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  1. Good point and an improved performance by the sounds of things.
  2. Whichever course of action those at the club go with, it'll be a risky one. Sticking with Lennon is a risk because his last three attempts at building a squad have been laughable, and the football has gradually receded from richly entertaining to eye-bleeding; twisting is also a risk, because Christ knows who'll be available, fancy coming to us and how they'd fare in the dugout. I don't envy those making this decision at such a crossroads, but personally I'd be thanking Lennon and moving on. As impressive as his coaching achievements are during his time at the club, he's failing abjectly in a major part of the role and is showing no signs of turning around his recruitment woes. If we are to genuinely progress beyond our current standing then we'll need someone in charge who can marry both competencies rather than excel at one or the other.
  3. That would reflect even more badly on him then, if it was all his doing and misplaced trust in a scheming advisor looking to line his own pockets wasn't a factor. I'd seen someone mentioning Willo Flood's name in that regard.
  4. Why is all this nauseating chat about bringing Goodwillie "home" and him being "our captain" still carrying on in perpetuity? Eight months ago the guy was saying he dreamt of being at the club for the thick end of another decade and said he'd put out training cones if that's what it took to stay. Six months on from that birthday card pish, he exits bankruptcy and all of a sudden - and very conveniently - bids are flying in for him from multiple clubs and he's stating his desire to leave. The most baffling thing is that a lot of supporters have put in a lot of their own money to directly support him while at the club, working class men and women with families and mortgages to pay, and at his first real chance their "captain" whose "home" is Clyde clearly worked with his agent to force a move away. Whether you want him back at the club or not, the entire saga doesn't reflect at all well on him given his comments less than a year previous.
  5. I won't settle until I see the delirious selfie with the half time pie, sarti.
  6. The best day of their lives. That's what football is all about
  7. Dumbarton das acting like tourists at Old Trafford with their phones out for the full 90. Could never be me!
  8. Surely impossible that Ferguson will survive this? I think the writing is on the wall now having watched his post-match interview against Falkirk. Similar happened at Clyde, albeit he was actually a bit unlucky that season; just devolved into him going on after every defeat about not knowing why things were going wrong. That squad of yours, if managed properly, could and should piss its way to safety if you get a proper manager in pronto.
  9. Prediction time: - we will re-sign Goodwillie in the coming weeks, on massive wages once again and on a ridiculously long contract - no other new signings will be made - Goodwillie, injury returns and lady luck will combine to keep us clear of 9th, and Lennon in a job - a far-too-large number of these absolute jobbers will be handed extensions, while we lose the few most would be happy to retain - another disasterclass window will see us end up with an equally poor squad next season, at best The turnaround in feeling at the club in just two and a half years is staggering. There's such a malaise around the place and we're rudderless in just about every department, footballing and otherwise. Despite having a season ticket, I've made just three games this season and don't miss it one iota. I really feel for those who are turning up to suffer this turgid dross every week.
  10. No tears here, Poindexter. If you'd a half-decent team then you wouldn't be behind our utter muck in the table.
  11. Dumbarton wiping the floor with us twice this season despite being a poor outfit themselves really says it all about the utter gang Lennon has assembled. A horrible afternoon and unfortunately one that's been coming for months. Absolutely brutal.
  12. Unfair on young Page to want him bombed out of that role, the lad needs time to grow into it! It's madness that Balatoni has been brought in from the bitter cold rather than moving Page inside with Elsdon and playing McAllister in his best position. Admittedly that would then leave us with a big problem in the middle of the park, but it would at least shore up the defence a bit.
  13. Maybe time to consider canning Lennon while there's still some time left in the loan window? I do not wish to entrust this man with building another squad.
  14. The most turgid defensive outfit in the national leagues and two zip down at home inside twenty minutes. Pmsl
  15. the_bully_wee

    FIFA 22

    Forgot to come back in here after the next day, which saw me pack both Neymar and TOTY Dias (untradeable) in back to back packs in the last five of about a hundred packs opened during that week. Dias is unbelievable, even better than Varane who I used my fodder up on. Neymar hasn't been great for me so far, but is a big step up on both Icardi and Ben Yedder who I was tossing up between previously. Completed Paqueta as soon as I packed Neymar for links, who's a bit clunky but essential for chemistry. Squad is looking like this, with only Ederson and David tradeable: In even happier news, the massive price spike of in forms last night meant that my early-cycle strategy of picking up discard IFs paid off big time; made 2m last night, which I'll be selling on again. Almost £400 made from coin sales in this game already
  16. Whether the McDermid song was meant with regards to sexuality or just appearance, I've got no idea why Clyde fans are slagging a former sponsor of another club and praising a player who forced a move away from theirs.
