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  1. You have completely misunderstood that post (not for the first time). Read it again ! I was pointing out that the "young team" (under 50s) would need to suck it up (masks and SDing) even if 50s plus were locked down. There was no mention of an over 50s grounding meaning the likes of Todd could ditch existing measures like he would hope. Not like you to make a rip roaring c**t of yourself !!!
  2. This exactly and I can't see what anyone would find unpalatable about it.
  3. Where you getting over 65s from, it's over 50 that's being widely reported this weekend which would be totally unacceptable. Even with shielding the vulnerable there is no talk of that meaning the "young team" would be able to ditch masks and SDing. It's here for the long haul until the pandemic is declared over or we have a successful vaccine. You just need to suck it up, it's not that bad in the grand scheme of things. I want back to racing and football more than anything but I am realistic enough to realise it's a long way away from being possible without huge restrictions. It's just a matter of acceptance.
  4. Mundell....complainant a "she"....mmmmm.
  5. In what way, you advocate shielding the vulnerable, the BAME community come under that banner as much as over 50s. Where do you draw the line. Shielding the elderly didn't seem overly effective 1st time around going by the demographic of the dead you constantly quote to us.
  6. It's over 50s if the rumours today are to be believed. Utter lunacy.
  7. BAME 20% more likely to die of C19 than indigenous northern Europeans. Are we going to tell all ethnic minorities to shield just so the local white kids can keep on raving or packing the beaches. No, as that would rightly be seen as discrimination exactly as telling everyone over a certain age to do the same. I am of the opinion that you would literally do ANYTHING as long as you could could get your own life back to normal. Boris talking of telling millions over 50 to stay at home, lunacy !
  8. No suspension for the latest mystery Tory beast, quell surprise !
  9. Not this again, life over for everyone 65 or over so that you can carry on regardless. Do you really truthfully think that is remotely fair ? So much for the big inclusive society, I'm alright Jack rules. In an earlier post you were sympathetic towards parents too scared to send their kids back to school yet you come out with the "doesn't harm under 40s" line a few posts later, you are all over the shop here.
  10. What about Sky and the BBC running the Italy stories 24/7, hardly just social media that covered that story.
  11. Why do you think any government would be treating this virus with such massive caution given the obvious consequences if, like you state, it's virtually harmless. There has to be a reason why all these medical experts and politicians are so wrong. What do you think that explanation is, why would any government wreck society as we knew it for no good reason ???
  12. Who's the latest alleged Tory beast then ??.
  13. Saints win and BBQ going on shortly for these beauties
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