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  1. Don't know about new routes but I have just been charged 6.99 for a pint of IPA at Prestwick airport. Add a glass of house white and I was FIFTEEN fukin quid. Even by airport standards that is outrageous (especially given we will get both for about a fiver in 6 hours time in Gran Canaria)
  2. If old duffer Capt Sir Tom qualified ("famous" for being old ?, fundraising ?) Then I'm sure Deborah James is well in. Her fundraising and awareness campaigning alone should be enough.
  3. Oh dear, scenes as her Maj plays a dreadful pass back straight to the young up and comer to tap into an unguarded net. Good analogy the Adam one.
  4. It's the only possible outcome with this strategy, I see he has managed to convince Rayner to jump with him if it comes to it. It's pure Beachy Head stuff.
  5. To which Bozo will laugh and quip don't let the door hit you on the arse on your way out as he carries on regardless. There is no moral high ground when it comes to an uber c**t like Johnson.
  6. No more naughties for George. Genuinely gutted as The Sweeney will always be THE cop show
  7. Yip that's my boys, excellent binoculars.
  8. The answer to the OP is no, no one is so it's probably appropriate to close this thread. Alba are dead, finished although to be fair they never ever really got started. The Sleepy Cuddle Party is no more.
  9. I hope that's just Spit on the floor !
  10. I see there is to be a presentation to mark Tony Fitz "retirement ". It should be a full day in honour of the legend, tomorrow should be Tony Fitzpatrick day and that's how it should have been marked and marketed. Yes he said some daft things at times and he probably wasn't best qualified for the role latterly buy the man bleeds black and white and he has been associated with the club as long as I have been a supporter. A true legend deserves better than a presentation at HT imo. I hope everyone there gives him the rousing send off he deserves and I'd have thought if it had been marketed as "Tony Fitzpatrick " day it might have swayed a few swithering to go along to join the send off. An opportunity missed I think.
  11. And that scapegoat doesn't exist for DRoss anymore so expect a double down endorsement of Bozo and several reminders that we are "at war" !
  12. Not a single soul will ever be sent to Rwanda for "processing ". We would be flying them out on a 15-20 flights a week schedule on current numbers crossing the channel and neither the UK or Rwanda will be able to cope with a fraction of that. It's an abhorrent smokescreen
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