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  1. Why should you be beating Dumbarton? It's a game you could win and are capable of winning as proved earlier this season but we're hardly cannon fodder for Clyde. This pretty much. Clyde have absolutely no right to be expecting to beat Dumbarton. We are 7 points better off having played the same amount of matches. I think if anything we should be beating you guys. Perhaps your bunch went into the match expecting a win and that's why they put in such a dire display?
  2. He was a bit all over the place and a couple of his bookings for our guys were questionable to say the least. But fortunately his poor decision making didn't change the outcome of the match.
  3. To be fair, I have seen East Fife twice this season (missed today) and they are comfortably the best footballing side I have seen. They play nice, quick football and they don't give you a second on the ball. The recipe for complete disaster when you start with Hutton, Carswell, McKee and Forbes. I think Jim has a lot of work to do to figure out our best formation. We have bodies at least but options mean choices - something I would rather have than not.
  4. We are now closer to the relegation playoff than we are to Montrose who are right above us... lots of hard work ahead of us.
  5. A lot of our fans were optimistic and positive following the last few days... wonder if that has gone fairly early? 😐
  6. I'd also take Sow, Pawlett and Smith 😂
  7. Apparently we have to "bring back Nade"... Concerning how low we are in numbers right enough. Surely we must be able to get a couple of young guys in on short term deals at least until JD can try to work on getting some extra bodies in.
  8. Stefan wasn't fully fit which was why he didn't start. Young Ryan Tierney hasn't started a league game this year (I don't think) but was our only option up front due the our depleted squad. We have actually been fairly decent at seeing out games and another thing we have done well is not knowing when we are beat. We have come behind a number of times this season. But when we are missing 2 or 3 key players - as was evident with both of our teams today - you can see that we lack squad depth. It was clear both sides lacked any real quality today due to the injuries. Lots of work in January for us (Duffy) as we are looking very thin. A draw was about fair today, even though the fashion in which we lost the goal is a bit gutting.
  9. That's exactly how I viewed the last game at our place. We were just so uninterested and it made you guys look comfortable without having to play well. Glad to see you edged it today, in terms of shiteness.
  10. Yep, if we weren't getting a draw against a wee team then I wanted either of the OF away or Aberdeen away. Would have preferred to get BSC Glasgow (or similar) at home or that and then a bigger team in the next round but will take it. The last thing we wanted was another boring tie vs Falkirk or Raith etc...
  11. Yeah, we definitely didn't win that because we played decent. Fortunately for us, Forfar were just even more rotten than we were. They look a complete shadow of the team that have been in this league the last few seasons. It doesn't help when you lose a couple of decent players and replace them with guff like Forbes and Kirkpatrick. Carswell is having an absolute stinker every week. But there is no way he will be dropped by Duffy, unfortunately. Hutton had the chance to control everything yesterday but the lack of movement around him stifled every chance he had to create something. We were static and flat and for most of the game simple awful. That being said, into the next round and a nice away tie to Aberdeen. We will be blown away by them but it's a day out nonetheless! 🍻
  12. Taggart is the only one who, for me, left earlier than he should. We weren't to only team to think The Championship was a step too far for AG. When Ayr got promoted they released him almost straight away I'm sure.
  13. No hole digging going on here. I just don't think they have that much quality throughout their squad. As I have already said, more concerning than if I did think they had more quality in their squad - they had more desire on the day. We were extremely poor and rightfully lost the match but if we had produced anywhere near the performances against Peterhead, Stranraer or Montrose we could have at least got a point from the match. My biggest concern is that the longer we go on our poor run it seems like the good results were flukes. I have said this for years... I don't particularly care if we are shitfesting 1-0 wins all season as long as we are winning games. It's nice to see good football and things but it is a results driven business and that's what matters imo.
  14. Who's talking shite? You were never scoring anywhere near 5. You were lucky to get the 2 goals today as both should have been easily prevented.
  15. You have a few experienced players from the lower leagues but I didn't see anyone in your team today who stood out as someone who has quality. We were poor and made it easy and even including the 2 goals you scored there wasn't much quality in your team imo.
  16. That's pretty much the opposite of what I'd have said. Today was 2 poor teams (we were by far poorer in the 2nd half). My highest concern was that Clyde didn't have any quality in their squad they just wanted to win the game more. That is so disappointing.
  17. That was an awful 2nd half... how can we finish the 1st half so comfortably in control and then come out and produce that shit show.
  18. I'm still jot sure about the first one. Harsh to book him for diving but I still feel it was a soft one, seen them given but for me it wasn't a stone waller. Conveniently, never seen our penalty claim for handball in the first half which I would have liked to. I'd say the one with Wallace is never a pen either. I actually think he stands on the ball and falls over it... bit harsh of the ref to give a foul against him though. The 2 that were given were stone wallers and the ref got them right. Very good match for a neutral and overall about fair in my opinion.
  19. So is there any evidence of all these wrongdoings yet? I was enjoying the match thread before as well...
  20. Not really sure why you have brought his up? I did think Sammon would have got his hat-trick when he put his 2nd in but you seemed to take your foot off the gas. If it had continued as the first half went it could easily have been double figures. ETA: I thought Buchanan was given the 5th and not DM?
  21. For me the only things I would say was we were slightly less horrific up each side in the 2nd half. In the first half the right hand side really struggled and the Quitongo got caught a couple of times in the 2nd half. Should be okay against most teams in our own league though. The whole middle of the side was awful. Didn't even think Carswell or Hutton were offering anything tonight. Centre backs made a whole host of errors and Hutton, Carswell and (worst of all) Langan were toothless. Especially when we needed 2 of our most experienced players to be competitive. Up front I kinda felt sorry for Tierney because he had no chance as a lone striker against McLean and Grant. I think Morton will be lowish mid table in the championship this year because they don't have any standouts in their squad yet. The negative in that is that it shows you have far our standards have dropped that they won so comfortably.
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