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  1. 6 games in and 0 wins and a tough one against Arthurlie this weekend. If u lose on Saturday which I think u will surely the manager has to go.
  2. If there's more points dropped this weekend, is it time for the manager to go? All those so called big marquee signings and zero return.
  3. As u say you have the player quality in the team but obviously can't play as a team..... Surely that's the managers fault then?
  4. Paaaahahahaha... Darvel for relegation
  5. Elgin no in the game until they scored and 10 mins after it. Elgin missed a few chances but albion dominated the game. All the best for the rest of the season
  6. Lol told u, Darvel to be relegated.
  7. Ooofffttt the keyboard warrior is back
  8. Ooofffttt another doin tonight, wonder what players were rested/missing?
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