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  1. Was just about to say this... since Ian Murray left Dumbarton we haven't done enough of the "dirty" side of things. Nice to see Faz bringing back the kind of things every other team seems to do against us! I also enjoy that Faz has introduced the multi-ball system at home too. Well overdue that we returned the favour to other teams who have used it effectively against us for the last few years.
  2. Has anyone seen highlights of the game again? Be handy to see some of the key moments again.
  3. The guys around me thought it was offside but I also thought he got a touch on the ball. Ref gave it and the linesman (who was in the perfect position) appears to have missed both the offside and the touch on the ball. We weren't really good enough but we had a chance up until that point really. Cove didn't look that good at all but they got the goals in the first half to make them comfortable. Ref also completely bottled it from sending off Morgan Neill and also McAllister late on for his deliberate hand ball. To sum up, the Ref ruined any chance we had of getting something, despite us not being great.
  4. Surely we can figure out when his isolation is finished? If we aren't 100% we should be able to ask the Test and Protect team or whatever because they usually send quite specific instruction on dates etc.
  5. Ooft! You sure you have a big enough stadium for that clash of the titans??
  6. I'd say the main point of this debate is that nothing is clear. Even when slowed right down it isn't obvious. Do you really think he was only booked because Maclean exaggerated how hurt he was?? This was no clearer than the penalty award you guys got in your favour - which also looked a bit soft and resulted in a booking but additionally a penalty and goal for you guys. They just about even themselves out as both could have been given or not on another day.
  7. That was kinda the point of my post. Yer man David and his ridiculous attitude was so farfetched I thought I'd join the game
  8. Calm down there David Big team syndrome much? I'm sure Airdrie will walk the league based on the players they have in their squad and we will look forward to a relegation battle . How are the league standings looking so far?
  9. Fairly selective screenshot that. Don't think it is as black and white as that would suggest though... Project_08-08_HD 720p_MEDIUM_FR30.mp4
  10. Are you serious? if he was conned for that then he was conned for the penalty (even moreso). I don't think we had to target Wardrop to be honest, it was a clumsy challenge but if we had put Maclean on the opposite side then Quitongo would have done the exact same thing. Our player was smart and got himself between the ball and the challenge. The Airdrie team (and bench) seemed to be pretty angry all day yesterday and they lost their heads. That is what cost you guys the victory in my opinion.
  11. Just watched through it and actually agree 100%. Both could have gone either way on another day. A bit clumsy in both cases. I enjoyed how bitter Murray was. He didn't admit that the pen was soft and points out that "their (our) 'keeper ran half the length of the park to tell the ref to give the booking" yet didn't mention any of his own players behaviour at that point. Needs to take off the tinted specs and stop being such a bitter dick. Yeah, that interview was a bit surprising to me. Saying that "we need to be seeing off 'these' teams" is pretty disrespectful and he could be doing with winding in the his neck and stopping with the Billy big baws attitude because at this level there isn't going to be too much between any of the sides.
  12. Only got this far but it does look a bit on the soft side. Clumsy looking but unsure how much contact there actually was...
  13. I mean, we were way off the pace for most of today and but for the sending off would probably not have scored at all. We certainly need another creative option in the form of a goalscorer. We missed McKee a lot today and were doing lots of the basics poorly. But I agree, that game last year finishes with us gaining zero points, regardless of a sending off for the opposition.
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