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  1. Clubs are not even open and if they were is there a "Grab-a-Granny" night on a Saturday as that was what he was dressed for !!!
  2. The Jack Ross graph would be another classic inverse V shape.
  3. How good was it to have a proper away day out yesterday. Christ I've missed those despite the tender head this morning although it's passing now.
  4. Going by the 11.41 out of Kilwinnig the replacement bus isn't putting many off, it's pretty busy.
  5. No one would surely touch JRM with the proverbial barge pole ?
  6. As I said not my employer but visitors need to comply same as staff. Absolutely being driven by unions (all unions) but that in itself should surprise no one. It's being used as a weapon to encourage uptake of permanent WFH now. That's the aim of many employers and the public sector in particular now. Given how few actually took one of the opt outs for permanent WFH in my main place if employment I don't think too much encouragement is required.
  7. Funnily enough I've had a very similar email from a WoS LA under the heading of return to work. If you are categorised as "hybrid" (majority are categorized as home workers going forward) you may return to the office once the WFH restrictions are removed but they are insisting on LF testing and SD plus masks when that day actually comes. Thankfully (well pre Covid anyway) I only had to visit one of their offices about once every couple of months but their HQ building houses around 600 staff at that time. Seems those unable to be classed as home workers for whatever reason are going to be subject to a "new normal". Wonder how long this will go on for.
  8. I like your optimism but it's the 20th January hence in Scotland we are months from "the better weather"
  9. Why do the press describe every Brit tennis player beaten at a tournament as "crashing out". They have been knocked out, there has been no element of "crashing" !
  10. Wishful thinking but the Charkes-Cook boy at RC would definitely fit that bill.
  11. Sorry mate it was tongue in cheek as it has been discussed at length throughout the thread.
  12. Two like that have appeared today . Also Raithrovers84 with about a dozen post with a homophobic zinger as an opening shot. Odd behaviour.
  13. And in news just in....car crash in a tunnel in Paris....and some ship has hit an iceberg....
  14. Not really it was Thomo, Foster and Faddy last night. Thankfully Stewart was nowhere to be seen.
  15. They wouldn't have noticed much different at Uni to be fair. Far greater disruption than schools
  16. Going by that shadow you climb dressed as a Victorian Lady !
  17. That booing of Souttar tonight is an utter disgrace. A total fucking embarrassment.
  18. Remember it like yesterday from the North Bank. A proper Scottish football WTAF moment
  19. You say that yet our last 3 games have been the boys v Septic, away at Ibrox then Utd at Tannadice and we have collected 4 points. I reckon we might well kick on a bit from here
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