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  1. Incredible level of double standards. Ayr is apparently a shithole because Labour withhold wedge. Scotland is a shithole not because of the Scottish government withholding wedge but because of WESTMINSTERRRRR!!! Talk about tying yourself in knots...
  2. http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/2015/01/the-bbc-blaming-the-jews-for-attacks-on-jews/ The media keeps telling us all how ordinary muslims are not culpable for the actions of Islamic terrorists and should not therefore have recriminations against them. At the same time they are saying that ordinary Jews are culpable for the actions of Israel and making them targets is understandable. Double standard? That above is from the comments section. Fair? What the hell was Wilcox thinking about here?
  3. One person turned up for the public consultation in Dundee. Who is clutching at straws?
  4. Maybe the kumbaya brigade will manage to veto this commitment once they are allowed to vote on policy?
  5. No. They seem to be high fiving each other for NOT spending this wedge and being parsimonious. They've deliberately withheld this money that was there to be spent while whining about austerity cut being imposed from WM. What a shower of mendacious p***ks. I wonder what poverty they could have alleviated by showering the poors with nearly half a billion sheets?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L1WOnR2KBY I reckon it was Fred
  7. Remind everyone what stellar contribution you make? You have to post whiny pish like the above just to remind people you are a registered poster don't you? "Oh aye,,,,,,him.."
  8. I would think so. Theyll hold the two they have now (Carswell is a cert anyway) probably, and maybe a couple more .
  9. The tories will be the biggest party. I guess they can do a deal with whoever they like. But at least it won't be the useless SNP. The SNP dont work with Toreeeeeesssssss unless they happen to be propping up their minority government at Holyrood between 2007 and 2011
  10. There s plenty of seats in that same position. If you stand for a parliamentary seat and make a go of it the party will notice this and maybe bung you into a marginal next time. There are plenty of ways to move about politically if thats what you are wanting to do. Another contemporary was the scandal hit Mark Menzies We used to absolutely rip the piss out him, but he stuck at it and is an MP now. Thats what he had always wanted to do and he went for it. Obviously the winnable seats for a Scots tory up here is negligable thatnks to the inbuilt Labour advantage as well as the gerrymandered seats so he ended up in Fylde.
  11. I was studying at the time and working full time and didn't have the spare time to actually do any council work. I went through the vetting process, did the rounds of interviews etc. Was offered a few marginals including the area I lived in at the time. But I didn't want to even have a sniff at a win. My mate had stood as a paper candidate back in the early 90s while he was studying for his PhD and he actually won unexpectedly much to his irritation. He did manage to soldier on but he was overcommitted. I saw his particular travails and decided to stand in the statistically second worse seat for the tories in the entire council A seat that they hadn't even bothered standing a candidate last time out. That worked best all round for everyone. Back in the day this was a fairly routine way to cut your teeth. I ended up getting more and more scunnered with the tories and lost interest in standing for them. My mate currently works for John Scott and is also used by the likes of Davidson for speechwriting and pish like that. My mate who unexpectedly won the council seat never went for a round two and is lecturing in some shitty uni somewhere abroad. The guy I was agent for a few times, including standing for the last strathclyde region elections is the policy director of the SCC. It was quite a good experience. I actually enjoyed the selection process most of all and it was actually very rigorous indeed.
  12. Kinnock increased the Labour vote over Foot by quarter of a million votes. You really aren't very good at this are you?
  13. Foot lost nearly 400k Labour voters in Scotland. Labour had about 180k more votes than the Tories in '83. Obviously this gave them nearly double the amount of seats than the tories, but thats the way it goes. The nationalists were a complete irrelevance.
  14. The same reason? No. Its not the same reason at all you fucking gimp.
  15. I dont know that events in France will necessarily boost Ukip. Why would it? We have had plenty of "incidents" involving islamic nutters in our own country anyway and will have plenty more. Ukip aren't racist unless you think the Norwegians are also racist? Ukips policy on immigration and booting out failed asylum seekers and troublemakers pretty much mirrors Norways. Its probably way too late to matter now anyway as we will breed plenty of our own islamic madmen now just as France has. We will just have to live with it The chat from the BBC and the left in general is one of "anti muslim backlash", which has never really happened in this country and I am not sure it will for a long time. We are pretty tolerant people. We don't mind folk practising their religion as long as they don't make a nuisance of themselves and most of the west is the same .Ironically, the hate mosques get police protection in the aftermath of any islamic inspired incident. Just as happened after Rigby was slaughtered in broad daylight a while back in Woolwich. Ukip are too late now anyway. maybe if it had been nipped in the bud 20 odd years ago, but theres no chance now.
  16. What do you think it means you fucking imbecile.
  17. Standing in front of it just before it arrives at 70mph would probably be the best place for you.
  18. I already knew. Patriotism and nationalism are different. Patriotism is fine with me, nationalism can get to f**k.
  19. I'm not really as fixated on Murphy as Scottish nationalists seem to be.
  20. I find this surprising for one main reason....
  21. It was a real tearjerker wasn't it? I think he completely made it up all the same.
  22. Which is different from nationalism. duh
  23. Most nats seem to be fixated on shite like flags and historical grievances. Its just how they roll. Its the shittiest type of politics imaginable and its peddled by the shittiest people too.
  24. You have zero evidence for this. Meanwhile UK police have stepped up security to protect our very small Jewish community here. I wonder why our UK Jews are under threat?
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