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  1. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    Is there an unwritten rule between broadcasters and the media that they can't call out this fucking bile live? Shameful.
  2. Friday night football - SSBs v GSBs

    Last night was just about as grim as I imagined it would be. The only positive was the total apathy in the Hearts support that lead to a few decent chants. I honestly can't quite get my head round Levein's negative tactics in a game where we have absolutely nothing to lose, would genuinely have rather lost that game by 3 or 4 goals if we'd just played some youth players and had a go at Aberdeen. No one stood out there, Burns took the goal well and McLean did as well as expected being played as a lone striker but apart from that it was the usual Levein shitfest. I thought Aberdeen were poor in a game they could have hit 4 or 5 past us if they'd went for it, once they hit us down the wings and crossed the ball in the box we looked hopeless, second goal was a good example of that. I can't envisage any scenario that sees Levein staying at the end of the season and I think he knows it but is playing the wind-up-merchant act by refusing the admit it. There needs to be a total change in direction at the club starting at the top, we're so so soft. Edit: I've just realised the last two posts I've made have been about teams putting '4 or 5 past us', looking forward to the same again over the next couple of weeks.
  3. Hibs vs Hearts

    This is Hibs' best chance to stick 4 or 5 past us since our administration season so this will absolutely be a shithoused Hearts victory.
  4. Hearts v Hibernian

    He turned out to be a very naughty boy.
  5. Hearts v Hibernian

    Cheers, son's having nightmares about Omeonga tonight. Nice one.
  6. Hearts vs Aberdeen

    Some effort by Aberdeen to shite the bed there. We were brutal in the first half but came on to a game in the second, Uche is unplayable at times, that second goal was fantastic.
  7. It'll need to be either 12pm or 5.30pm to avoid clashing with the 3pm media blackout if it's on the saturday. Even 12.30 would run the danger of running in to 3pm if there was extra time and penalties. Might be talking shite here but it's what I'm counting so we can get a day session of drinking before a national cup semi final.
  8. Agreed - in fact I'm not sure we'll return to how we were at the start of the season but I said last month if we can get to the winter break and still be in touching distance of 1st/European spots then we're doing well. Would have been much different if we hadn't won tonight mind!
  9. That was fucking delightful. Gorgie Rules.
  10. I'll feel more confident after a couple of pints but it's hard to imagine a scenario where we don't shite ourselves again at Easter Road. If Naismith and Djoum turn up then we have a chance, hopefully we don't shitefest the game to hold on for a 0-0.
  11. Anyone singing about a football forum at a football match should be banned for life on account of being a fucking weirdo.
  12. Aberdeen v Hearts

    Quite happy we're shite again so we can enjoy a day out with the result being a minor inconvenience to the day. Doubt we'll take a big support for this but hopefully it's a good atmosphere in the stadium with Aberdeen doing well at the moment.
  13. Hearts v Well

    That was fucking awful, a draw was probably a fair result on the back of both teams being brutal but glad we got the result. Delighted we've managed to weed out a few racists in our support. Long may it continue.
  14. I know Hearts weren't up to much but a dominant and exciting St Johnstone team it was not. If that was the case you would have put us to bed without needing a penalty.