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  1. The Queen of the South Thread

    Think Ian McGrath will be signing too
  2. The Queen of the South Thread

    Amazing how 2 good wins can make everyone feel so much more positive. The thing I will add to the Naysmith/Dobbie debate is that when Dobbie was out for those 3 games we didnt look remotely like winning. How we do relies more on Dobbie than Naysmith imo
  3. The Queen of the South Thread

    My take on Dykes is because we have Dobbie he gets on by ok but I think its more to do with how special the Dobbster is than Dykes being some kind of great player. Put it this way we could get Chris Templeman out of retirement to flick on balls to Dobbie and hed be called "crucial" For me the guy lacks bravery, awareness, instinct and a left foot. I do think a player of his ilk suits the Dobster though so having any targetman can help Dobbie get into the game as the Championship is very long ball orientated. In a team without a special talisman I feel his qualities would make for a decent centre mid. Hes tenacious, hard working, great in the tackle and is ok at passing. When Dobbie wasnt there I think it was apparent who was key as upfront on his own he was a non entity.
  4. Queens v Ayr

    Ayr are certainly the best footballing team in the country. By some distance. It is somewhat frustrating seeing what a similar size club to us are doing and the way they go about their business. I just wish we werent so negative taking so long at goal kicks and throw ins. We shouldnt be having an inferiority complex and should be trying to win the game rather than preserve a draw. Stirling was terrific for me. In my opinion him, Marsh and Todd were our star men. Semple and Fordyce also played well. Doyle was so bad in both centre mid and in particular right mid. He looked so lost and he really seemed to lack the pace or fitness for such a role. He needs back in defence asap. I just wish we didnt shell so many aimless long balls up the park. It is horrible to watch. Just a small change in mindset like hitting quick free kicks and playing at a faster tempo can really help make us better to watch. Ayr played very well. Just a shame Ross County who are pretty brutal on the eye keep grinding out wins and for me defensively are more organised and street wise. Would be a shame for this special team created by McCall to miss out on a potential once in a lifetime chance. Shankland impressed me. He linked play well and his movement was excellent. The changing of positions and interplay and movement off the ball was very good from their energetic lads. McDaid is a workhorse. Saw him a few times and always been impressed. Great set piece taker too. Murdoch is so comfortable on the ball. What id give to have two technicians like him and Kerr to still be with us. Thankfully Kerr was missing.
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    When Harkins signed I was thrilled! Thought we had a talisman who would justify the hefty wage, even if it meant we had to sacrifice having other players on a lower wage to bulk up the squad. The reality is though, while he was in the main decent in no way did he deliver the kind of mesmeric performances we came to expect. Theres plenty of others on a lower wage who could have delivered similar levels of performance on a much lower wage so for that reason Im pleased hes gone. Factor in the fact hes a bit of a twat then its a no brainer to get rid. He only got 1 league goal for us and is hardly someone Id call indispensable. His earlier performances were much more promising, and I feel Naysmith constantly switching him to different positions had an adverse effect on his performances. I hope he wasnt paid off and we can now use his wage to potentially get 3 loans in to bulk up the squad. A striker is a must as is a centre mid and a winger. Keeping Semple would also be something Id like to happen. Hes been great. Frizzell I feel has something about him but his spell hasnt shown him in his true light. Abit like Kiltie really. Off the bench he has livened us up quite a few times. The question I ask is is Naysmith a good manager or is Dobbie just a phenomenal footballer who bails everyone out? Without him no wins in 3. Could it be argued that anyone in the league managing could look better than they are with such a ridiculously talented player playing at this level.
  6. Queens v Inverness

    Tom Parratt! Although as you only want "notable" players he probably doesnt apply.
  7. Black Scottish Footballers

    Significant moment a few days ago. Kevin Harper was given the management job at Albion Rovers becoming one of the few black managers to manage in the spfl. Also Ethan Erhahon had by all means a good debut in his first start for St Mirren. Only 17.
  8. Queens v Morton

    Well played Morton. After getting absolutely smashed on saturday you would think their confidence would be abit fragile but they came here and defended brilliantly. Buchanan won countless headers and the wingbacks were effective in stopping our players from putting in crosses from dangerous areas. We didnt play badly its just we missed that creative touch. Todd and Stirling each had one excellent half each but couldnt sustain it for the full game. I thought Marsh was very good and Mercer had a fine game. The criticism he gets is ott imo. He uses the ball well and has decent quality in his crossing. Hes also far more assertive in his defending than when he first came. Norman was my star man tonight. Hes a battler but not only that he also has a bit of composure and uses the ball pretty well. We really suffered having a small squad tonight as this was a classic case of a game where impact subs could have made a massive difference. I looked at our bench and saw literally nothing. We all no Irving, Gourlay, Ivison the manager has no intention of using and Bell would only be used if we were winning comfortably, while Murray was just about our only one who could make an impact. Semple is obviously fine defensive cover.
  9. QotS v Falkirk

    Paul Paton really is as bad as Falkirk fans say he was honking. Was very impressed with Todd today. Used the ball brilliantly and beat his man time and again.
  10. Dunfermline v Queens

    Did Norman look any good?
  11. Dunfermline v Queens

    Outwith Dobbie Id have Semple and to an extent Doyle as our best players this season so very dissapointed hes dropped unless as said he has a niggle.
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    Also because in the aftermath of the Falkirk game the manager said hed look to bring in defensive cover and clearly hes not a defender so hopefully this is still the case.
  13. The Queen of the South Thread

    What was lineup? Hopefully can nab a few on loan from St Johnstone. Was dissapointed to see Jack Aitchison from Celtic go to Dumbaton on loan as he could have been a decent option for us.
  14. Your Club's Top 5 Arseholes

    George O'Boyle (druggie) Leon Knight (nutcase) David Bagan (hazy memory but sure he posed with St Johnstone gear while still at us Barry John Corr (Sure he stormed off after one particular horror show) John Baird/Mark Kerr (moles who tried to undermine the manager) Kerr at least had the decency to be a great player for us Mark Millar (fat overweight wage thief)