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  1. Hibs are playing blinder without really trying hard. Can't be many clubs left in the SPFL that haven't angered the self entitled ones since the death of the old club at some point. I have to pay my respects to Hibs at some point in the near future. If I get the chance next season I will take in a few games at Easter Road, haven't been for a few years.
  2. We are just going for the win here, no pressure, let Dunfermline worry about themselves and about what's happening at Cappielow.
  3. All the pressure on you guys, none on us other than to do what we've been doing for the last few weeks, you just have to see which Dumbarton turns up. Keep looking over you shoulders, we are closing in.
  4. For the last Saturday all the pressure now on the Pars, no pressure on us.
  5. updated: From the information I have we should have for next season (contract ends) - Mark Ridgers (2020), Gary Warren (2019), Coll Donaldson (2020), Brad McKay (2020), Carl Tremarco (2020), Riccardo Calder (2019), Liam Polworth (2019), Charlie Trafford (2020), Joe Chalmers (2019), Zak Elbouzedi (2019), Nathan Austin (2019), George Oakley (2019), Cameron MacKay (2020) Out of contract - Ryan Esson, Stephen Foster, Collin Seedorf, Iain Vigurs, Aaron Doran, Jake Mulraney, Daniel MacKay, Conner Bell. Out on loan - Owain Fon Williams (still contracted for another season), Daniel Hoban, and John Baird (contracts finish end of May)
  6. I'll wait and see how the next couple of weeks pan out and see who is leaving and if rumours about something not very pleasant is about to happen to the club have any substance before I start looking forward to a Championship title next season. But yeah I have cautious optimism about next season given our late season form as the situation currently stands, but that could change.
  7. I take it the P&B Clyde fans have already had their own vote on best Clyde player and best player in League 2? Maybe they are the same player. The PFA union members might nominate the best players but there has to be a little bias towards players that are popular and or gain respect, since all 4 nominees are in their 30's it could suggest this. I don't think Goodwillie is a popular player and maybe never will be even if he's getting his head down and getting on with it but its up to Clyde fans if they wish to name him their player of the year for the club.
  8. These no marks include players at your club.
  9. The song Ally's Tartan Army should have finished his career, why is he still wheeled out 40 f***ing years after that disaster?
  10. The flaw in this is that in most cases its not the same players playing for these teams in the top flight that got them up there. Some players, not all.
  11. Why is this not coloured in tangerine? I have my doubts about your commitment to the cause!!
  12. Someone mentioned Hibs still trolling Rangers. We see Aberdeen now checking out in 2nd place, could be between those two for the certain remaining Europa League quali place, would be great if Hibs could pick up that spot leaving Rangers to wait on the Cup final result.
  13. I'm just taking it at face value, I'm not familiar with this poster if we had crossed paths before I don't remember. Still its a lot of trouble to go through to start a thread and then post all that.
  14. Had the patience to read through that and although a very very long post in large font I can see its entirely from the heart. We are all different and we all have different perspectives on life and not everyone sees things your way and supporting your club is no different from that even among your fellow Arabs. Dundee Utd really need to get things sorted behind the scenes to get that foundation to move forward, same goes for my club. Consider that it could get worse before it gets better and both clubs end up behind the like of Arbroath and Forfar in the third tier season after next, worse case. As for haters Dundee fans will be Dundee fans, the only other ones who openly voice their real hatred for your club are ones from the fake club at Ibrox who are under the impression that everything that is happening to United is some sort of retribution or karma It would be funny as f*** if Utd went on to win the playoffs.
  15. Too late for you, can't find the bottom six so your season must be over bar the cup final.
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