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  1. That will cost Businesses billions (and years) collectively to implement.
  2. We are keeping English as our 1st language you know, it's fine still to use it !
  3. Kwarteng not so much thrown under the bus more like thrown under a Juggernaut with a steam road roller following on behind. What a total omnishambles.
  4. Icmeler, watched it too, terrifying how quickly it spread up the hill. Was exactly opposite the beach we were on behind the island. Shit pic as I couldn't be arsed getting off my sunbed to take it [emoji3062]
  5. A club director announcing his resignation in what is basically a pub seems pretty unprofessional if true. It boils my piss that the better things go on the park, the more this little cabal of shit stirrers try to provoke unrest. I can't start to comprehend what their motivation or aim is, baffling stuff !!!
  6. Pure laziness on my part but anyone know the last time we won a game after going down to 10 then being pegged back. I'm really struggling to think of an occasional in any division never mind the top one ???
  7. Another thought from today. How good was it to have singing in 3 stands after the winner. Absolutely wonderful to see and long may it continue.
  8. I never get this slagging off the guys who were there for the lack of those who didn't go. Yes it was a rotten support today but the criticism should never be directed at those who did actually make the effort.
  9. One thing I would say about the Livi support, the % that post on here who actually go to the games must be high given the actual number in attendance.
  10. That in the circumstances was a fantastic result. Never really in the game with midfield totally bypassed by both teams but we stuck at it and ground out what in the end was a very unlikely but utterly glorious 3 points. Squad taking a battering but who cares when you are 3rd in the league with 5 wins from 6. Thought the guys away on international duty looked leggy but by god they dug in well and fair play to Greive for his winner. No better way to repay a gaffer than that. Well chuffed tonight.
  11. Not a storm or severe weather (quite the opposite) but a lovely cloud formation in Turkey this morning.
  12. I've been in Turkey the last 8 days. Since then Scotland p2 w2, Saints pumped the green cheek 2v0 and England lost and were relegated. Tomorrow I'm off to the Turkish estate agents, it's a sign for sure
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