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  1. The thing is though we arent so reliant on one player this time. Also a few injuries last season and wed be buggered but this season there are guys on the bench who can contribute.
  2. I got laughed at for saying Kidd was very underrated a wee while back. I've got to say after being initially sceptical magics signings are starting to look tremendous. El Bakh is starting to look like the player who Dunfermline fans raved about in his first spell there. I've never in my time saw a player at us with better close control. Now he's linking up with the Dobster it's hard to think of a more threatening attacking force in the league. Hamilton has turned out to be really useful too. Since he's been in, the Dobster has really improved so long may that continue. Kilday lots including me were abit meh. Punted by Morton, I automatically wasn't very enthusiastic about his signing but he is a great sweeper behind Brownlies tremendous enthusiasm for going for everything. Mccrorie for me has been our best signing. So commanding and an outstanding shot stopper. I feel he will be McGregor's long term successor at rangers he's that good. Pybus has for me been a step up from Jacobs too. He has the same enthusiasm and his passing is improving by the game. Holt obviously too. He's getting back to his old self which means best lb in the league material. Really not many bad signings on a low budget. You look at the bench and see Oliver, Murray, Osman, Semple and the versatile Lyon and feel we have options to look to should the need arise unlike last season. There were no youngsters there just to make up the numbers, whereas last season the bench was full of them. With what looks like one of the best defences in the league, and with the strike force starting to click I am suddenly getting sucked into that rare feeling of feeling positive! Uh oh.
  3. Thought itd be a good laugh to ask a few questions about your club and its history. Queen of the South: Who is your clubs best player of all time? This answer will depend alot on what era you began watching your club but in my experience Stephen Dobbie has been a million miles ahead. We are so lucky to have had him for so long and it just goes to show that loyalty does still exist in the modern era as for the last 3 years he could easily have been playing at a higher level and earning more Who is you clubs worst player of all time? This one is far tougher. There have been numerous absolute numpies to have pulled on the shirt. Marc McCusker was honking, Jamie Mole was honking, loads of the John Connolly geordies were honking, but for me Ian McGrath from last season tops the lot. You had to see him to believe how bad he was. No positional sense, no pace, no finishing ability. Just nothing. Who is the ugliest player your club has had? This one is tough but Mark Kerr wins for me. Heaviest player? David "shrek" McNiven was some size. People think Callum Semple is big this season but hes nothing on Shrek. Who was your clubs first black player? Afaik its either Alex Williams or Joe Olabode. Subsequently we have until recently had very few others. Marvin Andrews, Leon Knight, Callum Tapping and the part Grenadan Alex Harris are a few more. Who was your clubs first foreign player? Again this is a question where there arent that many at our club. Im not sure where Alex Nesovic was from but afaik it could be Australian Stuart Lovell. Subsequently we have had a few others like Todorov, Beerman and Dykes. Top scorer of all time? Jim Patterson. His total is very unlikely to be surpassed anytime soon. Its just incredible. Nicest player/biggest arsehole? Dobbie again is always excellent with fans and has alot of time for people. Sean O'Connor was always very pleasant to. John Baird win the arsehole award hands down. Not only was he rubbish at us his attitude was stinking.
  4. And we are lucky Michael Paton has managed to improve his fitness levels to such a degree. He has answered all his critics
  5. Just look at Lewis Kidd. Everyone was writing him off when he signed including Falkirk fans. After a slow start he's been great in recent times
  6. Week 1 Celtic Week 2 Falkirk Week 3 Cowdenbeath Week 4 Aberdeen Week 5 Rangers Week 6 Dundee Utd Week 7 Dunfermline Athletic
  7. Week 1 Celtic Week 2 Falkirk Week 3 Cowdenbeath Week 4 Aberdeen Week 5 Rangers Week 6 Dundee Utd
  8. I'd guess semple may be off. Don't know what the script is but his weight gain will not have gone down well
  9. Why oh why does Lewis Kidd get such a hard time! He is so underrated. Having a midfielder who keeps the ball so well and always picks out the right pass is such a bonus. I wasnt very pleased when he returned but I feel his criticism is way over the top.
  10. Week 1 Celtic Week 2 Falkirk Week 3 Cowdenbeath Week 4 Aberdeen Week 5 Rangers
  11. Have heard we are likely to be signing Harry Cochrane on loan from Hearts. Would be a top signing and would give that midfield the boost it needs
  12. I saw a trialist nabbed a hattrick for us against Threave yesterday! I can only guess that will have left a good impression! Anyone any clue who it is?
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