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  1. Premier League 2018-19

    A few teams have gone down that route too. Wolves and Everton spring to mind. I suppose it is a bit unfair to judge West Ham after one game, However, I think they will be battling relegation this season.
  2. Premier League 2018-19

    Me too. No chance of that happening though. West Ham really are brutal.
  3. Championship Golden Boot

    Stephen Dobbie with 33 goals.
  4. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    From his comments at the time, he was very disappointed, shall we say. Rightly so, in my opinion.
  5. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    It always amuses me that. Particularly, when a lot of the time it comes from folk that would struggle to run for a bus. I remember a few years back watching a Chelsea game. The camera panned to the crowd. A gentleman who would be considered overweight for sumo shouted “you fat b*****d” at Frank Lampard”.
  6. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    Dobbie again.
  7. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    And so it came to pass.
  8. You can’ be too careful when our friends from the lawless, Wild West of the region are in town.
  9. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    He is getting better. Mind you, he is bound to feel frazzled after what he had been through.
  10. I don’t see us being in a relegation battle to be honest. It will probably pan out the same as the last couple of seasons. Mind you, if we did get relegated I would imagine The Count would make a reappearance in the seaside league.
  11. Ha,ha. You were creaming yourself over Gavin Gunning. Apparently the best player Morton have had in decades. Yet he left you to play in the English diddy league. Even then he was released after a season. He could only dream of cleaning Dobbie’s boots. 14 games for Grimsby Town. Me and you would get more games for them. Admit it VT, you be over the moon if you had Dobbie in your team.
  12. Early Season predictions

    Inverness Ross County Dundee United Partick Queens Falkirk Morton Dunfermline Ayr Alloa
  13. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    The death of the Dead Pool. How ironic. Mind you, if you allow me to add it as a bonus pick for the current year, then it will undoubtedly survive for many years to come.