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  1. Clyde won't rake him back. They ain't going to get relegated and won't want the hastle. While we are now precariously positioned as a result of losing him, it would be an aberration if we brought him right back in. I would expect the maximum damage has already been done to the club's reputation after five years of service, having many fans bizarrely hero-worshipping him and - worst of all - appointing him as club captain, but speaking for myself it's been five years of gritted teeth waiting for yesterday to come, and I'd be extremely disappointed if my relief about his departure was ill-fated.
  2. The only previous player with a sexual offence history at Clyde that I can think of was Lithgow, who was last at the club about six years before Goodwillie arrived and committed a much less severe offence. As a result, I think the 'seal' remained to be broken and emphatically was; his signing for Clyde came out of nowhere really, with no rumours and no fan consultation, and caused a bit of a storm initially. You're right, though, in that after a few weeks Clyde weren't really in the spotlight at all - I can't see this blowing over quite the same way. You make valid points regarding #MeToo and similar movements in recent years, too, which are probably a big factor in the traction this has gained on Twitter where such topics are much more freely discussed now. I think what makes his signing for Raith, and the backlash, even more egregious was the fact that the story met with such fierce opposition when it first broke a month ago, but the move went ahead anyway. It is just absolute suicide for a club with much more to lose than gain in a fiscal sense, absolutely nothing to gain in a moral sense, and extremely unlikely to gain anything meaningful in a sporting sense. As good as he is, a somewhat injury-prone 32 year old who hasn't played full-time football in half a decade is very unlikely to be the difference between Premiership and Championship football. For the outlay, surely to god the club could've identified a young player in the past month(s) with an even higher ceiling than Goodwillie's current fettle, or even a similarly talented established pro. Hopefully the Raith fans turned away by this can get back to supporting their club at some point, if they ever feel their wounds have healed and the club's worth supporting again.
  3. By waiting until the end of the window we've likely a) maximised the fee received, b) sold him to a club that's not a direct rival, c) been able to bring Jamieson in and d) had weeks more of Goodwillie available to play. In what way has it been a bad move?
  4. Sporting-wise, obviously a colossal blow. Transforms the season from increasingly looking safe back to looking quite doubtful, though we have still been picking up points lately. In every other sense though, silver linings can be found. It's become an utter embarrassment how singularly reliant we were on him, his presence at the club will no doubt have been damaging with regards to building and maintaining commercial relationships and, if any fans couldn't bring themselves to support us while he was here, hopefully we'll see them back.
  5. Raith fans when the club teases a deadline-beating striker signing:
  6. the_bully_wee

    FIFA 22

    He does look a nice card, but he just doesn't fit in at all for me sadly. Shooting is a bit sub standard as well and I've already got plenty of untradeable attacking super subs, so he'll likely end up in the Varane SBC. Very mixed feelings from a moral standpoint about using Varane but I can do him pretty much for free and he looks absolutely incredible. Big upgrade on Kimpembe who is, himself, more than a bit broken. On another note, I did eventually pack a TOTY earlier on today, but it was of course Donnarumma. Tradeable, though, so another 230k into the coffers. Now to see if there are any more mugs willing to pay for coins
  7. the_bully_wee

