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  1. He must have improved because he was rotten with us and struggled to get near a Stranraer team in league 1 less than 2 years ago before ending up at Clyde.
  2. The strange thing for me in Barr signing would be that you guys have an artificial pitch. I know it isn't always related but for an injury prone player it would seem like a strange move. He is a good player at this level so would be a good signing.
  3. Can only echo what others have said. Forbes on paper had reasonable stats but he also turned in some of the worst performances of the season out of our whole team, for me. He also never seemed that bothered, especially when things weren't going too well for the team. Far from irreplaceable... Whether we replace what he contributed or not is down to Mr Duffy.
  4. How dare they discuss the Kilmarnock job when Steve Clarke is still the manager there?
  5. I wonder if Kenny Miller fancies another go at being player/manager? He might end up getting that at Dundee right enough.
  6. This was my thinking. Either that or Duffy hasn't spoke to some of the others (which would be strange in itself). Be interesting to hear what's happening with the like of Boris and Beany...
  7. Perhaps, reading it back again, that sounds pretty harsh. I just don't think he was that great. I'd say our league was closer to his level but then again, he is young and may improve. He was just a bit hopeless in possession at times and I think there will be other options available who won't be a downgrade.
  8. Was it impressed with Ferguson at all. Often looked like the weak link in our team actually. Sadly (for you guys) not all of our fans feel the same way about him.
  9. He wont be back, unless Ally Roy returns. Interesting to note that he was quickly filtered out of the Partick squad. Not sure about his situation re injuries or anything. But he didn't have much of an impact and a quick check suggests he hasn't been in a match day squad since mid March.
  10. I put it down to them speaking to players on the Tuesday and not updating things until the Wednesday but either way we should have an idea in the next 48 hours or so.
  11. He missed the first month and then pretty much the whole of January as well...
  12. 100% this. Bobby Linn deserves the plaudits for having such a good season and I'd like to see him win POTY too as he won't get a better shot at it imo. But Dom is the better player out of the two and will have a better career at a higher level.
  13. I can only assume you're having a laugh Bobby Linn has had a great season (possibly the best of his career?) but he isn't at the same standard. If Dom had been in a good side he'd have won POTY comfortably . But in a side like ours it has been difficult and he still managed to get nominated for the award.
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