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  1. The same was said about a certain Mr Trump when he became president.
  2. What's that, Kilwinning? It's 100% genuinely the Gaelic name for Kilwinning - no "big team" comments required
  3. As a native of the currently maligned Ayrshire I'd like to point out that I frequently catch the train at the wonderfully named (Scotrail style) Cill D' Fhinnein. A more apt name for a town in any language I have yet to come across.
  4. This. The Tory press basically smearing the candidates who they see as a threat to their chosen one. As poisonous as the party itself, would stab their granny in the back if she was standing in their way.
  5. How any scout could watch those two games and think the Utd keeper was the better signing option is beyond me. Hladky must be worth well over a £1m on that scale !
  6. Their primary gripe here is we have had a well publicised "day in the sun" for winning the play off yet they finished 7th and have been roundly ignored. Just not box office enough I'm afraid, the fake tractor drivers.
  7. Also would explain their total apathy after the Nazon red card but just can't be as pre match he made some comments about having practiced penalties. He doesn't strike me as having much emotion, very little encouragement from him (or anger) seems very passive.
  8. Your coming across as a bitter twat for no obvious reason. It's all finished now so irrelevant. You can only judge how you would react if you ever find your club in that situation, it's just a massive sense of relief. You seem a tad peeved that the Saints are getting praised for winning a playoff final while the fakes were basically ignored for finishing 7th.
  9. Why, you think Utds players failure was down to opposition fans putting them off. Utter nonsense it's hardly a cauldron ffs.
  10. It's the use of "again" that is interesting. Not sure how many times a "sleeping giant" can be awoken again before they are no longer the sleeping giant they are perceived to be.
  11. I clearly remember our keeper making a good save when the diver was clean through first half too !
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