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  1. A fair number of the Gretna players moved down to Dumfries and Galloway during their success. Im sure MacFarlane, Gilfillan, Fleming to name but a few moved down. Anyone else? They also did some good stuff with the community. Like many I hated them at the time, but now recognise the impact they had helping us obtain players who otherwise at the time would have been out of reach. Itd be nice if we could train in Dumfries with players moving down or commuting and having a strong emphasis on local talent to give a community feel. Most clubs do train in the central belt now though.
  2. I'd like to see Pybus, Mercer, Semple and Murray stay as I feel they are decent players. Mercer if it's true about raith will likely be away as he's a Kirkcaldy native. Buchanan if we could get him would be a solid start for new acquisitions. You wonder who will be left for senior teams as so many non league teams are signing seasoned pros. You also have to factor in queen's park and cove as competitors too.
  3. I'm trying my bit to help the club anyway I can. Got a competition for a signed Steven Gerrard framed photo. Any donations will go to the tanner fund which will help the budget. Winner will be announced soon. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/guy-ob?utm_term=6EkgG8w3z
  4. While these situations almost always end in tears, sometimes they can create memories that retrospectively fans of the teams wouldn't have changed for the world. For Dundee to get to see players such as Caniggia and Ravanelli is something they will probably always treasure and some would look back now and think the consequences were worth it for the memories. Same at Gretna, some would say the memories of getting all the way to the top flight, playing in europe and getting to a Scottish cup final were worth it. Ultimately they have reformed and are now at a level probably not too dissimilar to where they were when they left English football. Those Gretna fans have memories for life. Part of me would love something like that at Queens but the other part would be very worried about the dire consequences it could have.
  5. Happy enough with 21. Totally forgot Johnston, Black and Hopkirk.
  6. To be fair I think the defence was in the main fine up until McCrorie left. I felt Stewart lacked the same commanding ability and the defence lost confidence with it. Kilday was really impressive until January. Semple when fit looked really good. Mercer was consistent all season and Holt is under contract. Brownlie was also a massive miss. Murray showed great promise at times last season and Pybus I rate but he divides the crowd. Kidd and Paton I felt were in a losing battle the minute they signed as the fans weren't at all enthused but Im probably alone in the opinion that they werent that bad.
  7. Pybus over Lyon every day of the week for me. Id be looking to keep Semple, Pybus, Murray, Mercer, Kilday and the youngsters. Kidd and Paton could be kept as useful and cheap squad fillers. I felt people were abit harsh on them at times last season.
  8. Until its known when football will resume it seems silly signing players when theres no guarantee next season will even be able to go ahead.
  9. SD can't get through to anyone at arena but had to cancel my 9 slot this week as people got freaked out and had a host of late calloffs. Left a voicemail.
  10. Skyline Drifter is the arena still open at this present time for tonight?
  11. Is the palmy arena still open for kickabouts or is that shut aswell.
  12. There are some people wanting in Jim McIntyre as his replacement if he were to get sacked. For me if we do get rid we need to make sure we give whoever it is a 1 year deal so we are not stuck in this predicament again. Up until january the football wasnt as bad as made out under Johnston. Its just a bad transfer window and Johnston's recent baffling team selections that have heightened the pressure.
  13. Hes been good has Mercer but I feel McCrorie leaving has been the biggest factor.
  14. Who was the Annan trialist that got 20 mins at the end
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