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  1. Full Article from the club website In August 2017 Fifers For The Community (FFTC) assumed responsibility for the maintenance and management of the 3G pitch and introduction of community use at Bayview. Our first winter immediately highlighted that use of the floodlights increased ten-fold and after the lease was the major overhead cost for the Charity. The heavy electricity bills combined with the cost and limited availability of replacement bulbs was a major issue which FFTC and East Fife Football Club (EFFC) decided to address. Six months ago both parties started to examine the options available and opened discussions with Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS). ZWS launched the project by carrying out an energy assessment to establish the benefit of installing LED floodlights at Bayview. The potential cost reduction was significant so with the support of ZWS the project was put out to competitive tender and a preferred supplier selected. From there we started the process of identifying possible sources of funding and we were delighted to secure a heavily discounted, long term and low interest loan from the Energy Saving Trust. This alone left us with a difficult decision considering the past and future financial constraints caused by COVID-19. It was at this stage that a white knight arrived. EFFC and FFTC have previously received enormous support from the Scottish Football Partnership (SFP) and once again they supported all groups involved at Bayview. Following an application by EFFC the SFP awarded a significant grant which turned this into a financially viable project. Installation of the new LED floodlighting will begin on 22nd August of this year and will exceed SFA Bronze Level standard. Repayment of the loan will be made by FFTC from savings made on electricity usage during community use ensuring there is no financial burden to EFFC. The floodlights will become part of the fabric of Bayview Stadium and as such EFFC will be responsible for maintenance of the system which carries a lengthy warranty. This has been a tremendous combined effort between FFTC and EFFC who would like to thank Zero Waste Scotland, the Energy Saving Trust and the Scottish Football Partnership for their support throughout.
  2. The club have launched a fan survey & it would be great if all East Fife supporters could take part. It should take around 10 minutes to complete https://eastfifefc.info/latest-news/803-supporters-survey-2020
  3. The Player of the Year winners will be announced on East Fife TV tomorrow from 7pm. https://eftv.info/player-of-the-year-awards-2019-20/ 8 awards are presented, we review the highs & lows from the season, look back at some of the lighter moments, hear from the winners, manager & chairman and there may even be a few snippets of news about next season that I’m sure everyone will want to hear.
  4. At 3pm today, East Fife TV are showing the 2002/03 promotion run-in. It’s free to watch but donations would be greatly appreciated. http://eftv.info/2002-03 Donations can be made via East Fife TV http://www.paypal.me/EastFifeTV or through the GoFundMe page https://www.gofundme.com/f/supportthemightyfife
  5. For those not on social media, we’ve got a brilliant match starting on East Fife TV in just under half an hour. It’s free to view but donations would be greatly appreciated http://eftv.info
  6. To be fair to him, the commentary was only added this week so he could only see what was happening on the screen as well as trying to pretend you don’t know what’s going to happen.
  7. For anyone who didn't get the chance to watch the game on yesterday, it's available to view until Friday https://eftv.info/classic-matches/ East Fife TV plan to show other "live" matches throughout the shut down. This requires a fair bit of work by the media team to pull everything together so if anyone would like to make a donation, all the details are in the link above. Thanks to everyone who did donate yesterday!
  8. When Darren won MOTM in August, we went undefeated (2 wins & 2 draws) in September...
  9. The provisional date for both the replay & rearranged match is Tuesday 21st. I don’t think you can reschedule SC fixtures for Saturdays at this stage of the tournament.
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