    FIFA 22

    I've opened about 50 saved packs ranging from premium gold players to 85+ x10 and 83+ x25 and the best I've had was Insigne - utter toilet, but I wasn't expecting anything different. I've been running a cheap team all year and refusing to get into the Mbappe/Neymar nonsense. Sold virtually every coin I could muster to some bloke for the thick end of 300 quid a few weeks back and thus will be going untradeable or cheap until the end of the year. Last week was my first week playing a fully untradeable team in Champs (ft. 74 rated WW Diallo at CDM) and I was a ballhair away from Rank 1. Rank 3 this week though after being completely schooled by God squads with Varane in my last two games.
  8. Some effort by Docherty for the second, that. Postage stamp in those conditions and from that position is no mean feat. Clever routine for the opener as well, though you only really get away with those once!
  9. Layne would be a better bet for us than Jones, and theoretically a reasonably good fit given how we play. We could be doing without another sex offender though and his injury record would be a huge worry if we were to gamble on him.
  10. Very sad for football purists having to watch QP's romantic journey stalling like this. Hope they can turn the corner soon!
  11. Interesting to note that Dumbarton's brand new target man impressed and even grabbed a debut goal today. The constant mewling from Lennon (and now Moore too) about the difficulty of the January window is piss-weak as it is, but made even worse when you consider that same window (give or take a few days either side of it) in their first season saw us recruit Lang, Love, Boyle, Cogill, Grant and McStay, all of whom went on to be big players for us. It's wearing very thin now and surely comes down to pure laziness on the parts of all involved in the front-end of recruitment at the club. Elsdon's agent touting him about (as happens constantly with players now), Balatoni phoning Lennon, scraping around lower-ranked teams for players nobody else wants - it's embarrassing, and we should justifiably expect much more than being reduced to a team of honest smash and grab merchants with one outstanding player.
  12. Scott Brown scoring against Clyde from outside the box? I've never seen this film before. Embarrassing.
  13. Just a shame that Cove are ahead, think it'll be beyond us to overhaul that gap now. A point being lost in the Dumbarton/East Fife game is better news than a home win for sure, but I'd much rather East Fife won.
  14. How did Gregg Wylde look today? Could he be the left-back to completely turn around your form and #SaveTheSons?
  15. Criticism of Jones is folly in the main, since it's not like we expected anything different from him. We also don't have any viable alternatives to take his place. Any criticism should be directed right to Lennon for signing him and numerous other players who no other team in this league would have thought about bringing in.
  16. The problem within that is that if he is agitating for a move, no club is going to offer us much considering his age, the wage they'll have to pay him and the enormous baggage which accompanies him. That we'd be so doomed without him just further highlights the miserable failures in recruitment and vision we've endured in recent years. You look at Montrose, which for about five years has kept the vast majority of its core squad consistent, been a strong loaning club and one which regularly develops promising youngsters from lower levels. It's embarrassing that our player turnover is so high, that our loanees are seldom difference-makers and that there seems to be absolutely no strategy for evolution on the footballing side. It looked like the start of something pretty special when we were bringing in the Grants and McStays but it's descended into a hand-to-mouth scramble for just about any player that's available every window. We are already doomed if this keeps up, because Goodwillie is declining and won't be an excellent striker forever. It'd just kick the can down the road if we trudged on as a dreadful team with a star up front.
  17. Jesus Christ. I don't think any of us had much hope of January going much better, but Lennon's starting to go full 2012 Jim Duffy.
  18. Oh dear. Maybe he's turned a corner since, but Gregg Wylde was absolutely hopeless when he was at Clyde a few seasons ago. Despite having just dropped out of the full-time game, he never achieved any proper level of fitness and was largely a passenger with very little evidence of the decent level at which he played not too long ago.
  19. I'm not sure exactly who you're including in "weird rape apology guys", but are you not the chap who said our signing of Goodwillie *almost* made you stop attending Clyde games, but us signing a Conservative-voting player would have made you stop for sure? Apologies if this is mistaken identity and not the case.
  20. Who's tried to defend Goodwillie here? The closest thing to a defence of him (by a Clyde fan) that's been launched is the statement of simple facts; that he was never criminally convicted and was only found guilty of the crime on the balance of probability. Haufdaft has also raised the pertinent point that there are a hell of a lot of unknown rapists in football and wider society who will never be brought to any small kind of justice and are thereby greater re-offending risks. That could include a best mate of you or I, or a revered player at either of our clubs. Unfortunately, rape remains a massive problem in society and even more unfortunately it is nigh on impossible to prove beyond reasonable doubt in most instances. You (and others) have come on to this thread and made a lot of repetitive and tiresome noise, but fundamentally all this debate boils down to is a difference of opinions regarding how offenders should be able to continue with their lives. You think they should be made invisible, others can see the safeguarding merit in them having an ongoing public profile and working in an environment where the risk of on-the-job re-offence is as close as possible to zero. There is absolutely nobody here mounting any kind of a defence of the individual involved or trying to downplay the severity of the crime he likely committed; I'm sure we all agree in the strongest terms that rape is an utterly deplorable and sickening crime, despite our divergent opinions about the nature of life thereafter for perpetrators. Plenty of folk seem to come on to this thread when Goodwillie's name is in the papers under the assumption that Clyde fans are rape apologists, which just plainly isn't true.
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