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  1. Our back line looks as strong as it ever has in years !!!
  2. Haaland is the next world superstar imo. Ronaldo/ Messi have had a good run at it but their time is coming to an end. This boy is a total one off. Tall, strong, quick for his size, great first touch and an amazing eye for goal. He will go to the very top very quickly. I'm sure McKenna will have him in his pocket (assuming we meet)
  3. Sandpaper (plus the sandpaper like skins of fish belonging to the dog fish family), Crunchies (the chocolate bar) and peach skins are my "cotton wool"
  4. Its Ayr v one cheek and the other cheek at home to one of the few lower league teams left. You read it here first.
  5. That is just bollocks, he had nothing to do defensively.
  6. Indeed Archie Gemmell replaced Jim Clunie for Saints v Clydebank in August 1966 to start the ball rolling
  7. But yet Malky the economic genius predicts rate rises just a few posts back. We are YEARS away from any situation where rates will be raised to combat inflation, possibly a generation away to use his own vernacular. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/jan/12/uk-interest-rate-cut-looms-larger-as-latest-policymaker-backs-move
  8. I seem to remember these "top" clubs arbitrarily canceling games early season to play "lucrative, glamour " friendlies so they can jog on with any talk of fixture congestion !
  9. Is this the same League of Ireland where teams from their top division regularly were pumped by the likes of Elgin in the Irn Bru diddy cup thing. They don't half talk shite !!!
  10. Rats deserting the sinking ship springs to mind.
  11. Is crinkled a new look looks like the whole kit needs ironing !
  12. One of my favourite statements in recent years.
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