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  1. Have you tried logging off and logging back on?
  2. Go back to your constituencies and prepare for parliament.
  3. Who is furious though? All people from from the south of Scotland?
  4. That second half was a tough watch. A great defensive performance though. A wee bit of luck in there too, but we will take that all day. I imagine the Serbia game will follow a similar pattern and we coped well. So a lot of encouragement there.
  5. In fairness, even the best strikers in the world can miss a sitter.
  6. Agreed. The season hasn’t started in earnest yet. It is a huge step up for the lad and he will take time to find his feet. However, I am all for giving him some time to do so.
  7. What caught your eye though? There must be a couple of examples you can share with me. 🤔
  8. Three draws on the trot for us so far. A fourth wouldn’t surprise me and I would take that at the moment.
  9. I am neither up nor down to be honest. However,, I would just like your thoughts on Cochrane tonight. C’mon MS, a few observations isn’t too much to ask.
  10. Never mind that, what did you think about Cochrane’s performance?
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