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  1. That was a cracking game, probably lucky to take a point after that second half performance but would have been happy with that before the game. Honestly thought we'd win by 2 or 3 after the first half but fair play to St Johnstone for playing us at our own game in the second half, genuinely could have scored with every attack. We were brutal at the back but Sean Clare has proven me wrong since Stendel came in, delighted that he got the equaliser today. I still can't see us going down with the spirit we have, no chance were we taking anything from that game under Levein.
  2. This is where the split becomes fairly crucial for us, if we can pick up form before we start playing St Mirren, Hamilton and Hibs again in April and May then I'd fancy us to be picking up 3 or 4 of these wins during that time alone.
  3. Forgot how it felt to come away feeling positive after a game. It's cruel we didn't win that game, even with 10 men we looked the better team. I thought Pereira was possibly at fault for the goal as he seemed to creep further away from his right post but apart from that it's hard to fault any of the players. Didn't really believe how bad Aberdeen were until today, granted in the first game of the season they wey were poor but sitting 4th I thought they'd have more about them them. Bizarre McGinn doesn't start since he's by far the most creative player in the team (alongside Logan). For others it might seem bizarre for Aberdeen fans to be calling for McInnes to go given their position but it's absolutely justified imo, that's 4th in a terrible, terrible league, they should be clear in 3rd place. For us, I'm much more positive than I was 3 days ago, I'm glad the players (importantly Sean Clare who I've been screaming abuse at for 10 months) and the manager see what it means to the fans when the effort is put in. I don't think there was anyone I'd pick out as being poor. For the first time in 2 months I'm hopeful we might actually survive this season.
  4. I thought Hibs played well for the first 45 minutes, played Stendel at his own game and closed us down at every opportunity. We probably edged the second half but I reckon part of that, similar to the Celtic game, is because Hibs realised we are never going to score so the game was over. This is probably the worst it's been seeing Hearts in my lifetime, so many players that don't care about wearing maroon, the whole feeling at the club seems worringly similar to the Terry Butcher days at Hibs. The only positive is that this was the best chance for Hibs to put 5 or 6 past us and they didn't bother turning up in the second half. Interesting to see any Hearts fans defending the board after this.
  5. Cochrane is shite now, it's all about Andy Irving, who without wanting to talk him up too much is the Scottish equivalent of Tony Kroos. No, but is Kenny Miller the only pundit in Scottish football who rates Hickey?
  6. He played well in one of our biggest games of the season and he's only 17 years old, I think that alone is pretty fucking impressive. I'm not away to say he's going to be the next Andy Robertson as has been pointed out before we have a great knack for ruining young players, however I feel like if pundits and fans that are watching him every week are saying he looks an excellent prospect, with some confidence, it's a better indicator than the one game you've watched him in.
  7. That was carnage. Honestly feel sorry for people that don't like football, imagine living without moments like that.
  8. To be fair, the two are fairly intertwined at the moment. I agree with Ann Budge's hardline stance against the idiots and bigots in the support but the more she disillusions herself with the support the more vocal the idiots seem to become. Sadly it's partly down to their own rebel against Ann Budge and partly because they actually quite like winding up other Hearts fans. If Ann Budge goes I think we'll see the fans back united and this sort of thing will be more self policed.
  9. Good try, but this is still only the second worst thing I've read today.
  10. Yep, I actually think the best thing to do would do be try and fundraise whatever the gap is now to try and buy out Ann Budge sooner rather than later. Without knowing how much it is, it would seem much more pro-active to encourage disillusioned supporters to up their direct debit rather than risk losing them. As before though it all depends on what direction the FOH are taking with this.
  11. That statement is an absolute shocker, the disconnect between Ann Budge and the fans paying money week in, week out is horrific. Starting off with 'all genuine Hearts supporters' was bad enough but to continue with that pish for the rest of the statement is quite an achievement. There's no way things can carry on now without some serious changes at the top, starting with Ann Budge. If the Foundation of Hearts agree with this then they're going to see a pretty significant drop in the the number of subscriptions in the near future.
