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  1. You honestly got nothing better to do you absolute fanny, not been on this site in about two year and your still talking about me, wish my life was as exciting as yours
  2. First time ive been on here in a while. Would just like to say a massive thanks to everyone on the Transalpino Express and all Saints fans in Lucerne for the fantastic time that I had to see Saintees grab a vital away draw, Roll on Thursday!
  3. Sad to see Dunfermline go. Got good memories of Saints at East End Park. You will be a big loss to the Scottish Leagues couldn't imagine this being my team.RIP
  4. 1.)People who hashtag (It's not Twitter) 2.)Videos of people shagging cows 3.)Pictures like this "Like this if you love your Grandma, Ignore if you want her to die" 4.)People posting photos that they took of themsell in the mirror (Especially Boys) 5.)Running updates of X Factor/Towie or something equally as pish
  5. Great wee web site always good to keep an eye on local junior teams
  6. No reason why we can't get top 4 still. Willl be tough but don't rule us out yet

  8. Paniiiiiiic is on the waaaaaaay

  9. People who wear Snapbacks, Rihanna Tops or different tops from River Island with gay images of different cities etc, Vans, Chinos
  10. Going to see The Stone Roses at Glasgow Green in June
  11. f**k the Old Firm

    1. ~~~


      The old firm say f**k you

    2. Johnny van Axeldongen

      Johnny van Axeldongen

      The Old Firm died when Rangers died.

    3. RossC93


      f**k the Newco Old Firm

  12. Rumours that Wenger has been offerred a two year contract extension
  13. Steadily progressing although I will admit we won't get top 4 this season. We can definitely challenge Arsenal & Everton for 5th but I feel 4th is out of reach
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