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  1. So it looks like the bum pincher will be the one that hands Boris his arse. I suppose it was inevitable.
  2. Hopefully a few more will desert the sinking ship. It is good to see.
  3. Probably tanning a line or two in the PM’s bog and feeling like a million dollars. Get the tunes on!
  4. Sad to hear our former keeper Andy Goram has past away aged 58. edited to add. IOur former player manager Drew Busby also passed away the other day too. RIP
  5. The the obligatory blurry picture of A. Trialist (nearest the camera) from Queens game away to Raith tonight. Credit to @Slipmat for the pic.
  6. That is a relief. I would be surprised if anyone gambled on him again. He seems to have been completely disinterested in football for several years. It would be madness if any team decided to blow a significant part of their budget on him.
  7. Well, there is of course a chance they can turn the negative from last season into a positive this coming season. I would be delighted if they do.
  8. That was the team on the last league game of the 11/12 relegation season v Champions Ross County.
  9. Oh, I am not sure about that. There are about 7 or 8 players in that side that I would take over last seasons lot.
  10. Fair play to you. You have taken a lot more positives from last season than I have. Winning a mini league with Ayr, Morton and Dunfermline meant absolutely nothing in the end. The only league the mattered was the Championship and we finished bottom of that. Only the second time we have done that in our Full Time professional era. Don’t get me wrong we had poor sides in the seasons leading up to 21/22. However, they didn’t get relegated. It is a results industry and if our sole aim at the start of each of the those four seasons was to stay up then the class of 21/22 failed, whereas the others achieved their objective. Of course, you can point to the Covid hit season where the league was abandoned. We will never know how that would have played out. However, it would also have required Patrick to pick up points and there was no absolute guarantee of that. Losing the majority of our games last season by the odd goal is still losing. You don’t get a bonus point for keeping the score line close. You also seem to be squarely putting the blame on the strikers and absolving everyone one else for last season. No doubt the strikers were shite, but over 36 games did everyone else regularly do their job to an acceptable level? Once more, I think the final league table suggests that wasn’t the case. How many times did we string a run of winning league games together over the course of the season? I admire your positivity about last season and the quality of the players used. However, you seem to be arguing they were a lot better than results suggest. Nothing can take away from the fact that they were the worst team in the league and were relegated. Something no other Queens squad had suffered in over a decade. That is a compelling reason to judge them so harshly, particularly when you consider some of the shite that had gone before them.
  11. You are of course entitled to your opinion, but I am not swayed by your argument. The best squad we have had in four seasons? While that isn’t saying much, we still managed to get ourselves relegated in what was arguably the poorest championship in that period. Furthermore, it was clear to everyone from long before Christmas that relegation was a distinct possibility. Yet we lumbered on with AJ, while others around us got shot of their non- performing managers’ to give themselves a fighting chance. Lets not kid ourselves that the squad of 21/22 were unlucky. They won a grand total of 8 league games all season. Our strikers couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a shovel. We would genuinely have been better off with a strikeforce of me and you. However the blame shouldn’t solely be pinned on the strikers, we couldn’t keep teams out either. I think we lost 19 league games. Across a 36 game season this points to collective failings across all areas and on a regular basis. You also mention that we were competitive in our games with Ayr, Morton and Dunfermline but bottled it elsewhere. We remarkably still had survival in our own hands with two games left. Cue a 1-1 draw at home to Ayr, losing the equaliser with 8 minutes to go. We then go and beat Dunfermline when there is nothing at stake for us. No disrespect, but the teams around us weren’t exactly brilliant themselves - but they didn’t need to be. They just needed to be slightly better than us, which the final league table tells us they were. We have signed a fair few of the players from last season. I genuinely hope that we can get a tune from the players that remain and put in a challenge. However, It shouldn’t be taken as a given, based on the clear evidence of last season.
  12. Teams that finish bottom of the league tend not to have too much quality about them. Certainly, that was the case with us last season - all over the park. Yes, some were better than others, and will have had a few good games and we can perhaps add him to that group. However, I doubt any of them will have a particularly long highlights reel from the season. Of course, they might thrive in a lower league and with different team mates. The Queens team from last season is the poorest I have seen since we turned full-time, well over a decade ago. Closely followed by the squad from the season before.
  13. Exactly. By December last season I wouldn’t have shed a tear if the lot of them were binned. I don’t think it is unreasonable to say they were shite. The ones that remain have an opportunity turn things around and I hope they do. The ones that have moved on - good luck to them. However, It is far from the end of the world that they have gone.
  14. Unless you are Liverpool FC, when you can use your leverage to get the council to issue compulsory purchase orders. Queens and D&G Council have the leverage of an over ripe banana. I am sure the owners of the houses would piss themselves laughing at any attempt to buy them out.
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