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  1. You take that "risk" everywhere you go. I don't think many folk see the vaccine passport as "keeping them safe" even NS publicly states it's an uptake tool.
  2. So they don't go to an event then vaccinated or not, passport or not. No idea what point you are trying to make here. No one who gets a positive test should be going to any event whether that event requires a passport or not. The passport is a (very crude) vaccine uptake tool, nothing more or less. You borderline anti vaxx stance will obviously not sit comfortably with that.
  3. So no problem then. Contacts test negative they go about their normal business. Hee haw to do with vaccine passports
  4. He saying folk positive for Covid "could" go to an event. That's total fuckwit behaviour vaccinated or not.
  5. Only an uber c**t would go to any event knowing they had Covid so it's not much of an argument. That goes for a vaccinated or unvaccinated being. Not sure how many times you need to be reminded that the motivation is not an attempt to stop infected people attending events as you constantly keep thinking it is.
  6. Off to Sunderland for a family doo this weekend. Got tickets for Sunderland v Charlton on Saturday and have the app up and running just in case. Got Belfast next weekend so will 100% need it there, this might be a good trial. Hopefully I don't return from England like another poster did in such a blind rage that I feel compelled to post that I want the NHS immediately privatised !!!
  7. Wouldn't take my old shoes but used boxers / knickers, aye fine !
  8. Sauvignon, Honey and Kiwifruit.....the staple diet of the great British working man / woman.
  9. Your mad as a box of frogs. Bacofoil shares on the rise !
  10. Bad how ? It shows you are about 5 x more likely to die if unvaccinated than vaccinated and your take is.....bad ????
  11. I know a vegetarian who drinks Bovril !!!
  12. Journalists GAGGING for restrictions here. They appear genuinely furious that they were not announced.
  13. The thing is the public are doing it voluntarily.
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