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  1. This is a bit like Saints fans that are adamant that they should be involved in every decision made by the club since we became fan owned. The answer is the same in both cases. Fan / Government owned doesn't (and shouldn't) mean fan / government run.
  2. Seriously ? You are predicting that the impending recession coupled with energy price rises in the 100s of % will not put a single company out of business ???
  3. A waffle shop opened in Ayr recently. It opens for a few hours a week and bearing in mind this is high summer season I assume this will be it's "busy" time. It appears to be Eastern European guys running it when they can be arsed opening. All in all a very odd operating model.
  4. That is beyond sick. That is absolutely ridiculous that anyone never mind an MP is using the final hours of a young person's life as a cheap publicity stunt and photo opportunity. She is scum.
  5. Tait nowadays gives me the fear full stop. He really isn't suited to a back 3 / 5 formation any more. His lack of pace and mobility is glaringly obvious.
  6. Ayunga has 5 already, he will score goals probably as many as the likes of Obika did. The problem is a lack of goals from elsewhere. We really need to find goals from midfield like we had last couple of seasons. Carson is giving most folk the fear I suspect. That second goal yesterday looks awful !
  7. He was excellent last Sunday so I assume you didn't see that one !!!
  8. On one hand it's amazing that folk like Jones have built a conspiracy theory industry but on the other it's totally obvious why when even in this tiny, minuscule sample of life that is PnB you see quite a few who fall hook, line and sinker for the utter nonsense these nutters spout. I just cannot grasp where the conspiracy theory believers tipped into that LaLa land and why but the Jones' of this world haven had to graft too hard to amass their fortunes from the gullible.
  9. You hope that Sky take him off air ? The same Sky that employs Jamie Carragher after he was caught on film spitting in a young lassies face ?
  10. Pittodrie is never a happy hunting ground for us in the best of times and this feels a good bit away from the best of times so I would snap your arm off (just above the waist) for even a point in this despite the very obvious improvement in performance last weekend.
  11. Greedy selfish b*****ds, that's probably 10% on Amazon wages [emoji12]
  12. And you can find a branch open more than a gallon of petrol drive away !
  13. Any reason why on P Power Utd have gone from 5s to 11/2 then 6s now 13/2 tonight within about 3 hours. Do they know something of is it just folk shovelling on against a Scottish team in Europe.
  14. Who's got the Chemical Ali gif ? Jesus wept man you need to step away from the internet, that's just crazy talk.
  15. Got to play the loan market for that little bit of something extra. Robinson hasn't gone there so far so I'm assuming we might see a bit of quality come in via that route but that's far more likely in the dimming embers of the transfer window.
  16. I've had thousands of worse nights to be fair !
  17. Plenty time yet, we didn't have Ronan this time last season remember.
  18. Given the news yesterday I'm stunned there wasn't a call for the death penalty in cases involving treason.
  19. I think the biometrics are intended to monitor and record your entry and exit once this comes in rather than actual staff looking at dates on passport stamps. So far it's been difficult to enforce the 90 days rule this is intended to help do just that.
  20. Been all over the Amalfi coast over the years, one of my favourite places. Naples itself is tremendous but it's so manic a day or two in a couple of weeks is plenty. Good train network in the area makes it easy to do Herculaneum (way better than Pompeii imo), Pompeii, Sorrento and even up Vesuvius (fantastic on a hot day). It will be hot so pace yourself in the heat if the day. Wee tip for Sorrento, there was a bar called the Banana Split right on the road into town. If it's still there sit on the terrace for an hour in the evening and just marvel at the most bonkers road scenes you will ever see and hear. Capri is beautiful but damn expensive. Positano and Analfi itself are stunning. Get about by ferry as the coast road us crazy too. Food is out if this world. Hard to get a bad meal if you stick to fish, pasta and pizza.
  21. I take it the Kinc was on a mammoth bender celebrating the woman's Euro triumph by his adopted homeland ?
  22. Think you need to go for a wee lie down, maybe a few sleepy cuddles ?
  23. Whit ???? He did more in 20m without a pre season than the test did in the previous 70m.
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