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  1. All the rest of the championship games straight to penalties over the course of a weekend at Hampden.
  2. Surely the vast majority of managers are sacked these days. Why walk away from a contract without a penny when you can negotiate a settlement to bugger off? At the end of the day it is still the sack by ‘mutual agreement’. I would imagine the Ayr game will be the final straw if we don’t win. On that basis I would hope the board have drawn up a shortlist already. Who will be on it though?
  3. In navy it would have been a cracking home top.
  4. It would be the kind thing to do. A long and drawn out demise is never pleasant.
  5. The time for worrying has passed. We are going down and to be honest it is overdue. We should have gone down last season. Partick are not as bad as Falkirk were last season and more importantly, they are better than us.
  6. I would imagine so. I think the next game is after the big Brexit leaving do.
  7. Spot on. There is no excuse for not having a full compliment of subs. Naysmith did the same too. Surely a bit of first team experience for these lads wouldn’t go a miss.
  8. It does seem odd that a good result for you guys is being overshadowed by this. Mind you, most clubs have at least one arsehole in a senior position. Why they continue to be there and what they bring to the role nobody knows.
  9. That being the case I would imagine an e-mail or call to the club would be able sort out any misunderstanding fairly quickly.
  10. That does seem over the top to be fair. However, you said the media team mentioned inappropriate language and personal abuse. was there any that you could see?
  11. I suppose the big question is was there any personal attack or inappropriate language used in the tweets? If not, then it seems over the top. If there was then you reap what you sow.
  12. Not at all. That’s football and of course we will always have Brexit. X
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