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  1. It is a very decent draw. Israel is the team most would have chosen before hand. Fair enough it is disappointing the final is away, assuming we get there, but it isn’t the end of the world. I am not fussed who it is in the final. Hopefully by that time we have a full strength squad to pick from with players on form with their clubs. Having Griffiths back and scoring regularly would be a boost.
  2. I reckon there is a good argument for just pulling the plug on the National team. Even at the lowest level International football is just beyond our capabilities.
  3. Yes. I am sure I received an email from the SFA not so long ago saying the play-offs would part of the next two year membership cycle.
  4. I am surprised Nicky Clark hasn’t had a shout so far. For me, his goals in the title winning season merit a place in the discussion, if not the final 11. Perhaps a place on the bench?
  5. The Adidas kits have been fairly good but for me this is easily the worst of them. The hoops wouldn’t be too bad if there were less of them and thicker like on the Mexico 86’ Shirt. The red sleeve trim is unnecessary. As somebody else said, it may look better in the flesh so to speak.
  6. French onion soup was the invention of Joan of Arc. She is also credited as discovering garlic bread. However, this is disputed with Nostradamus also being linked as the creator.
  7. Well done to the morbidly obese chap. He at least had the decency to pull up his jeans before hurling abuse. Such self awareness in the heat of the moment should be applauded. 👏👏
  8. Nonsense. pie and beans is the sign of a deviant. Pie and peas all the way with vinegar and HP sauce.
  9. I can’t remember the Hampden pitch having a drainage issue before. There have been wetter nights than this and it has coped no problem.
  10. What a lot of shite. We really are hopeless.
  11. Is Maryhill still falling down though?
  12. Not sure what your point is caller. ICT are literally only in the second tier (granted having had spells in the premiership) due to having some reasonably wealthy benefactors over the course of the last 20 odd years. Without them you would probably be part-time and in the 3rd tier at best. Queens like ICT and every other team below the premiership just need some more investment. ICT are hardly a sleeping giant.
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