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  1. He put the die in the diocese Now isn’t the time to bash the Bishop.
  2. Beans are unnecessary. However, if they are to be served they should be in a seperate dish. Thus avoiding contaminating the egg.
  3. That’s my point. A pre contract agreement would make more sense. I can’t see any team buying him to loan him back at this stage.
  4. Not sure, If I am missing something. If he signed a pre-contract with another club, he could stay with us and his new club would get him in June. Why would they want to buy him now, just to loan him back to us (when they could get him for free in the summer)? Granted, any fee we received would be likely to be pretty small. However, I don’t think a buy-to-loan back makes sense in this case
  5. I doubt we would get much for him, given he has six months left of his deal. They could also sign him on a pre-contract agreement, without spending anything.
  6. I thought she left Hibs and joined Queens Park not so long ago.
  7. I was thinking someone like Newcastle, West Ham or Everton. Hopefully that will happen.
  8. Nobody is dead and buried yet. Plus we have the joker in another Covid end of season call, if restrictions are tightened.
  9. He will need to be playing regularly to make the squad, There was talk of him going out on loan and I think that will be his best chance of getting in.
  10. That was an enjoyable game. Both teams had enough chances to take the game by the horns but didn’t take them. However, it simmered along nicely. Like most, I thought we had blown it right at the end but, no. There was a bit of character to go for the win rather than settle for the draw. Very pleasing. What a difference a week makes. Only three points off of Ayr, I wouldn’t have thought that likely at the start of December.
  11. A lovely goal. He should never have scored. The defender should have eased him out of play at the halfway, touch line. A superb finish.
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