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  1. Nae looks feck all like me I am 13 stone , 6ft and well able to hold my head up. Though the ears could be mine!
  2. Yes lucky if your a Celtic man today. Goal keepers are fucked with this application of the rules. Anyway I glad for you that infringement does count or maybe again that's luck again. Definitely a pen, ball is cleared by defender skids of wet turf and hits player seeking advantage by stopping the clearance mumm.
  3. Morton werent playing Dundee mate Sorry an English language problem. This is the Morton v Dundee United thread. I assumed United supporters in the main came from a city called Dundee and did not infer they were part of the Dundee FC supporter group who also in the main come from Dundee.
  4. Game on Tuesday night. Did most of the Dundee travelling support buy tickets for last Saturday? If so were you offered refunds?
  5. Yes odds stacked on home win. Then again I have been to a few of these games in recent years and yet to see Ton go down. I will be back through this weekend. Maybe!!!!!! Sorry to hear you have now fitted Kiltie in was hoping to pick him up in Jan.
  6. Sadly game off. Just like in May 96 while we had been to every game that season and had season tickets we could not get through the crowds who block the way at Port Glasgow end so only seen the highlights. The boy was livid no wonder he doesn't go anymore but still talks of Rajam... They recond 4000 where locked out that day.
  7. Let's get this game over and done with. Seemingly we have no chance. While I tend to agree with that maybe will be down to that Snankland factor. So is he fit? Don't recall him scoring many for us when in fatboy condition so would be happy if he misses the game. While Inver... says the Ton were the worse set of robber seeN at the ..dice. this must be your last throw of the dice to get back up. Anyway having thrown a few sixes it looks like your year, although you away record in not that great. We will just have to endure your pals from across the street for a few years. On the question of our worse set of robbers in years your set from last year were by far your poorest in the x years in the Championship so you surely must be miles better this year. Ton 0 v 4 Champions elect.
  8. Had nothing on next Tuesday so was considering the ins and outs of the trip. Brora is a village . Is there anywhere to stay or best to head back to Inverness? Might grab a game of golf a Dornock. Well let's see how Saturday goes.
  9. Yes a shit draw. PL team with a 1 div support, nae/very slim chance of a win and lucky if there's then Bob in it after St PL expenses reduction. Come on the Borra.
  10. It's a no brainer. Might get a crowd (away)v Unt and a few Bob. Most likely to get FA up north but a few bob for petrol. Don't agree with most posters. Ton played better football but Borra deserved a replay. While they could easily have won it at the end. Thank feck Cadden is back and Nesbitt must start. Billy King can go and Salkeld provides effort but doesn't seem able to control his piss. Finally well done to the part time boys did not fall off the place at any time and in the first half had three up front.
  11. Come on with all that oil money I expect you guys will have chartered a plane. Glasgow Airport is only 20 minutes from Greenock with one one the best views in Scotland on the M8 as you descend to Langbank on the way down. Make it happen.
  12. Not so sure. Decent playing surface and now solid defence. Easy 1-0 Ton win Entry a bargain at 15 spots.
  13. A hour ago but it's taken me that long checking it's not fake news. Well you maybe make the playoffs now.
  14. Found out so Hopkin is not Guardiola. Whatever I thought our away record that it was bad bad bad your home record upstages our achievements this year, must be killing the home attendances. I am going for Partick as every time I think we might do it Hopkin outthinks me. 2-0
  15. Need to consolidate Sat result with another win. Watched Ayr v Dundee and both are at our level. I feel game could swing our may as Moffat won't have the legs for two games a week and I consider him pivotal to all good in Ayr attacks. 2 v1 for the Ton.
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