  17. The sponsorship point is an absolutely ridiculous one. They'll have felt safe coming on board when there was very little heat around Goodwillie during his five years at Clyde, but I doubt many would be happy to become embroiled in the media shitstorm that would follow his signing. It would be an all-round mental decision to bring him back in.
  18. Time for a three-pronged French attack of Oné, Tadé and Nadé IMO.
  19. You'd be coming on to fillet Clyde fans whether they displayed condemnation, indifference or keenness toward the idea of resigning him. Away ye go.
  20. There's also the fact that all the evidence on a file is reviewed to determine a person's suitability for whichever role they're applying to, and there would have to be more arbitrary lines drawn based on what kind of conviction history was deemed acceptable and unacceptable to earn a living from the game with. Given the fact that there is no direct contact with children or vulnerable adults required to be a professional footballer, it would be a colossal can of worms to force through any kind of requirement like this and would cause many more arguments than it'd solve.
  21. Docherty is the guy I'd be handing captaincy to for the moment, absolutely the most qualified one for it among the current squad. I suspect it will be Love, though, in another seismic PR blunder. Going forward I'd like to see Cuddihy given the armband given his growing experience, ever-presence (when fit) and length of service, but he'd maybe have to be groomed into the role as he's not the most vocal figure.
  22. Ross, first and foremost, sorry for your loss. The ones you know are coming aren't any easier to deal with whatsoever, as counter-intuitive as that can feel throughout the period of their declining health. Just make sure not to shut yourself off at all and be open with your loved ones, holding them as close as you can while you all grieve your gran. As BWV said above, returning to work might well be a bit of a tonic as a distraction but you should absolutely be looking out for number one and taking breaks or time off if it makes things any worse, or if things ever briefly get too much. I'm in a few similar boats to yourself. I've had my struggles with depression in the past and still have the odd bad day here and there, but thankfully all very manageable for a good while now. Of course, in writing this I'm now opening us up to the double-barrel of both being big bad Clyde fans, but maybe we'll just have to deal with that as and when it comes. I'm not looking for any kind of pity in saying this, but I don't think opposition fans understand (or want to try understanding) just how difficult it is to tear yourself away from such an enormous part of your life on moral grounds. A lucky few are able to, plenty lapse after an initial desire to boycott and, as you'll have seen, some just sadly don't seem to care a jot about - and in some genuinely disgusting cases, glorify - Goodwillie and the baggage he brought. For myself, several Clyde fans I know and, it seems, yourself, there was plenty of discomfort along the way but an inability to just dissociate ourselves from a cursed club so ritualistically embedded in our lives. Literally weeks after Goodwillie's initial signing, I met an ex-girlfriend of mine for the first time and over the course of our near two-year relationship she was, for some utterly madcap reason, keen to attend Clyde games here and there. I was eager to discuss the Goodwillie situation early doors and she thankfully wasn't at all bothered about it or my continuing support of the club and attendance at its games, albeit due to work at that time I seldom made many (a real blessing, as that was the Chapman era). Around the end of Chapman's reign she told me one night that she'd been raped, and that ever-vivid moment still tortures me to this day. I don't think I've ever been as viscerally upset, angry and guilty feeling as I was in the infinitely-long moments after she uttered the words. This conversation came months before she even started attending games; looking back, I'm not at all sure how she was able to enthusiastically attend as a victim, but it certainly made it easier for me to morally square Goodwillie playing football when her belief was that he should be allowed to. Unfortunately, it just happened to be at our club. As you've maybe seen me say elsewhere, though, it's a source of relief that he's gone even if the scars will rightly be visible on our club for years to come. As I've said, I wish opposition fans could be a bit more sympathetic, but then that's not how football fans tend to be. I've absolutely no doubt that if the roles were reversed, we and other Clyde fans would be asking opposition fans how they could possibly support a club whose star player and captain is a rapist, unable to comprehend it. In any case, I hope your mental health improves swiftly and I'm also hopeful that when you're next at Broadwood, there's no lingering doubt or shame - other than that derived from watching Rob Jones walking around the centre circle for 90 minutes, of course.
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