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  1. Post 3241 How do I get to the above. I think I know what it might say but not sure.
  2. Can't wait......should be a cracker jack of a game. 1- 0 either way.
  3. If we can't beat Forfar at home then we can forget about any notion of winning the league or getting out of it any time soon. The Diamonds to win 3-1
  4. This won't be the last time this kind of post appears about big Nat throughout the season.
  5. You'll have a long wait. They've been challenged before to give details of the trust's skullduggery and guess what.......Nothing.
  6. 100% new accounts jumping on every opportunity to blame the trust for everything from Brexit to a struggling Airdrie team.
  7. He's 19 and has been out on loan at Alloa and Arbroath and has only scored 3 goals since 2017. I was hoping for a bit more in terms of experience and goal scoring record.
  8. Closed doors isn't it? Aye mate just noticed that the first game we can watch the new team is against the Rovers on Tuesday night.
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