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  1. Got to feel sorry for Falkirk as they turned out to be the only victims in the conspiracy .
  2. David had problems and Paul gave him every chance but the matter was dealt with by the club and the players union -why do you talk such nonsense .
  3. I watched the game last night and Morton were excellent -if Dumbarton play like that against Alloa the points will go back to the recs -needs a strong ref to deal with murrays antics though .
  4. I've never left and as you can see I've been on here since 2010 ya numpty!
  5. Ha ha special school indeed -this coming from a fifer lol
  6. Glad to see Brechin have turned things around,shame about Jim but once again the abuse was bad,great club with a cracking committee .
  7. Agreed,it's not acceptable to abuse people at their place of work but every club has them unfortunately .
  8. I have to agree that the club is one of the best run.There is a few bad apples that we need to get rid of.Robert Wilson gets dogs abuse and here's a man that puts in a lot of hours to look after the clubs security and the day to day things.Boys were great in training tonight and glad to see paddy back from Ireland .
  9. Just having a bit of fun with a closet rangers fan lol

  10. Solid defence he says,best state in 30 years he says!!

    What a wolliper :-)

  11. I see the same wee group have resorted to the abuse I got,truth hurts with them.

  12. You have been rumbled Magee you fanny,don't dare try to pass yourself as a Celtic supporter,idiot !!!

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