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  1. We don't seem to have the balls to go forward when winning. Made Dundee look dangerous in that second half. Failed to get into their defence who have been gifting goals recently. Looks like we have saved McPake for another week or hopefully season.
  2. I would suggest you need an upgrade urgently. Quality picture post first game sadly team can't match it.
  3. Did you have inside information on our team lines and game plan. I think we were lucky there need to grow balls and give it a go. This holding for 0 v 0 to the end of the season won't work. While I appreciate Jim McAlister's contribution over the years wronged man to brink on as our last sub.
  4. Looser found. Scrappy first half. Best two efforts from Arbroath. Lynn has done better in the first half than in his time in Greenock. Summary Andy it's been competitive. I fear an exaggeration
  5. Gerry and Andy show has started. As always Andy has stuck in a wee promotion Gerry as all ways having to counter with other xxx are available.
  6. Must be looking to go on a goal scoring spree. One win and 8 goals so far in the league this season. Are you a undercover Morton PPV salesman? Get back in your box 2-0 the Ton.
  7. SPFL have asked all clubs if they want to suspend the Championship. f**k in this lockdown we need an outlet vote no. Understand money short and maybe pressure on testing costs but we got £500,000 so keep going. We got a good result coming here having Got through a Covid mini Crisis
  8. What has Mr Paddy give me your money Power done for Dunfermline? Think of all us Ton fans who bought your PPV offering financial support to Dunfermline, our PPV is decent not Inverness standard. Are we not all in this together or what, £7 donation for the Tom and Gerry show ( Andy and Gerry can't do line thro on this tablet)
  9. Is this a list of who is self isolating or who Celtic fans want to dump in the transfer window?
  10. Is it more onourious than current Championship testing if so lower league teams are fucked.
  11. Let's make it happen Friday night then, if it's a draw decide on corner kicks?
  12. Yes, clubs a bit quiet on streaming numbers. Not sure if this reflects how poor numbers are or inability to split season ticket holders, home or away purchases. What is sure is that most would have folded or went part-time had the government not come up with that £500,000 grant. Any news if it has been paid out? Will be interesting to see how they present Scottish Cup streaming figures as they must surely have to split between both teams less expenses.
  13. With the number of cases will the game not get called off. Hope not awarded as with us likely safe in the league a cup run would be a welcome diversion and maybe a bit of excitement to finish off the season of PPV watching.
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