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  1. Yes think it was Ayr Diamond .....his posts are usually spot on.
  2. With all the talk about H R and West Ham, I can only think of Laurie Leslie and Sandy Clark as a link between the clubs.
  3. I said it would be interesting to find out if........never said it definitely happened that way. So are you saying Dundee eventually voted yes because they got assurances about possible reconstruction ? I'm sure before the vote the media, and every Tom, Dick and Harry was saying that no club should be punished as a result of ending the season early and the only way of doing this was by league reconstruction. It was interesting to see all the different clubs issuing statements after reconstruction was binned.
  4. I should have said "other clubs" instead of "the other clubs". Think its obvious why Hearts, Thistle, Falkirk and Edinburgh City got places.
  5. Wonder if you'll be able to change your vote if you have second thoughts ?
  6. This ìs exactly how it was explained to me. It would be interesting to find out if the other clubs on the reconstruction committee were offered the same.
  7. I'm certainly old enough. My memory is of a never ending stream of talented footballers being produced.
  8. Can someone help ? Just bought a pair of adidas Broomfield retro trainers , 80's casual classics. Does anyone know the back story ?
  9. If it was 3 leagues of 14 would that be enough to take Dundee up or does it have to be a 16 team top league ?
  10. Interesting to read in the statement that while the club reluctantly accept the ending of the season they do not accept Raith Rovers as champions.
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