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  1. What was the muslim popilation of the uk say in 1965? And what is it now? Do the same across Europe. How many are "converts",? Islam is a cancer in our society.
  2. If that was half white half blue I reckon thats your permanent expression.
  3. Yes. He was wheeled out yesterday to unzip and give the clown collective something to suck on. I wonder what the underspend is for referendum year. I bet its horrible.
  4. THe SNP apparently. Havent heard a single thing from them pressing the government for this all the same. I reckon its just a figment of Strickens fevered imagination. Still waiting for Parp and Wizbit to explain how 11% of the Scottish economy is a "bonus".
  5. Its £95 actually. And thats only for onshore. Whats solar? Hinckley will be 92.50 and this drops under 90 once sizewell goes ahead. Unlucky as they say. Did you find out that coals the cheapest way to generate electricity yet as you frantically howked through google?
  6. I don't hear them pressing the government on this. I only hear them bitch whining about the oil and gas sector. Why?
  7. Yep. The strike price has already been agreed for Hinckley and its cheaper than Wind is NOW. Both on and offshore. Didn't you know that?
  8. The one year projection is currently $52 a barrel. The old Swinney tactic. We dont have to worry about it because we have the protection of the utterly huge UK economy
  9. And what relevance has yours got? Its pretty basic stuff that you get taxed on profit. I was just wondering why supposed socialists are calling for tax breaks etc for a particular industry?
  10. Expensive energy fucks the economy over. We will see that low oil prices is a boost for the economy in the next year or so or however long it lasts. We should be doing all we can to make electricity as cheap as possible. Bin the green targets completely. No need for them anyway.
  11. No lets just keep it to the past thirty of forty years. We've imported Islam. And Islam is causing a problem because elements wont integrate which has led to the likes of Merkel admitting that the multicultural experiment has "utterly failed". Even muslims themselves admitted this on Panorama on Monday night.
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