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  1. It's unbelievable that we're going into our fourth season in League One and have had such a slap-dash approach to squad-building that we're going to shed at least fifteen players, with three of the four already contracted for next year also not good enough. There'll have to be some amount of groundwork already in place for us to avoid anything but a repeat of this season.
  2. I'd say you do, given our rent-free occupancy of your head in the past half a decade. Hopefully your dream comes true!
  3. Should be a clean sweep for Splaine, at least he's picked up the players' one. The most important retention for us this close season so I hope he fancies sticking around.
  4. It would appear that Berwick have ditched Balatoni already
  5. "Greenmachine" still droning on about a nothing win over Clyde about six months on. I was worried that we were now a diddy club but the extent of his hard-on shows that it was the best day of his life. Fair play!
  6. Smashing. You'll need a good rest up before your arduous journey to the Lowland League. Choo-choo! I don't think Lennon would've done any better with Dumbarton's squad, but it really would've been a spectacle to see how Farrell fared with ours. Derby-esque points tally at best, IMO.
  7. Whatever point it is you're trying to make, it's heavily obscured by the tears and snotters. I'd be fuming too, don't worry!
  8. I really don't think they'll be too dissimilar to last season's play-offs if you lot do end up having to go through them. You're at least scoring goals at the moment and I wouldn't be especially fearful of any of the League Two sides - a month ago I'd have fancied Annan heavily, but they've wobbled a fair bit recently. I'd give you a reasonable chance of staying up as things stand.
  9. Been an awful season in many ways but fair play to Danny and a limited group of players who've pulled out some big results and gutsy performances when the pressure's been on. Time to put everything into recruitment and get it right this time; much more energy required right through the squad, at a minimum.
  10. Monday being dropped while Jones and Page start is a bit of a farce; he was anonymous last week, but being shunted out wide of a gang is always going to go that way. Splaine will be a big miss.
  11. Don't want to burn too many calories appraising those wasters, but that was one of the worst Clyde performances I've ever endured. Huge credit to Aaron Splaine who had a pretty poor game but didn't utterly chuck it like many around him. That Dumbarton result is absolutely horrific news for us and I must admit, I've gone from thinking we would coast to safety at kick-off to now thinking it'll come down to a last-day shootout for 8th.
  12. This is unspeakably bad. It really is remarkable that we're all but safe. It's bad enough up in the stand but Jamieson must be the most fed up person in the stadium - our chances of seeing him again are slim to none.
  13. Even one point between now and the end of the season will likely be more than enough to keep us safe; as it is, Dumbarton need at least three wins from five to overhaul our advantage, and they've won only two of their last sixteen. Would still be nice to finish as high up as we can and in decent form going into the summer of course, but I don't think we should be worrying at all.
  14. Parry, Kennedy and McGrath(!) are all on two-year deals, so they'll either be here or amicably departed next season. The big question when it comes to player retentions and releases is a budgetary one; would I have the likes of Love, Rumsby, Docherty, Elsdon, Page at the club on terms around our mean wage? No. Would I take them on terms which were commensurate with a status of rotational/back-up player? Most likely. There are only a few of our players I'd say it's essential that we try to retain for next season and they're Cuddihy, Splaine and Cunningham. You could make an argument for Gomis but time is ticking on for him and he'll be earning quite handsomely; we can probably do better with such a wage. Livingstone has some good games but he's a bit of an in-between player who's not really good enough defensively for a back four and also might struggle as a winger if we were to start playing football again next season. It's shocking that we're looking likely to enter a fourth season in League One and have only half a dozen players, tops, who are average or better players at this level. Hopefully we can do something to get McAllister and Jamieson back, but you'd imagine they'll both have plenty of admirers among part-time clubs. I can't say I'm looking forward to the summer recruitment commencing whatsoever.
  15. A rather significant tangent here, but have you boys stuck with "Don't Stop the Party" as your goal music this season?
  16. Bit of a riddy being about 500 years old and not knowing the offside rule imo
  17. Free hit for us today, as most games from here can afford to be. Disappointing to turn in such a guff performance (once again), right enough. Cabbage patch or not, we really shouldn't be starting Nicoll under any circumstances these days. That's been the case for about three years, mind. Hopefully we see a pen emoji a few times this week for some of the handful of players worth trying to build on top of for next year. If Lennon can achieve that then I'd hand him a new deal too.
  18. Big win for the plucky amateurs today, fair play!
  19. You mean you left before extra time and pens?!
  20. I don't care if Tuesday's blue, Wednesday's grey and Thursday too, Friday, I don't care 'bout you, It's Monday, I'm in love.
  21. How come we can make outrageously exciting signings at the end of March when the season's basically done and dusted, yet see fit to sign the likes of Billy Mortimer in the summer? What a club.
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