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  1. Outstanding result for co-efficient [emoji122][emoji122]
  2. Fair enough. That's your opinion .Despite our failings still think we'll wipe the floor with you😊
  3. Of course you have a slim chance...it's a football match mate. Can't see it happening though.Point is Celtic really don't have to be that great to beat Rangers. We won't have to play at top of our form.
  4. Delia is out of his depth...the above reference would sum up David Murray and blowhards like yourself who , for most of his tenure, would've licked the sweat off his balls ....selling the club for £1 ...oh dear...yet you lot are still slavering about war chests for next season!! Do you never learn!!😂
  5. Not one Rangers player would make it into ,albeit best team in Scotland, a poor Celtic side. That's the reality.
  6. On our day we are head and shoulders above every other team in Premiership or at least should be. Rangers are a mish mash of shite and average playing in the 2nd tier of Scottish football. We will hammer them without being at our best, of that I have no doubt👊ðŸ»
  7. No doubt the Dons have been on our tails all season but I don't see us winning the league with less than a ten point gap tbh.
  8. We are utter garbage , no denying that, but are still by far the best team in Scottish football. A comfortable 4 or 5 win for Celtic against a very much over rated championship sideðŸ‘
  9. My Mrs thinks Wayne Rooney should be sent off cos she doesn't like him. Utd could be heading for a Liverpool style fall from grace if they don't get sorted in the next season or 2.
  10. Liverpool will be regretting overlooking him for that German chap.
  11. Bayern Munich job up for grabs at the end the season too. He's gonna have some big decisions to make. He used to work in the City dontchaknow...very intelligent man.
  12. Worth a punt imo...please please not Roy Keane.
  13. You can piss off. If I want to converse with an arsehole I'll squat on a mirror
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