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  1. Well we should consider giving them to the Airdrie supporters and get a bit of atmosphere in there. Would also give us the option of some pre match entertainment with the fan group in the car park warning up with a wee battle v Airdrie young boys. Make it happen.
  2. A decent lad but sadly has less control over the ball than most people have with their central heating. On the plus side I definately think he would have scored in those last five games if played in front of Orsi etc. Maybe Gus will give him a shout in the playoffs.
  3. Glad his I feel a goal coming stream freeze Ok 1300 on stream but I will have a heart attack if if keeps freezing at the bigger moments. A couple of players taken out but former boy thinks it ok boy is a total fanny. This could go either way.
  4. Game now even best effort from Arbroath 852 on stream quality has dropped but still live
  5. Don't forget East Fife and Alloa. We don't do losing! Only problem is we're not really a goal machine either. So need Inverness to show a bit of class unlike the Partick and Mirren fishermen coming here to gloat.
  6. Well Dunning has pick our best team but sadly it won't happen. As all is on the line Arbroath should expect a larger than normal PPV audience so hope Arbroath TV is up to it. While I read others were experiencing difficulties early doors Saturday I was fine until it blacked out at 84 mins. Not sure I will still be here for the playoffs if it happens this Friday. Will be muting it as the boy who does commentry should realise this is important and any additional irritation is unwanted.
  7. Always the most realistic scenario, now all Queens fans can go put clean underwear on and let the rest of us see this through. I will go for an Ayr shagging at Inverness. While we only then need a draw problem is Arbroath will score at least 2 so Gus find us a player who knows where the net is. Get Fjortoft up front and Colville and Lyons in the middle.
  8. Stream died at 84 min after being great all season. Missed the finish seems we missed the opportunity to get into a safe position. While many Ton fans have complained that we have too many midfield players I would suggest we dump the forwards and play them all next week.
  9. Sadly mainly a nuisance stopping us being anything like a football team
  10. Never an easy game. If we don't give the playing surface a good watering this could go in two ways. Alloa players are down and don't fancy picking up needless injuries which would impact on getting contracts next season. The bounce of the ball makes it a lottery , if so attack is the only option, so it might bounce into the Alloa net. I am hoping we do water the ground and play an attacking formation. Get an early goal and Alloa might chase the game giving us more space.
  11. Well that draw gives us another half life. Win on Saturday and Ayr drawing or losing to Queens and the final Friday game may just be watchable from the sofa.
  12. Whit remember you needed extra time v us in Edinburgh two years ago.
  13. Let the team down headed to Tesco for some booze after they scored couldn take anymore of Jock Brown f**k are you not allowed physical contact in the PL. Text and told we lost on pens maybe best saved me the stress. Need to play like that in last 3 games and sink Ayr to the playoffs.
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