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  1. Don't know if you read the full submission from the SPFL but costs have still to be decided after yesterday's verdict. That will be decided by a separate process but given the length of the enquiry and the judicial parties involved they will be considerable. I suspect Saints and Killie may yet have to pay those too.
  2. A little yes. Seems extreme but obviously risk assessment has deemed it necessary.
  3. Unbelievable that the vaccine is being transported under escort and in unmarked lorries to prevent anti vaxxers attempting any sort of sabotage attack. Hopefully any escort is unmarked / covert or it makes a farce of it being in unmarked lorries !!!
  4. Had to be done, those ski chalets need filling and our govt will do everything possible to support the European ski industry !!!
  5. Who is doing well out of Covid ? Bit of a strange remark. It seems to be annoying some supporters that the majority of Saints fans are not in some sort of mental tail spin at today's events. Worse things happen at sea as the saying goes and as I stated earlier I don't expect this to stop us staying up. Footballing wise it's been a positive few weeks and there is little we as fans can do about off field happenings. Best just to take it all in your stride, roll up the sleeves and get on with things. It's what most sensible thinking folk do.
  6. Not sure you could award teams points then at a later date reverse that.
  7. FWIW I'd still be surprised and disappointed to be relegated. Still perfectly able to stay up this season. Hopefully this has a galvanising effect
  8. I suspect the only difference between the way Saints, Killie and Motherwell or Hamilton have been dealing with the issues is the former pair got caught. Message sent now so everyone will be toeing the line. I'd be surprised if the other clubs had been doing much different it's just we were the unlucky ones whose actions resulted in positive cases and hence postponements
  9. I assume all clubs would have been following similar protocols as Killie and Saints re bus travel and pre match meals, it's just we both got caught and now the others will ensure they won't. The car sharing is utterly ridiculous and players and officials should get their arses well and truly kicked for that.
  10. If you watched the whole thing VTam and Bozo had a bit of a spat a couple of times over removing restrictions, clearly there us a difference of opinion there. He also said more than once that the level of folk refusing the vaccine will dictate directly the removal of restrictions. The woman ITV wheeled out said "months" of masks, SD and avoiding crowds AFTER the majority are vaccinated so we can "see what's the protection levels are like in reality". I thought that's what all the trials and testing was for !
  11. No sorry forgot all about it today got bogged down with other stuff. Will try and remember this week
  12. No national 3 week school closure. LAs to continue to decide school holidays on a local basis. Odd decision presumably down to push back from the LAs themselves.
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