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  1. I deemed it too good a chance to miss sticking the boot into the ridiculous SNP. The fact it's got utter fannies like you whining is also good.
  2. Quite a good Panorama last night I thought. Some Muslims themselves agreeing with me that the problem is actually Islam itself. Good to know that in spite of the buckled lefty fucks having got all bent out of shape over the past few days in here because I dared to challenge their shitty views of the world that we are gradually getting to the crux of the problem. And the crux of the problem is Islam itself and its complete incompatibility with the way we live in the West. Its just a pity we cant get to enjoy all that diversity from particular (growing according to Panorama) sections and that they want to kill us. But hey ho. When Merkel came out and said that multiculturalism had failed in Germany she was right. And the problem has been Islam. Just as it has been a problem wherever it has gone.
  3. Well you don't when it inconveniences your argument. Clearly.
  4. If you apologise for French Jews being targeted and murdered because of "Israel".
  5. Learn to quote ffs You're absolutely desperate for a "leftie" to claim that the "Jews brought it on themselves" Fortunately a certain Mr Wilcox of the BBC did just that in the interview I linked to. Just exactly the same as the lefty routine about how the west has brought this down on ourselves. It didn't though. Neither did those Jews deserve it because of something to do with Israel. You couldn't be more .*****mified if you tried.
  6. The one he cut about on at Waterloo or the present one that is kept near Girvan?
  7. They'll be well aware. But like most other normal people they will just ignore them as the loony left. We've been there and done that in the UK, thanks.
  8. Firmly in "two legs good four legs bad" territory here with the clown collective.
  9. Look forward to seeing this in both manifestos in the next couple of months. Should be great! Is it not now the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant though nowadays?
  10. So there,s been nothing going on all across Europe then? Okayyy And it's fine for you to come out with unsubstantiated stuff for your own purposes? I was asking why French Jews had been getting targeted. Ive heard some folk saying it was just that the hypermarket was "convenient" and that the guy was a rogue operator (which his videos seem to refute). A Jewish primary school was targeted in the recent past as well with a nine year old girl being shot in the head in front of her classmates. That wasn't just convenient either, that, like the kosher supermarket, was a deliberate target. Why are French Jews a deliberate target or have they'like us. "brought it on themselves" for some reason. And what is that reason? I'll get "humpty" when people draw wrong conclusions as you seem to be doing.
  11. I've never banned myself. You have banned YOURSELF.
  12. I may not like some of their views on things. Doesn't mean I hate them. I don't particularly like your views on things, doesn't mean I hate you. Unless thats YOUR particular mindset? Is it?
  13. Away and ban yourself again you fucking trumpet.
  14. Yes, you made it up. Thanks for the confirmation. Do you actually know what polling of various muslim communities across has Europe shown about their attitudes towards certain things? I suspect you do as its been reported in various mainstream media outlets during "quiet spells". Including the Guardian.
  15. I despise the religion. Thats not the same as hating Muslims is it? You pony yourself up as an atheist. Presumably you find religion hilarious but I doubt you hate people with a particular faith do you?
  16. Cant wait for the 200th anniversary of Waterloo programmes this year. Plenty of Scots interest there as they fought to end Napoleons ambitions for Europe.
  17. Why? You volunteered to leave. Your ban was self imposed because you'd made a c**t of yourself and the mods simply did what was requested of them by you.
  18. Confidemus, with nothing worthwhile to contribute, attacks poster shocker.
  19. Cohen is a mainstream journalist who writes for several different outlets. The piece he is referring to was by the BBC. The Spectator is a mainstream political journal of long standing with many different mainstream journalists writing for it. You are a clown
  20. He's been a bit rudderless since that club dece thing a few years ago, He's clearly toiling badly without a group of "mates" to merge in with.
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