  12. We are lucky to come out of that with anything there, honestly can't believe how poor we were considering the line-up we had. Ikpeazu can't jump so there's obviously no point in playing long balls, even less so when we then had Washington up front by himself. Comedy stuff at the back between Berra and Zlamal in the last 15 minutes too. Feel bad that Loic Damour has walked in to the club at this time as it's a horrific atmosphere to be walking in to. Wouldn't be surprised if Levein blamed that on the pitch that was only 'slightly discoloured'.
  13. Disappointingly mellow about the first game of the season, normally one of the highlights of the season after being away for so long. If we start with Naismith and preferably Washington alongside Uche then I think we could win confortably, anything else and we'll struggle as we did against Aberdeen for the majority of the game and East Fife. Hearts 3-1 Ross County. Would be nice to have a few goals for those that have paid the BARGAIN price of £29.
  14. I'm not sure whether to be annoyed at our game plan for the first 60 minutes, delighted that we managed to get back in the the match or gutted that we ended up losing it. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if we had kept 11 men on the park but on the whole it was probably a fair result. I'm not wanting to sound too anti Craig Levein here but the fact it takes one player to come on to change a whole game is mad, worrying to know that the first 60 minutes is what we can expext when Naismith is off injured. Gutted with the nature of the result and feel sorry for Hickey, no excuse for the needless 2nd challenge but it's the sort of thing you get away with when you're only 16. Genuinely not sure why either Hearts or Aberdee fans are climbing over each other to say which team is dirtier, today was a glorious game of Scottish football coupled with a gloriously shite referee. Edit: Honourable mentions to the scenes when we scored our 2nd and Aberdeen scored their 3rd. Probably the loudest away support we've had in a while.
  15. I'm feeling a bit more confident about this now. Aberdeen 2 - 0 Hearts.
  16. Michael Smith is one of the few excellent signings that Levein has made, rarely a 10/10 but even rarer does he actually have a poor game. Surprised there are Hearts fans that don't actually rate him. I blow hot and cold with Sean Clare but my overriding opinion is that he is a lazy b*****d that thinks he is above playing at this level, no doubt there's a player in there but he's a passenger for most games with little impact. In my opinion...of course!
  17. Thought we were going to stroll it after the first 20 minutes but after that we really struggled until the last 5 minutes which by then we'd begun to panic and started fluffing the chances. The East Fife goal was well worked, thought it should have been played through earlier but it was a good bit of play, goal was deserved for digging in. Less said the better about our performance, the sooner Craig Levein, and probably by association Ann Budge, leave the club the better. Probably the first time the 'we're in the wrong hands' chant has been so vocal. It would be shite if East Fife were to miss out on the next round given their performance in the group stage, mon the Dundee tomorrow. 😎
  18. Is there an unwritten rule between broadcasters and the media that they can't call out this fucking bile live? Shameful.
  19. Last night was just about as grim as I imagined it would be. The only positive was the total apathy in the Hearts support that lead to a few decent chants. I honestly can't quite get my head round Levein's negative tactics in a game where we have absolutely nothing to lose, would genuinely have rather lost that game by 3 or 4 goals if we'd just played some youth players and had a go at Aberdeen. No one stood out there, Burns took the goal well and McLean did as well as expected being played as a lone striker but apart from that it was the usual Levein shitfest. I thought Aberdeen were poor in a game they could have hit 4 or 5 past us if they'd went for it, once they hit us down the wings and crossed the ball in the box we looked hopeless, second goal was a good example of that. I can't envisage any scenario that sees Levein staying at the end of the season and I think he knows it but is playing the wind-up-merchant act by refusing the admit it. There needs to be a total change in direction at the club starting at the top, we're so so soft. Edit: I've just realised the last two posts I've made have been about teams putting '4 or 5 past us', looking forward to the same again over the next couple of weeks.
  20. This is Hibs' best chance to stick 4 or 5 past us since our administration season so this will absolutely be a shithoused Hearts victory.
  21. Cheers, son's having nightmares about Omeonga tonight. Nice one.
  22. Some effort by Aberdeen to shite the bed there. We were brutal in the first half but came on to a game in the second, Uche is unplayable at times, that second goal was fantastic.
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