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  1. Ive never mewled about the system. I did mewl about the way Labour carved up many of the constituencies during their boundary review when Blair came to power which made it even less likely that there would be any tory representation in Scotland. Thats just how it goes. If the tories get into power again for the first time since 1992 I'd fully expect them to do the exact same.
  2. From memory. That was deemed "ok" by the clown collective because he is their hero and nothing he says or does is ever to be questioned. I'm sure XBL made a totally convincing case that it was "ok" at the time.
  3. Yayyy!!!! You've been saying that for everything I've posted since 2007. It has just as much impact now as it did then.
  4. Yes. Which is what I said. It takes over 400,000 votes to return one Tory MP in the FPTP GE so I wouldn't be holding your breath for a Ukip MP up here. They still polled higher than the real loony left up here at the last opportunity we had to vote, including the greens.
  5. Maybe not. But I agree with Merkel that it hasn't worked. Unlucky. Thanks for playing. Sheds. Etc.
  6. Was he interviewing someone for a national broadcaster in the aftermath of religious murders? You reckon I'M making a tit of myself as well.
  7. Well she isn't going to say that is she? She, unlike the clowns you support, probably isn't into dividing her nation up. The fact is that she DID say multiculturalism has utterly failed. Just as it has here. And everywhere else in Europe. And the reason it has failed is certain elements of Islam simply refusing to integrate. Isn't it? Or maybe its something else? You tell me.
  8. But they count for far less than there are Ukip voters in Scotland. The fact is the Ukip vote has grown in Scotland from nowhere. Why is that?
  9. I would, yes. Nuclear is actually carbon free and it actually works. Unlike wind.
  10. I was just wondering how the whiny nat clown collective were getting on with their attempt to "get her in hot water"?
  11. Even more amazing that you don't see the point being made.
  12. Its a shame folk like Walden weren't around to forensically examine the likes of Salmond, Sturgeon, Darling, Cameron and whoever during the referendum campaign. The rage at his impertinence would have been hilarious. Neil is of that ilk as was Paxman before he lost his mojo. We need far more of this type of journalism, not less of it.
  13. This is certainly backed up by the pre referendum comments of the now departed fat minister who went to great lengths to reassure real Scots that there was absolutely no fucking WAY that we would be watching English filth like Eastenders in an independent Scotland.
  14. The most famous Paxman interview was his destruction of the Tory Michael Howard. Of course, we now know that Paxman himself is a vile Tory and therefore asks Torrreeeessss pat a cake questions so they get a much easier ride .
  15. Isn't Neil viewed as a Lord Haw Haw type figure by the clown collective? He has renounced his Scottishness and he's also a filthy Tooooreeee who certain NEVER interviews Toorrreeeessss in such a robust fashion.
  16. Why would real Scots EVER want to watch a bunch of Cockneys toiling away? Or a bunch of northern folk in Coronation Street or Emmerdale or whatever? What could possibly interest Scots with these culturally different people?
  17. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2010/oct/17/angela-merkel-german-multiculturalism-failed Not the first time she has said it has failed miserably. She said this in 2010 ^^ in the wake of one of her coalition members claiming that there should be a halt to Turkish and Arabic immigration. I'm not sure what faith these people may practice, but I sure could take a wild guess.
  18. http://order-order.com/2015/01/13/so-much-for-green-crap-cams-cash-from-sam-dads-wind-farm/#disqus_thread Just thought the green idiots would like to see how the money is getting funnelled directly out of their pockets and directly into the pockets of wealthy landowners. I'm sure they havent realised yet that they are having the pish utterly ripped out of them. Maybe someday it will sink into their thick skulls.
  19. Brent crude at $47.43 at close of play yesterday. Salmond was pricing his economic plans at a "pessimistic" $113 a barrel. But his more optimistic scenario was for £150 a barrel. The one year forecast just now is $52 a barrel. oh dear
  20. Didn't happen. COULDN'T have. Scotland is a left wing country remember!!!!
  21. Trying to push the idea that Scots are culturally different. Its similar to that idiot Colkitto banging on about TV that isn't Scottish enough. Its nationalism, its what they do.
  22. You don't pay a licence fee. You still live at your mums.
  23. I'm a member of the local Tory party. I voted Ukip at the European elections so the SNP didn't get a third seat to crow about and it seems to be something that the nat clown collective have got themselves really bent out of shape about which is a fantastic bonus.
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