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  1. Not sure to be honest. I don't think anyone really does yet until someone in Europe actualy takes the leap and scraps all measures. Our masks regs are way more lax than the likes of Spain, Germany, France and Italy.
  2. Isn't the EU exit policy the much maligned on here vaccine passport system, some sort of EU wide green card for the fully vaccinated to be used to gain entry to sport, theatres etc plus other EU countries. Would folk accept that to ditch SD, capacity limits and masks over no obvious exit strategy ?
  3. They were referring to the clusters in England at the time. I still suspect it's all part of a "campaign" to get those who have been vaccine hesitant to take it as the UK as a whole appears to be not reaching herd immunity levels as it stands according to the boffins they had on last night.
  4. The dreaded "circuit breaker" was brought back up by "experts" on Newsnight last night. Seems some sort of short sharp shock is at least being considered again.
  5. Plus they are on a 5 weekly review cycle to our 3 so if not movement on 21 June it will be into August at the earliest.
  6. BBC coverage of Heathrow arrivals this morning showed umpteen folk queuing in that full protective gear. Bonkers.
  7. From a Covid take I think the Currents have a point re the deportation demo. I'm talking purely about the actual behaviour in George Square yesterday leaving Covid totally out of it. It was a total disgrace blatant Sectarian and thuggish behaviour.
  8. It was never illegal to hug anyone, it was totally up to personal responsibility.
  9. Quite possibly but its up to them to walk if they feel he is breaching that contract which without us knowing what the terms are is impossible for any if us to comment on. Presumably if his customers don't like it they will quite rightly take their business elsewhere.
  10. Nah I'd just take my business elsewhere. Pre all this shit there were plenty companies I wouldn't even consider giving my business too for umpteen different ethical reasons. Post pandemic the same applies. To think that every business needs to conform to your set of moral standards is nonsense totally brought on by this situation. This guys stance is 100% part of a free market economy and to think we can dictate otherwise is total nonsense.
  11. As non customers we can say what we like but he won't be giving two hoots. As I said any business owner can run their business as they see fit, ultimately only his customers get to pass judgement on that so what you or I think is totally irrelevant. We need to stop being judgemental and decide for ourselves who we choose to spend money with. We would never have agreed with every businesses policies pre pandemic so why would that change.
  12. Not my scene but those look magnificent
  13. Fair fucks to NS for actually going public in calling out the Rangers fans behaviour yesterday as "Sectarian" and even more specific "anti catholic" hopefully a shift in policy against decades of blatant and utter shite by "supporters" of the Rangers
  14. Up to him though, his customers will decide ultimately. We can't dictate admission policy to private business owners in any scenario. The public and his customers in particular will decide if he's right or wrong but as a non customer of his what you or I think is ultimately irrelevant. Some business's currently let folk in unmasked while others won't entertain it (speak to Oaky for the former) but we don't get to be judge and jury on that.
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