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  1. Going to be shite getting boo-ed by both home supporters and Hearts fans for attending away games. Looking forward to the leg room though.
  2. I think this is where the problem lies where people are taking what is said on kickback or twitter as gospel for the whole Hearts support. Absolutely no chance are the vast majority of people on kickback and twitter seriously wanting clubs to go to the wall, it's all for a reaction. Going by this thread it does seem to have worked tbf. I'll happily spraff off some shite on here about how we're going to win millions from the SPFL and how the rest of Scottish football can crumble for all I care, when in reality and I'm chatting to pals that support Hearts or whoever else, the majority just want football to be back regardless of which league we're in. Even all of this chat about boycotting away games etc, I'll be fairly surprised if it comes to fruition in any real scale, I'm hardly going to turn down a game on my doorstep in Dundee after 6 months of no football because of a Rangers-esque boycott. Still looking forward to a hostile reception though, absolutely would not have it any other way.
  3. Yeah I forgot he was actually carrying a knock that game he was subbed on, it also doesn't help when every time he touched the ball the whole stadium was giving him pelters. He was shite before he started getting pelters and that's why fans started getting on his back. For what it's worth, I think he was hung out to dry by Levein as the main tactic seemed to be fanny around the back until we were under enough pressure that Berra had to punt it long up the park, usually to the linesman and out of play. If Souttar and Halkett stay then we shouldn't need Berra, I'd much rather see one of the prospects in the youth team come through if need be. I don't think he was much of a captain on the pitch towards the last few months of his time here either before going on loan.
  4. Didn't see this coming at all. Sad to see Stendel leave as I was really hoping he was going to be given a chance to bring in more of his own players and get rid of the wasters we have in the squad, maybe he didn't want to stay anyway. Considering we want to bounce straight back up it's hard to argue with this since he's proven to be successful in the championship and work with younger players which is what I imagine we'll be doing this season. It's also hard to forget how terrible his football was once we were back in the Premiership and his inability to win the big matches. I'm hoping much of the was down to Levein's influence once we were in the Premiership and given another chance he'll not make the same mistakes (if we go straight back up). Nice to see confidence in our budgets regardless of the legal outcome if we're able to be dishing out compensation.
  5. What does this even mean? 😂 If people still had goodwill towards us after we stole a bunch of money off some pensioners and a poppy charity then I'm sure we'll be fine tbh.
  6. Can we not go one step further? One big league of 44 next year, play each other once through random draw of home and away. Revert back to current system in 2021-2022 with the top 12 playing the premiersip, the next 10 in the championship etc and bottom 2 back down to the lowland/highland leagues. Unless Hearts finish below 12th, in which case rinse and repeat every year until we're guaranteed Premiership status.
  7. There's no chance there's any truth in it but let's not pretend that while they don't have a vote, Sky Sports absolutely has Scottish football by the balls and if they wanted something they would have the presence to force it through. Anyway, Hail Hail.
  8. Disappointing we've been spending money on all of this legal advice when we could have found out we have no case by reading Pie and Bovril for free.
  9. As I said, I don't agree with the way Ann Budge went about that, djchapsticks actually gets it spot on below, it's a halfway house where should have either nailed our colours to the mast and went the whole f**k you route or tried to be a bit more subtle in how we worked in a solution without making it all about us. Yes, I expect us to be in the Championship next season. No, I don't think it's based on sporting merit in a 38 game league. We probably would have gone down as we were horseshit, but we'll never know. I agree, I'd actually have rather we just went the full 'f**k everyone else' route as although we're at the forefront of self preservation at the moment, let's not pretend for a second the every other club isn't doing exactly the same. Honestly find the holier than thou argument from both sides (whether it be about 'sporting integrity' or 'saving clubs from extinction') cringe as f**k. Why should she draw up plans to save Scottish football? There's a group of people earning a good amount of money at the SPFL that should be doing exactly that.
  10. Why should we care about anyone else? Ann's document is clearly about self preservation (not the way I would have gone about it, would have tried to be more subtle about it) but in the end it shouldn't be our job to draw up plans to save other clubs, or indeed Scottish Football. That's the SPFL's job and this whole shambles has made it clear that's not going to happen.
  11. https://www.heartsfc.co.uk/news/article/club-statement-1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Disappointing Ann is still being taken along for a ride by the SPFL in regards to reconstruction which is unlikely to happen. Glad we've grown a bit more of a backbone and set out exactly what will happen if/when it's rejected. Who would have thought it would be us, Heart of Midlothian Football Club, once thieves of Bosnian Pensions, that would save Scottish football. 😎
  12. That was a cracking game, probably lucky to take a point after that second half performance but would have been happy with that before the game. Honestly thought we'd win by 2 or 3 after the first half but fair play to St Johnstone for playing us at our own game in the second half, genuinely could have scored with every attack. We were brutal at the back but Sean Clare has proven me wrong since Stendel came in, delighted that he got the equaliser today. I still can't see us going down with the spirit we have, no chance were we taking anything from that game under Levein.
  13. This is where the split becomes fairly crucial for us, if we can pick up form before we start playing St Mirren, Hamilton and Hibs again in April and May then I'd fancy us to be picking up 3 or 4 of these wins during that time alone.
  14. Forgot how it felt to come away feeling positive after a game. It's cruel we didn't win that game, even with 10 men we looked the better team. I thought Pereira was possibly at fault for the goal as he seemed to creep further away from his right post but apart from that it's hard to fault any of the players. Didn't really believe how bad Aberdeen were until today, granted in the first game of the season they wey were poor but sitting 4th I thought they'd have more about them them. Bizarre McGinn doesn't start since he's by far the most creative player in the team (alongside Logan). For others it might seem bizarre for Aberdeen fans to be calling for McInnes to go given their position but it's absolutely justified imo, that's 4th in a terrible, terrible league, they should be clear in 3rd place. For us, I'm much more positive than I was 3 days ago, I'm glad the players (importantly Sean Clare who I've been screaming abuse at for 10 months) and the manager see what it means to the fans when the effort is put in. I don't think there was anyone I'd pick out as being poor. For the first time in 2 months I'm hopeful we might actually survive this season.
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