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  1. I mind the glory days of the 2k12 pre match scraps hitting ScottR96 in the face with an axe a personal highlight, also some classic post match scraps such as the one in Box on Sauchiehall st with Shawfield Shed Boy hooch and blood everywhere
  2. There's names in the re-signed section that I can't actually believe, hopefully just spare parts for some inevitable new faces
  3. f**k you John Lewis, you owe me and Andy big time

    1. Mak


      Yeah man, fucking with you and Andy's not on. f**k off John Lewis, advert or no advert. Andy # 1.

  4. chronic hiccups, almost worst than me and Calshy's coughing fit eariler least if i'm dying its happening quickly

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    2. Mak


      Good stuff mate, my heart goes out to him. Poor C-dawg.

    3. Gall09


      Don't ever call him C-dawg. He hates that.

    4. Mak


      Shit, didn't realise. Wouldn't want to offend the big C.

  5. Mother I tried please believe me,I'm doing the best that I can.I'm ashamed of the things I've been put through,I'm ashamed of the person I am

  6. my eye just randomly hurts like f**k, f**k OFF I WANT TO SLEEP YOU b*****d

  7. any songs that have lyrics along the lines of getting on floors can GTF #ragingateverything

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