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  1. Oh no, I welcome this level of patter. The perma seethe is fantastic. They are like night and day from the last time they were down here. Hopefully they will lighten up a bit when the season gets under way.
  2. Indeed. It makes you wonder why they spent so much time howling at the moon about it.
  3. His first ashes appearance in a few days time.
  4. Not one of his better games to be fair. I think he will be one of Chelsea’s first changes.
  5. The good thing is that if Hearts happened to be top of the league after two games in October (and there was a second wave) I am sure they would object to calling the season. 😇
  6. I know you are being deliberately obtuse here. In short completely overreacting to a situation. RM is known and loved for it.
  7. In fairness, he has a point. There are some major overreactions going on, which are generally the preserve of RM. I’m not sure what cancelling your sky subscription will do, but it is a recommended course of action on KB as a result of the relegation.
  8. Well they were part of the original Self Preservation League in1998.
  9. Indeed, but I think we will be running on a skeleton staff for a couple of months yet.
  10. I like all the chat of potential new signings. However, everybody will be shipping players out rather than looking to add to a squad for a long time yet.
  11. Another good goal. Dortmund have been good to watch.
  12. Two cracking goals from Dortmund and I can see them adding and another two or three if they fancy it.
  13. The players name are below the shirt number. It has been that way for years in Germany.
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