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    Fifa 23

    You really do have to say "fair play" to EA for jumping the shark and making the 'Advanced SBCs' rewards untradeable for the very first time. Surprised they've not done it before now, tbf, but forcing folk towards buying FIFA points nine days before the game's full release really is something special. Fair play!
  2. Not idea about the age of this, or our specific plans, but a quick look on Google Earth doesn't make the southern section of Crownpoint look particularly spacious:
  3. Bizarre that Jordan Allan isn't an automatic starter for us. Despite being quite diminutive, he's a battler and can hold the ball up well at times. The lack of competent full-backs (through injury and general guffness) really is our Achilles' heel, given a back three of Thicot-McLean-Sula would be a right strong base to build from.
  4. Looks like a tough day at the office. Will just have to settle for a 2-1 win this afternoon then, I reckon.
  5. Huge credit to Parry for what I would say was a game-saving stop from Agyeman, given the course of proceedings up to then. Did well to force the boy wide, too, who squared to the aforementioned for his howler. Really impressed with a lot of those performances today, with the back three showing up well (and what a ball from big Sula for the first!) and Gomis and Grant industrious as ever. I thought Roberts put in a fantastic shift and Cunningham made amends for his profligacy last week with two good finishes. Night and day watching these energetic boys versus last season's plodders, and what a difference it makes having big, strong, vocal centre backs. Just hope they're minor concerns for Kennedy and Cuddihy, the only two scratches on proceedings.
  6. Second best here but had a few openings ourselves, Lyon guilty of spurning our best moments. Extremely frustrating player who has ability but is let down so often by the decisions he makes. Big McLean strolling it again, and we're missing Allan's ability to hold it up today.
  7. the_bully_wee

    Fifa 23

    The beta's okay, it's essentially the same game (on the PS4 version anyway, as that's the only version of 22 I played). There are some horrific things needing ironed out, though, like the zoom-in for power shots, the jarring camera angle changes when some shots go in and the massive under- and over-performance of keepers in certain scenarios. This is definitely the least different I can remember a beta feeling, which could be good news - I've always felt that they should take the approach of building off of their better gameplay titles rather than reinventing the wheel, as they've done since about FIFA 13. Won't be remotely surprised if it ends up being riddled with various imbalances that form a changing 'meta' between patches though, like the last number of editions.
  8. Think the second yellow for Allan was soft, but the damage was done by his mental Nicoll-esque lunge which could've yielded a red on its own. Crazy that we didn't play all that well at all and still should've scored about eight - Cunningham won't sleep well tonight.
  9. Yup, assumed this was the case when I saw the preview mentioning "copy 2" of the match programme further on. Strangely, though, my season ticket isn't displaying its cash balance on the TicketCo app as it has done previously, so I'm hoping there's not going to be a big hoo-ha with it tomorrow.
  10. Having read further on, it would appear that the entire "info" section has been copied and pasted from the previous cup match. Disregard!
  11. Just a quick heads up for Clyde fans - it's easy enough to miss in the match preview article on the website, but apparently season tickets aren't valid for tomorrow's game and the ticket prices are set at £12 adults/£6 under-18s. No mention of concessions and advised to buy a ticket online here instead.
  12. I'm going to avoid spoiler tags here because I highly doubt anyone will be coming on here without having watched the episode first. There are dozens of folk claiming they've transcribed the phone conversation in English, German or both, and their claims are all wildly different. Won't be buying into any of them until there's some kind of consensus on it. On the episode itself, I liked the cutting between the timelines, the mirroring of visuals and sounds was good and that of the events was even better. Unless there's a big twist then this episode confirms that it's not going to be a happy ending, among many other things. The Walt and Jesse appearances could be seen as a little tokenistic but it ultimately fleshed out one of the defining interactions in Breaking Bad, which is no bad thing, and in a way which shone a light on Saul more than Walt and Jesse themselves. It's his decision to recklessly pursue them (walking into the school to confront the cancer patient) that results in the downfall of Saul, and his decision to recklessly go back to that house (to defraud another cancer patient, having rationalised it to himself by remembering the evil of Walter White) that is pointing towards the downfall of Gene, too. I agree with the chap above saying that the BB timeline has served now its purpose and don't think we will see it in any substantial manner henceforth. Gutted that there are only two episodes left, what a universe this has been. A relatively happy Jimmy/Kim ending was what I was after personally but that looks a mile off happening now; I'm sure whatever they go with will be great, though.
  13. It's mental, but fans always seem to need a scapegoat and he's ours for now. Mitchell was a right good 'keeper and there's no denying that, but he wasn't even on Alan Martin's level. Unless my memory is failing me, I can't think of many Parry clangers at all - when it comes to Mitchell, I remember a mid-pandemic game against Airdrie in which he let in a goal direct from a corner then made a mess of another one to gift an early two-goal lead. What makes it all the more bizarre is we've all seen several times how much of a ringer Bradley-Hurst is.
  14. Very, very sensible of me to renege on my plan to attend today at the last minute. I am absolutely seething.
  15. Mr. Clyde Admin has fallen asleep or had one too many tonight. Sad!
  16. There would be legitimate cause for concern right now if either or both of Peterhead and Edinburgh City had undertaken considerable and good-quality recruitment. That's not the case, so all bed-wetting fatalism should be shelved until it is.
  17. Clyde have signed three-time Airdrie starlet, Jordan Allan. As I understand it, he enjoyed some modest acclaim for his efforts with yourselves last season - what can we expect from him?
  18. It'd be a stretch to suggest he'll be prolific, but that's a decent enough signing. Good physical attributes and a hard worker, with plenty of improvement still in him at that age.
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