a fiver, decent first half performance. Second half had three chances. Robbies wonder goal. Strapp's one man surge forward getting assaulted and subsequently needing subbed. Gozie's late cross which McGrattan needs to take chance on. All in all a good day out.
  4. Yes I would like to keep him but likely to be outside the team salary structure. If there was enough money form an improved league placing, maybe worth a punt on Strapp. Expect loan market to be where we will operate, again a better league placing will increase quality of loanees.
  5. If killie players wanted the 2022/1922 Morton kit they only needed to ask. Expect most were given one, as last nights issue are now all stretched and oversized. As for the pen, I was in direct line and thought the guy just hit it at McLean hoping for a senior moment, no chance at his age of getting out the way. Linesman just abdicated responsibility with a no comment. All said, three draws that should have been wins. Feel we were looking not to lose these games with big help from the refs in last two. When we hear Russel has resigned we will know that Strapp is a goner, best of luck to him has always giving us 100%.
  6. My favourite programme was thr Ibrox visit of 7th October 1972. Where their prediction came true and Gillies help us continue our good run with a 1 v 1 draw.
  7. Yes the days when we could attract the big clubs. Sadly while I many duplicates I have only one of these.
  8. Looked so much like an end of season game with nothing at stake from us. With the weather as it was MCT need to release some money to have the pitch watered, played more like that plastic shite with ball bobbling all over the place. Ref was a anti Queens man, first and second were goals with Goolie lost in space. We look very tired need energy injection to finish the season off. Ugwu looks like he is protecting fitness, has had a few injuries over the years so keeping fit and getting a contract somewhere nest season is his priority I think. Bin him for Killie game.
  9. Come on The Ton. Will be back in UK by Monday and looking forward to Killie game. So complete my away time sentence with a home win. Glad it's with the team holding their own and great to have followed on Morton TV for a few weeks. This will be a pivotal game in the run. A win and start sorting squad for next season, a loss and might get the jitters. Odds on 1 v 1 , Big McGinty worth an own goal for all those wasted pay days he collect in Greenock.
  10. Very catholic in my taste of friends. Funny though I don't have any Livi buddies. But my gers golfing 4 ball all think I had a colour blind moment when I hooked up with the blue hoops.
  11. I thought it was funny. And owed him one as he told me to put money of Ange to get the Celtic job before the Scottish Press even knew he was an option. Sadly I failed to take up the offer.
  12. Back in August after Celtic were dumped out of the Champions League qualifiers by Midtjylland and beaten by Hearts on opening day, Keevins stated the Hoops boss’ first name stood for “Absolutely Not Good Enough” [Daily Record]. He stated that Celtic would offer Rangers no challenge, questioned his style, and said that he was “struggling to inspire confidence”. While already forced to retract the assessment he has failed to correct what the Celtic boss’ first name stood for. A friend of mine in Melbourne who had first hand knowledge of Postecoglou’s management abilities suggested he should adjust the post to now read. A for Amazing N for Now G for Great E for Eventually Any thoughts?
  13. Glass half full for us. Dunfermline needed to win this one, Morton seen a draw as safe from 10th and 9 points in front of Dunfermline at the end of the day. Yes we were too defensive but back three were great. Pity Blues came off as after a great defensive display we lost a poor goal not covering the front post run. Must win v Partick on Tuesday for Dunfermline me thinks. MOTM
  14. Big surprise for me is lack of impact from Todorov. For ICT he seemed to score with ease against us last season. See not in top scoring charts, what role do you play him and is he even in the starting line up? Also see Dunfermline have the lowest number of conceded fouls but are top for yellow cards how come?
  15. Ah great day out at Cappielow on 8th of Jan. But truth is it was one of those days when everything we tried turned to gold. Hard to work out why Dunfermline have been so abject this year. Started off amassing a seemingly decent squad but none of the team seem to give a Fk for the jersey or put in a shift. Sadly I can't manage going on Friday so could miss out on us grabbing 10 from 12 points, which would be our best return v an opposition for a few years. Actually enjoyed more the 1 v 3 away win on 6th November 2021, thought that was one of our best performances at a time when Dunfermline thought they could kick on and move up the league. Also the view from the far side stand was much better than the normal behind the goal stand view. Getting at least a draw here would set us up nicely to enjoy the next two home games against the Ayrshire teams and as Dougie will be putting contracts on the line without relegation being an issue expect 110% for all selected. Expect Wilson and Lyon to play. While Blues has done well so should be disappointed if he doesn't get a start., yes hunger is what we need. Expect an easy 2 v 0 win for the Ton but will miss those easy points next year.
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