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  1. I think the chances of hearing from Diamond Dave again are nil. He did exactly the same thing the last time he appeared on here..........as soon as he was challenged he was gone.
  2. As far as I've heard everyone who bought shares have retained them. The only problem was with the trust trying to purchase extra shares they were promised.
  3. Yes every time there's a departure from the club up pops Diamond Dave to put his spin on the story. The last time we heard from you you were telling us how all the dead wood had been cleared out of the board.
  4. How these players made it into the professional ranks is a mystery.
  5. I know it's got F A to do with the stadium being double booked.
  6. That's not my understanding of the situation.
  7. The Albion Rovers Thread

    Come on Rovers keep it going.....
  8. Interesting post, would say that as the club have now decided to take this new path then the board desperately need someone like Stuart to help with recruitment. I'm told quite a few new players have already been on trial over the last few weeks in reserve matches. Whether this has anything to do with S M I don't know.
  9. Airdrie Bankies v Forfar

    Wait for it...You'll now get the fishing rod catching the giant fish post. The wee boy fancies himself as some kind of joker.
  10. The sad thing is, it just seems that it doesn't matter anymore.
  11. Dombarton vs Airdrie

    Yep, heard it was Coyle.
  12. Rovers v Airdrie

    Mate its the worst Airdrie side in my 50+years.
  13. Yes all these things however, Murray has got nothing out of the players he's inherited plus if his loan signings are anything to go by then I'm not very optimistic for the future. Another disaster of a season which could end up as our worst ever.