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  1. Totally agree. We all know we don't have world beaters but Frizzell and Langan starting is not a confidence builder ahead of kick off... even with the limited choices we have available.
  2. Yes and no. Got to assume he is at RB with that line up. Not many other options really. But I agree that having Langan start when we have Wallace and Brindley on the bench seems bizarre.
  3. With Grant Gallagher scoring the goal that relegates us. Andy Stirling is much more likely... but yeah it would be typical if that happened of course. Ps, we need an "anyone but Dumbarton" option please.
  4. With all the Clyde love for Sons here... do we reckon we could have Goodwillie on an emergency loan for the next couple of weeks?
  5. You really are an absolute roaster 😂
  6. I haven't once argued against any of that. I also acknowledged that I would love to have him in our team for his abilities. But none of what you say makes him the "best player in the league" and I stand by my opinion that he isn't - as do many others going by the replies on this thread.
  7. If we are looking at the whole league I would take Rudden over Goodwillie. Probably Mitch Megginson too actually. I don't think Goodwillie scoring against Spain 10 years ago qualifies him as the best player, at any level, now. That being said, he is a very good option in league 1 and I'd have loved us to have a player like him this season! Can't wait for his hat-trick tonight 😒
  8. I mean... we have Robert Jones and Isaac Layne (kinda). In all seriousness though, he is a decent player but I wouldn't go as far as to say he is the best in the league.
  9. I'm being serious when I say 90% have been poor. The amount of free kicks which end up out of play is ridiculous. I've not even started on his free kicks. He hasn't properly worked a 'keeper this season. I now don't even get remotely excited by the prospect of him hitting a free kick around the box any more.
  10. I've said it before and I will say it again... if I hit 15 corners/free kicks every match I would get at least 1-2 of them right. That's the kind of success rate we are talking about. It's impossible to know how many he has hit but I would estimate that it couldn't be much more than 10% could be classed as "good deliveries". He has set his own high standards and this season his deliveries haven't been good enough, given how many he has hit.
  11. I think that's what makes it worse. We know what he is capable of, but he continues to waste 90% of our dead ball situation with absolute dross.
  12. I'm guessing that perhaps the plan is to use the current site to fund they proposed stadium move. We would need to build and sell houses in the car park first? This would also make more sense of the newly registered company recently set up in our name, so to speak.
  13. Ahh... like we should have done today you mean? 😒
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