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  1. Two wee guys in my school were fighting today and one is in the ICU!
  2. I just think this whole situation is absolutely brilliant, if only it could happen to both the scum brothers! Every passing day without a solution coming the fore brings me more and more joy, without fail.
  3. Great game! Remember completing it on the Master System with my dad! Dug out my old Gameboy Color a few days ago, Pokemon Blue was in it and I was in Victory Road with a level 99 Blastoise and Charizard and various other beasts. Forgot where to go, got lost and gave up though
  4. Pretty much every piece in the FF series by Uematsu (especially in VII) is spot-on. Each suits its location/battle/moment/purpose perfectly. Aeris' theme in particular is pretty special, I could play the first 30-odd seconds of it on my old keyboard. Sadly I didn't have the patience or tuition to learn to read more complex parts of music that became present later in the piece and chucked it. Another favourite is this one, which gives me shivers down my spine when I hear it. Playing through the game just now and nearly shat myself on going into the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim! One freaky song! EDIT: Agree about the Pro Evo 2008 music, last Pro Evo game I got and the "Go For The Goal" song was fantastic, also agree about the Metal Gear Solid track too, the Psycho Mantis bit was freaky enough without the music, I used to watch my brother playing MGS when I was about 7 and it totally spooked me!
  5. [quote name='Adam' timestamp='1335989460' I only recently got into COD (last year sometime) and have all the MW games, but I've still not got round to getting BLOPS. Is it recommended that I get it before going for Ops 2? I'd recommend it, as I thought the campaign was spectacular, the format of it and the plot were particularly innovative. Plus, as it sounds like BO2 leads on, it'll be handy for you to know the story of the first game. You'll be able to pick it up somewhere for a tenner pre-owned I'd imagine!
  6. From noises being made by our hero onTwitter, it sounds as though he will be gracing the Broadwood turf again next season! Long live John Sweeney!
  7. Watched 21 Jump Street over Easter, it was alright I guess, neither here nor there. Watchable. 6/10. Looking forward to American Pie: The Reunion (even though it'll probably disappoint), The Dictator and also Ted, with the trailers of the latter two looking very promising indeed.
  8. ^ vikingTON at Dance Energy in one of his plethora of failed attempts at losing his lifelong tag of "VL"
  9. Even then, is it right to criticise the fact he has those assists from set plays, goals from pens? If anything we should be praising him for his ability to get assists like that, to be able to take penalties well.
  10. I see your point, General Paolo, and acknowledge your rational hatred toward Sweeney due to the lack of backspin he applies to anything he does (particularly throw-ins). When you consider (I'm not 100% on these) Clyde have scored one goal from a corner through Gallacher against Shire (-1 assist), one penalty against Alloa (-1 goal) and one goal from a long throw against Peterhead (-1 assist), then we get 3 goals and 4 assists. If we discount those goals altogether, for the sake of this debate, we've lost 3 points from the "no" penalty, and we've scored 18 from 20 games. Another point I'd like to make is that rarely do Sweeney's corners and throws come to anything, even with a good delivery.
  11. For what it's worth, in all seriousness, what he lacks in ability he makes up for in effort and determination, although sometimes overly so (see red/yellow cards record and various fouls ). I'd rather see someone who gets stuck in every game and gives their all than someone like Neill who can play really well in some games but look really lethargic and half-arsed in others.
  12. He may be "awful", but of our 21 league goals (from 20 games ) Sweeney has been involved in 10, scoring 4 and assisting 6.
  13. Me and my brother watched straight-faced as my eldest brother scratched away a fake scratchcard inside his birthday card which "won" him £25,000. Bless him, he said sternly that no-one was to find out and that everyone in our family would get 5 grand each. Felt pretty crap when explaining to him it was a faker. Also felt terrible knowing that it wasn't a winner and I wasn't in line for 5 grand
  14. You'd need a linesman, like Chuck Norris, playing a role like he does in Dodgeball, wherein he dramatically flags for offside after the "rival" team score to go in front in the 95th minute, thus resulting in a draw and taking the game to extra time
  15. Escorting old ladies across the road is hardly a brave and heroic task, though? And the US are so hush-hush about their covert operations these days, it's no surprise John hasn't been in the headlines (as much) recently
  16. Our John can't lace any boots, every time he pulls the laces tight they just snap...
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