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  1. Game over. Wales have only themselves to blame. They have shown absolutely no desire to get anything from the game. A miserable night and tournament in general for them.
  2. Yeah, but if they want it to be in their own hands they need to go for it. The way things are going they will be lucky to have shot on goal never mind win the game.
  3. For a team needing to win 4 or 5 nil they haven’t laid a glove on them. Meekly accepting their fate so far.
  4. Happy and a bit surprised to be in third place. However, it is my strikers that are doing all the heavy lifting so far. Game week three could be a low scoring week with France, Brazil and Portugal already qualified.
  5. It has been a shocker and is in danger of getting switched over at half time.
  6. Most of the kits at this World Cup are rotten, although the Portugal one is particularly offensive. The Brazil kit is the best in my opinion.
  7. Lawrenson should have be binned at least 5 years before he was. He just couldn’t be arsed and didn’t even try to disguise the fact.
  8. I like her. She comes across well and makes a lot of decent points. Not sure what the issue is with her.
  9. That was the best game I have seen so far at this World Cup. Played at a decent pace and end-to-end for most of the match. Some cracking goals too. Hopefully tonight’s game will be more of the same.
  10. No real surprise. With all the off field drama, it has been a bad week for FIFA.
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