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  1. Behave. Stay full time and you will be fine, providing no other full time team goes down,
  2. I don’t think that is right. Did Clydebank or Airdrie going tits up about 15 years ago not save you from relegation to the seaside?
  3. Pie & Bovril Dead Pool 2019

    Coldfinger Nadja Regin at 87.
  4. Ayr v Queens

    It does seem odd, particularly as over the last 16 to 17 years Ayr have not really been on our radar. If they were, then we were usually taking points off of them. Times change though and I do not grudge them a day in the sun, so to speak.
  5. As a I say it was from memory, but I can’t really recall him having an outstanding record in the Championship. As an outsider he does seem to have turned you around to a degree, but how do you think he will do in the medium term?
  6. How is his record in the Championship? From memory he has had a promotion play-off, a mid table at Ud before being sacked and a relegation to his name. Now the dust has settled is he still the messiah?
  7. Queens v Falkirk

    Ha, ha. I did think someone would mention them when I posted that.
  8. Queens v Falkirk

    If we must have percussion instruments at football, I would go for the bongos. A high tempo, bongo rhythm would lend itself to the Scottish game. Failing that we could go all strings and introduce a cello. Not so uplifting but it would add a touch of class, particularly if you go for a falafel wrap at the pie shop.
  9. Queens v Falkirk

    I hear it was a local lino that was called in at short notice that gave it. Tory b*****d.
  10. Queens v Falkirk

  11. Queens v Falkirk

    f**k sake.
  12. Queens v Falkirk

    Dobbie hit the bar.
  13. Queens v Falkirk

    No need to worry.
  14. I would be hoping to be in that squad too. Just behind Kirsty Wark.