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  1. my lovely horse ...the divine comedy
  2. Gigolo Aunt..Syd Barrett oh and effervescing elephant...it worries the f**k out of me that track...
  3. I am the Resurrection: The Stone Roses
  4. step on. Happy Mondays my son loves that tune..
  5. Da Maskers .Saw Her In A Mustang. 60,s Dutch Garage punk at its finest.
  6. any of you bother your arse with records any more?I`ve got a room in the house which is like John Cusicks in High Fidelity.Records piss all over CD`s in my opinion.
  7. listening to The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard and Clark and on record too. Glastonbury has looked really shite this year.
  8. Who Do You Love :Bo Diddley some good lines in that song.
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