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  1. It'll need to be either 12pm or 5.30pm to avoid clashing with the 3pm media blackout if it's on the saturday. Even 12.30 would run the danger of running in to 3pm if there was extra time and penalties. Might be talking shite here but it's what I'm counting so we can get a day session of drinking before a national cup semi final.
  2. Agreed - in fact I'm not sure we'll return to how we were at the start of the season but I said last month if we can get to the winter break and still be in touching distance of 1st/European spots then we're doing well. Would have been much different if we hadn't won tonight mind!
  3. That was fucking delightful. Gorgie Rules.
  4. I'll feel more confident after a couple of pints but it's hard to imagine a scenario where we don't shite ourselves again at Easter Road. If Naismith and Djoum turn up then we have a chance, hopefully we don't shitefest the game to hold on for a 0-0.
  5. Anyone singing about a football forum at a football match should be banned for life on account of being a fucking weirdo.
  6. Aberdeen v Hearts

    Quite happy we're shite again so we can enjoy a day out with the result being a minor inconvenience to the day. Doubt we'll take a big support for this but hopefully it's a good atmosphere in the stadium with Aberdeen doing well at the moment.
  7. Hearts v Well

    That was fucking awful, a draw was probably a fair result on the back of both teams being brutal but glad we got the result. Delighted we've managed to weed out a few racists in our support. Long may it continue.
  8. I know Hearts weren't up to much but a dominant and exciting St Johnstone team it was not. If that was the case you would have put us to bed without needing a penalty.
  9. That was a better game I thought it'd be but still disappointed not to have come away with a win. A draw is a fair result overall given both teams (lack of) chances and general quality of play. Again there wasn't that many players I would give pass marks tbh if we're going to compare them against performances at the start of the season. Djoum and Bozanic did okay in the middle and Berra did his usual by getting rid of the danger but there is so, so little creativity in this time. For the first 60 minutes or so we actually did okay but the last 30 minutes was painful stuff, so similar to most of the Rangers where we just launched it high to Haring who would be marked with 2 players. It's grim times when it's St Johnstone fans who are (quite rightly) slating our style of play, it wasn't pretty. St Johnstone weren't particularly impressive and if they'd played better they could have won that comfortably. All they needed was to stick balls down their right wing and attack Mitchell and they could have had multiple opportunities. No idea how he's still starting at left back, Garuccio isn't drastically better but at least he can defend. Wighton ran about more than McLean did without being particularly useful but I'll take the effort as an improvement. Andrew Dallas is a absolute w**k. There's no agenda against Hearts, despite the horrific penalty call, there was questionable decisions all over the pitch. I thought it should have been a penalty at the corner where our player got booked and Haring should have been given a second yellow in the middle of the pitch for the professional foul. I realise that it's a high pressure job but get the majority of these refs and the rest of the old man's club at the SFA so far to f**k. The sooner there's a call to arms by enough clubs to launch them the better.
  10. Really not looking forward to this, we'll either lose or shitehouse our way to a 0-0. Wighton playing instead of/alongside McLean and Mitchell not playing at left back would be ideal.
  11. Really disappointing result, no point blaming the ref (despite some dubious decisions) when we could have played for 90 more minutes without scoring. I thought we were unlucky to be behind at half time but given Rangers' performance in the second half they probably deserved their win. Apart from Berra and Zlamal I don't think anyone really covered themselves in glory there. Get McLean to f**k for the next match, would much rather be giving Wighton a longer spell in the time since he's got a bit more eagerness and mobility about him. Djoum is infuriating in big matches, good player but he's a shitebag in the tackle in games like this, it's the same every derby too. Rangers dealt with us well once they were down to 10 men, read us brilliantly and didn't look like they were ever worried we'd come back in to it. The red card was correct, actually looks worse the more I watch it back, there was time to pull out the tackle. We're in free fall now, will be surprised if we win a match until Naismith is back.
  12. Plenty of rumours flying about that Tommy Robinson has got tickets in the Hearts end for this. Not that he'll get in to Tynecastle but I'd take great pleasure in seeing him hounded away from being anywhere near the vicinity of the stadium.
  13. Really hope we don't go in to this with our heads down, still fully believe Rangers are nothing special particularly away from home. Not sure I'd risk Berra in this given our recent history of injuries (we've got an injury problem btw) and Dikamona and Dunne are a decent partnership. The midfield really needs to step up since we're struggling up front, it's all fine and well saying we don't have our first choice strikers available but they've not created anything for anyone, striker or midfielder. Djoum infuriatingly switches between drifting through a game doing naff all to suddenly deciding he fancies getting stuck in. We'll struggle if Wighton starts up front, spent ages telling Dundee fans that we wouldn't be doing the same as them and wasting Wighton on the wing and instead playing him up front. Don't think Sean Clare can continue with this poor form and so I'd probably still start him alongside Haring. I'd take any win but would be disappointed with less.
  14. Tommy Robinson to visit Hearts

    Not surprising the idiots in the support have aligned themselves with that bigot. Absolutely no chance he'd get away with walking in to a Hearts support home or away, thankfully.